I Spy With Your Little Webcam

I Spy With Your Little Webcam

A Story by Trevor

just a creepy story written for my english class. their expressions were priceless.

My laptop beeped and let me know that it was done burning some of my favorite songs to a CD. I pushed the button on the side, and the disc ejected. I took it, and wrote “For you“ in Sharpie on top. I put it in a green case, her favorite color, and shoved it into my backpack. I zipped the book bag, tied my shoes, and ran out the door.
My grandad owns a flower shop on my side of the city, and I walk past it everyday on my way to school. He usually has some sort of drink waiting for me when I pass, but sometimes I walk in to get things for a special occasion. I push the door, and the cowbell on the handle rings. “Hey,  how’s my boy? You thirsty?” “Yeah grandpa, but I actually need to pick up a little something too.” I walk over to his pre-made flower selection to take my pick. “Oh, my, my. Who’s the lucky girl of the week, David?” he asked. “Actually, I think this one might be more than that.” He just chuckled, and said “Well, here’s your drink. The flowers are on the house, but I might suggest the white roses. Your grandma used to love ‘em.” “Thanks, grandpa! I have to run, or I’ll be late.” I half hugged him, and then I was out the door and on the move to school once again. 
It’s just about a fifteen minute walk from the shop to the school, and I made it three minutes before the bell rang to send us to class. I walked in, and went straight to the library as I knew that’s where she’d be. I was right, as I had been the previous three months of junior year. She always sat in the back, her hair tied up in a tight ponytail, and her nose in the book of the day. 
I walked her way, with the flowers hidden behind my back. Slowly approaching her table, I actually had to tap her because she was so far gone into the book’s plot. Her eye‘s shifted towards me, and soon after, they lit up. I brought the roses from behind me, and she gasped. Standing up, she wrapped her arms around my neck as she whispered “Thank you! White roses are my favorite.” “I thought you might like them,” I smiled, thinking of my Grandpa‘s advice. Unfortunately, the bell had rang to send us to our classes, which we had separately. I walked her to English, and remembered the CD in my bag. “Hey, wait a second!” I pulled out the disk, and handed it to her. Her face flushed, and she walked back into class without her eyes ever leaving mine. I smirked, rolled my eyes, and hurried to my class.
After school, I rushed home. I hoped that she would upload the music as soon as she got home, and I hadn't a second to waste. I jogged the twenty minutes to my house, and almost fell into my front door after arriving. My mom just looked at me with her mouth open, because I didn‘t give her time to say whatever it was that she had wanted to say. I went up the stairs, turned into my room, and shut and locked the door. I threw my backpack on the floor, then sat down in my computer chair.
I impatiently waited through my computer’s start-up screens which seemed like endless. Finally, I went into folder after folder until I finally got to my hidden software. I booted it, and instantly, I could see her. She was listening to the music I put together, completely unaware that I was gawking at her. I could watch her forever. Her smile, her hair, her everything. I was beaming, because my plan was working out brilliantly. I watched her for the majority of the evening, until she closed the lid on her laptop, I presumed, before getting into bed.
The next morning at school, I approached her with a whole new level of knowledge. She hugged me as I came towards her, and trying to act casual, I asked her what she had done last night. “Oh, just the usual. Nothing spectacular,” she answered. “Oh, sounds usually unspectacular,” I said with a smile. Then, I walked her to class for the billionth time. We said our goodbyes, and separated once again. Well, only until tonight, of course.

© 2012 Trevor

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Added on December 5, 2012
Last Updated on December 8, 2012
Tags: creepy, stalker, teen, love, cute, webcam




Hi, I'm Trevor. I'm sixteen, and I've never really written into depth. That's why I made this; I want to learn. I was hoping some of you might help me with that, thank you. more..

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