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Looking out of the tower did nothing but produce pure joy as his eyes took in the destruction of the surrounding area. It was then that Drake came in view it was a monstrous winged serpent, it was majestic in its element seemingly tireless as its wings pumped propelling its massive body through the air. Drake was a large beast the length of 20 men and half that tall, his body was corded with muscle that made Drake the most lethal creature in the sky. The beast flew now to meet his master its claws grasped the top of the tower holding it steady as it listened, “she has stopped in a small town to the north, get her now! And you had better not let her escape this time.” He would have her soon, there was no escaping Drake, not with the ground troops coming in as well it was only a matter of time...

It had been almost two weeks since the mysterious woman came into the town of Haven, but to Tris it felt like only yesterday was the first time he saw her. Thoughts of her came unbidden. He was returning home from the days work in the smithy when he felt the urge to take a walk in the evening air. Being an apprentice blacksmith had many advantages but the soreness felt after a day such as this was not one of them. He had risen hours before the sun rose so that he might get his work under way and done as soon as possible. As he walked through the door he spotted Hagen the owner of the smithy hard at work his hammer creating its song as it pounded the metal into its new purpose. Hagen was by no means a small man years of toiling at the forge had his chest and arms dense with muscle that made most men envious. He was around six feet tall with skin pocked by the fires he had worked with his entire life, a man of forty five his brown hair and beard had began peppering with grey. Tris felt nothing but respect for the man that had accepted him as an apprentice three years earlier giving him a chance to learn a trade, saving him from years spent wondering just to live. As Hagen looked up to find his apprentice deep in thought, “ I ain't payin ye to stand bout boy.” Tris smiled as he walked to his work station “Alright old man I'm getting to work.” The day had dragged on with more work than was normal, first with the group of riders that had come through town and needed to get there horses shod, it had taken most of the day to make and apply all of the shoes required. The last hours of the afternoon were spent cleaning and repairing all of the tools. It was because of this that wanting to take a walk could seem so weird but stretching his legs just felt like the right thing to do. Tall, strong, handsome words used to describe the best of men, Tris was all this and more. He had gotten stronger these three years in the smithy, muscles rippled his frame showing a strength that had been gained through no modest effort. Brown eyes and hair so dark it was nearly black with his skin tanned to a golden hue by the sun, it was all this and more that kept the women coming after Tris in a never ending campaign to catch his eye. That is all except that woman. The one on his mind, the one that never seemed to notice his presence the one that had thus far eluded his attentions. The one who had come into his life so suddenly. The one who had only spoken a handful of words to him. The one he knew only as Arrianna. She was stunningly beautiful with raven hair and eyes that said everything you wanted and more not to mention her lips inviting you in with every word that they uttered. It had only been two weeks but Tris was already infatuated by her, going out of his way just to catch a glimpse of this exotic woman. It was all that ran through his mind as he continued to walk through crisp spring air. The sun was beginning to go down, the coming dark stealing the heat from the air causing Tris to shiver and pull his cloak about him gathering his warmth. Life is good. He thought to himself enjoying every second of his evening he had money, work, a home, it was almost everything that he could ask for. Almost. Everything went back to Arrianna what was a woman like that doing here. Not that she was alone of course although he had only seen her a handful of times he had noticed the party she traveled with. Two men whose size rivaled his own not to mention the weapons they carried. Both carried a broad sword at their hips accompanied by a short sword and dagger on the opposite. The very presence of these men yelled the words danger, threat, and beware. All who had seen them had done their best to steer clear of them even Tris himself wouldn't go to near. CRACK! The sound of a breaking twig brought Tris out of his reverie, he glanced around suddenly aware of the unnatural quite all around him. Something wasn't right. He found himself wishing that he still had one of the forge hammers with him, as it was Tris was unarmed. Their was rustling of bushes, he turned to his left in order to face it. He felt more than saw as the club connected with left side of his temple crumpling his big body to the forest floor. Who the hell? He thought as he began to fade into the realm of unconsciousness. A smiling face looked down on him sending a chill down his spine “ Dumb s**t didn't even run, what should we do with him sir?” He looked to his superior as he spoke. Victor looked at the man grinning in return as he closed the distance between them. All the man could do was gasp as he felt the dagger pierce his heart “ I think I told you to wait until we reached the village, our lord wouldn't be pleased so be thankful you won't be facing him.” The man died in his arms within seconds just long enough to realize his mistake. Victor dropped him next to the unconsciousness youth and motioned to his men to move forward. She was in this village and he was coming.

