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Some of my writings connects with each other but I am posting them as I have planned so it is easier for me to comply a full story/chapter. Alas, enjoy!

[ Remember this could represent anything. Not a fantasy genre it’s realistic but metaphors are needed ;) ]

Humans can’t eradicate my facade of a demonic creature I am. Their feeble attempts infuriates my cool temper as it’s a mere disturbance. Seemingly they are puny beings with constant pestering in order to amend or resolute their errors. Mortals are so unreliable, incompetent and they are simply mundane tedious servants babysitting the earth. What I am shouldn’t be news to you is what I do.

My undying yearning to return home came to an abrupt halt as unforeseen events caused me to unable to return. My birthplace, a settlement to enrich my future no longer exists. It’s remains is perished into dusts. Hastily, I tarnish ever piece that leads to my demise the sorrows that crumbles onto the soil. I can’t resurrect and revive my precious family to life. One who is remarkably powerful and phenomenally successful may not be mentally stable. I have flaws and abundance of lackings but my soul shall be brought with resolution to amend various flaws to seal my burdens.

Shy and weak my little brother was but he always looked up to me.My biggest fan. Parents who build us strong but so, soft that they sacrificed their life for a ruler. One that would make history. One that would show that my kind aren’t weak.

© 2021 LCat80star

Author's Note

My work won’t be in chronological order it is for you to understand my work and to make a connection with any previous work I have done. (I am just reminding myself as well of this)

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Added on May 25, 2021
Last Updated on May 25, 2021
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