Maximum TRADE

Maximum TRADE

A Story by TravisBriere

A real life analysis of the dangers of heard mentality in certain systems. Groups have the ability to be collectively intelligent when each member operates as an individual. What happens in the heard?


Maximum TRADE

Trends Reflect Advantages to Discount Everything

            This cheat sheet is here for your reference on the basic structure of trade. To be a good trader you must make good predictions. To make these predictions you must be aware of the mechanics of the world. Many people have had their mental maps of their world constructed for them making them focus on immediate noise and the rumors that come with it. Cultivated herd mentality is a reactive force who’s imitate noise draws their attention and thus causes them to be attracted to certain things while avoiding others. Cultivated heard mentality is the central component of compliance and is what makes you follow your leader’s rules in kindergarten even if you didn’t hear the teacher you can often get by mimicking your neighbors. However trends will set the frequency of the events. This means if the trend says for every step backward you take two forward, while the heard will wince at the back step you will be able to see the forest through the trees and say “we are still moving forward guys” This will let you bet against the heard and beat them  on every back step. For every back step you must see the principals that move that trend still has the principal that caused the trend to change to a new set of principles.



Always Deviate Virally

When deviation occurs it is usually bad, the heard is there to protect you. Its action is a movement based on the most immediate information. The heard will always lead you to where it thinks is safe, but when the leaders lead you to a cliff there is so many followers force behind them they cannot stop as the follower pushes the leader over the cliff and the then the follower becomes a leader and tries to stop himself as the next follower mashes him down. Lemmings this creature is called a lemming, but now a second creature has joined the ranks, humans. The people who can see what happening often sees the cliff the moment before it hits and don’t have the momentum to halt the crowd.
How do we stop the people in the back from pushing the others off the cliff? You can’t because they think that the one in front of them wouldn’t jump off a cliff. They are right but they aren’t jumping they are pushed by the heard and that’s the insidiousness of it. You must deviate from the heard you must wait at the bottom to benefit from the scraps of the heard.
You must deviate, but how do you know when to deviate from the heard? The idea is to be viral, viruses do not recognize any creature they simply ride the currents to the air they build up on surfaces that are often touched, the more something moves through an aria the more likely you are to get a good haul of reward. So instead of focusing where the easiest road is, or the road the heard is taking find the cliffs first and wait there. Then work backwards down the roads to where the lemmings are.  Then you know when and where to set up to get all the reward.
In a trading standpoint work the principals. Is consumer confidence falling? Why? Is there a massive demand for something? Then this will cause reactions that set trends such as going to fuel efficient modes of transport. This creates fads that are answers to the trend such as using trains instead of airplanes, and this brings us into …

Always Nominate Trends

Always as in priority. Nominate as in place up for observation. Trends as in manifestations of principals. If you see the supply center for something damaged the idea is supply is reduced thus principally the trends for such are Redouble Efforts, Increase Production, Increase of Price, and decrease of market value (short term), then positioning to regain supply. Now that the trend has been nominated the surprisingly not all of the potential trends of a principal hold true, but the majority will.  So this is where we look at the fads that confirm certain trends.

This is the walking man theory. Again you look to count how many steps taken in fads confirm the trends. Redoubling Production as a trend produces fads such as hireling, plant openings, labor disputes, and backlogged parts orders.

Action Generates Everything

There are two modes of thinking that traders or any predictive force can use.

Subjective Thought: this mentality is centered on the idea that Action is a reaction to another action. This mentality operates on the word because. (Be) state of (cause) what made it happen. Like dominoes one falling action triggers another.

Objective Thought: this mentality is centered on the idea that Intent to cause a certain outcome creates Action. This mentality is centered on the words like so that, there for, too, and to accomplish. (There) this is what’s here (for) so that this purpose can be achieved. Like a general formulating a battle plan to accomplish certain goals as another general resists and strives for his own goals.

© 2012 TravisBriere

Author's Note

This is a explanation. I know It must be full Of errors but Please stay with me, Sometimes I look at the current world, My essay on principals vs structures and cycles will be a follow up to this work.

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