The cold and pain was all he felt but he new it was the screams that woke him. It was coming from the direction of the village. Remembering the man who had hit him and the band that had accompanied him forced the unsteady Tris to his feet. He had to protect the village, they had taken him in and given him a life. It was time to repay that debt. He forced down the bile that rose in his throat as he looked to the dead man at his feet. He lay in a pool of his own blood his face frozen in its surprise. The screams brought him back to reality. He bent down grabbing the mans sword drawing it from its sheath and in the same motion he turned running toward the village. Seeing Haven in flames gave him a renewed strength as he hurried along the trail. The stench of burning flesh made the sickness he felt earlier returned with a vengeance. How could this be happening? Why are they doing this? Can I help, what can a blacksmith do? None of this mattered as he finally came into the village. His thoughts of inadequacy were banished as he saw the battle that ensued in the town of Haven. Death was everywhere, the bodies of innocents strewn about their bodies hacked to pieces. Anger welled up inside of him the likes of which he had never felt, his knuckles whitened as he clenched the blade in his hands, raising it slightly as he moved forward. As he ran towards the sound of battle he saw Hagen and the men of the town that still lived battling along side Arrianna's protectors Fifteen in all. The opposing force seemed to number closer to thirty, the battle may have been two to one but numbers was not much of an advantage at all, any who faced those strange protectors were readily cut down. Those two were a sight to see fighting in perfect harmony, their swords looked to be an extension of their arms as they moved about in their deadly dance bringing down any who stood in their way. Hagen was just as deadly if not more, the bulky old man moved about with an ease that seemed to chill even Tris's bones. His face was grim, Death it seemed to whisper to all those near him. Tris could see Arrianna fighting as well, she shot a bow from the inn steps with a deadly accuracy. Arrow after arrow flew from her weapon into the crowd of enemies. Only Tris seemed to notice the man sneaking along the inn towards her slowly but surely he crept his intent evident on his face without another thought he began to run. The man was their in a few short steps he came up behind her and threw Arrianna to the dirt. Next he placed his blade to her throat. She looked to the man in utter defiance as she spat on him, he spat upon her in return laughing as he spoke his voice cold as a winter night “ We will see how you act after victor has seen you.” his smirk died on his lips, he never even saw it coming. Tris swung his sword in a downward stroke with all his might grunting with the effort, the blade came across the strangers body cleaving him from neck to hip. Blood splattered upon Arrianna's immobile form as the mans body fell towards her.

Victor watched from the tree line as the battle ensued it was only a matter of time before his lieutenant had her. The rag tag band of defenders were no match for the soldiers of his master only Arrianna and her pets were keeping them from total annihilation and it was for this reason that his man could sneak up on her so easily. Victor could see him creeping along the side of the inn closing the distance before he rushed her. He also saw what his lieutenant did not which was a large youth charging in sword raised high just before it came down slicing the man like butter. A sadistic smile made its way onto Victor's face as he began walking toward the town of Haven. It was time that he ended this, After all he only had so much time before greater powers than him grew impatient.

Tris kicked the mans dead body from his sword and away from Arrianna, he then helped her to her feet before charging in to help Hagen and the others. They were in an arrow head formation behind Arrianna's companions in an attempt to counter the attackers numbers. Rage now fueled Tris giving him a power he had never known , he engaged the man nearest to the defenders right flank by punching the man caving in the side of the mans head with a single blow. Battle rage had taken control these men were killing his friends and they would pay.. The next soldier having seen his comrade fall was swung his blade in a high arch which would have taken Tris's head. Fortunately Tris ducked as he lunged toward the man point first impaling him on the spot. The defenders Rallied at the sight of Tris, a cry bellowed from each individual. Then suddenly things began to change, the attackers backed away as if the were heeding some unheard order.

A man walked into the view of all who were present. He wore black plate mail that seemed to shimmer as the light from the burning town danced upon its surface. He walked with a deadly assurance that catered to his grim appearance as he closed the distance between him and the defenders. Those who had been shouting mere seconds before now saw their courage dashed by the mere sight of this man that is all but one.

Tris turned to face this new threat, Anger burning through his veins. The fact that his friends cowered at the mere sight of this man only seemed to feed the rage that had become all that Tris is and ever was.

The man in black raised his hand toward the defenders and shouted in a language forgotten by men. All who stood before him were thrown back hurtling through the air that is all save one. Tris felt a curious tingling sensation go through his whole body as the man shouted but he stood his ground his feet sliding maybe a fraction of an inch. The man in black seemed confused and very interested by this, he drew his sword and moved forward. “ Who are you? ” spat the man the anger displayed on his face quickly vanished. “ my name is victor” he said through his smile.

Through gritted teeth Hagen rose to his knee grunting as he felt a sharp pain in his ribs. He had to get to Tris he was all that mattered,he wasn't ready for this yet. Shrugging off the pain he began limping hurriedly towards his apprentice.

Arrianna felt cold fear as she saw Victor cast the towns folk about like rag dolls. All except Tris the young man who had saved her life just moments before. Arrianna thought to herself maybe he was the one she had been looking for. Maybe he was the reason she had been drawn to this town. Regardless he had saved her and she would not let him die at the hands of that monster. She began chanting her hands weaving an intricate design as they began to glow. She looked to Tris and then to her companions Zack and Jordain as they began to glow shimmering in the dark night as they seemingly vanished without a trace.

Victors smile vanished as he watch his prey disappear into the night, he would get her sooner or later as well as the boy. He had countered a very powerful spell without uttering a word that showed power and power always interested his master. The beating of wings brought him out of his reverie, his ride had arrived and it was time to give chase.


He walked down the streets of Haven , A look of what could only be disgust had taken hold of his face. Flames licked at the night sky as they completely engulfed each building with their deadly embrace. The bodies of all those he had come to love were bent, broken and carelessly strewn about . Doing his best to choke down the bile slowly rising in throat , as he took in the sight before him despair blossomed and died with in his breast as something new took hold. A more primal emotion Anger and in its evolution anger turned to rage. “ This Can't be real!” The shout reverberated throughout the valley, its Rough echos slowly making their way into nothingness. The crackling of the flames was his only answer. Tris tired to remember how he came to be here, what had come before this? The last thing that he could recall was the malevolent visage of victor as he stalked toward him. Then nothing. All of this felt so real yet there was something about it it almost felt as if it were a dream. That was it. He could feel it. “ This Isn't real” he bellowed “ Its nothing but a dream”

laughter sounded, Its volume increasing as it enveloped him. “very good, Your much quicker than the others.” “ Now how about you tell me who you are.” Murmured the voice innocently. Tris found himself wanting to answer. But it felt wrong all of this felt wrong. It was then that he knew he shouldnt answer. That he couldn't answer. Defiantly clamping his mouth shut tris waited. Suddenly the world around him began to change. The buildings and bodies dissipating into the night until tris no longer stood in the ruins of Haven. Where buildings had been trees now stood, the bodies had been replaced by a forest floor. Bushes ferns, grasses and streams. It all seemed so serene. The voice spoke again “ who are you?”

A light flashed followed almost instantly by the thud of several bodies hitting the forest floor. Smoke danced in the air as it playfully twisted its way to the tops of all of the surrounding trees. In regards to sound only the grunting of the companions could be heard, the forest stood silent as if it quietly awaited these intruders to state there purpose. This isnt right Arriana though to herself we shouldnt be here. She looked around to see exactly where they were, trees stood proudly all around. So thick were they that most light was kept from the forest floor leaving it very nearly blanketed in total darkness. As the smoke cleared Arriana began to look about for her companions, Jordain and Zack were crouched on either side of her weapons drawn ready for whatever might come. The young man lay unconsciousness directly to her left. He seemed to be troubled as he tossed and turned, who was he ? a handsome youth most assuredly never speaking this out loud of course as she continued to check the surrounding area. Lastly Her eyes fell on Hagen, he sat smiling “ thought ye could take off with my apprentice did ye?” “ ought to know better than that elf.” Arrianna couldn't help but smile as she replied “ I wouldn't do anything of the sort Hagen .” Preparing to deny her heritage she was surprised as hagen continued “ we both know yer an elf. So save yer breath.” More than a little perplexed Arrianna walked over She thought to her self Maybe he is more than he is letting on raising her arms out palms up in the elven greeting of friends and waited expectantly. Hagen returned the greeting by doing the same and finishing by bringing both of his hand back to his heart in an acceptance of her friendship. “ Seems there is more to you than you let on. well met Hagen Elf friend.” Nodding in acceptance of the title Hagen nimbly made his way over to Tris a look of worry coming to his face.

© 2011 CrashDavis47

Author's Note

this is the beginning of a novel that i started a long time ago. been planning a lot of changes and the story will certainly be different before i continue writing this. At the moment it is just another typical fantasy. Since begining this i have had many ideas on how to break from that and will do so. this will only be on for a limited time and will be replaced once i begin rewriting and revamping the story please give your thoughts

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