A Story by S L Gonzalez

A teenagers journey to becoming a super hero by getting an unimaginable power from an unlikely source.


Phreniac " A Heroes Journey

Chapter 1: Symptoms

My name is Sebastian Maxidom and I am no normal crime fighter superhero. I for one have no millionaire friends or a super villain that I do battle with. I don’t live in America, my home country is Australia. Plus I have no specialized equipment or gadgets that I have in my home base. I just create what is needed to catch the criminal on the fly, you will find out how I can later. The only thing that I have in common with some super heroes is that I have a high IQ. I can solve mathematical equations quicker then what people can put into calculators, and read 10 times faster then the average person. I will start this tale of mine at that start of me getting a disorder that I am now in full control of and use to fight crime with. It first started when I was 17 years old, when I was walking to school by my self. I was a bit late for school and walking fast until I heard female’s voice call out my name. I turned around but there was no one there, I was alone in the street. Thinking it was nothing I continued on my way to school and was 2 minutes late. Over the next few weeks I heard the girls’ voice again and still no one was there. I told my mum about this and she took me to the doctors. The doctor said it was more then likely a stress reaction too my parents divorce, which happened 6 months before I heard the voice for the first time. He asked me to go back in a month time if it happened again, or got any worse. For awhile I didn’t hear the girl’s voice but something else happened instead. I started to smell the most beautiful girl’s perfume on the way to school. My mum puts on perfume when going to work and dates, but this smell was fair more alluring then anything my mum wore. Not that I was attracted to my mum, just saying it smelt better. I didn’t say anything to mum about this because I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. That was until the next that happened that gave me a sense of relief. Walking to the shops one day, I heard the voice again, but I just ignored it and kept on walking. The voice then yelled and then I felt a psychical hand touching me on the let hand. I instantly turned around and there stood the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She had long curly red hair that covered her shoulders, and green eyes like gems. She had a sexy curvy body that was contained within a tight fitting office skirt suit. Her legs went on forever, from the short skirt to the high heels on her feet. After the quick perv session, I stood back .I then asked her “Who are you and why are you following me?” She removed something from inside her jacket, it was a ASIS badge. After showing me the badge she put it back in her jacket and said “I am Australian Secret Intelligence Service Special Agent Helen Chemier, and we need your help Sebastian”. I then asked her “Firstly why couldn’t I see you before, and what help could I give the Australian Secret Intelligence Service?” She then looked around to see if anyone was watching and pulled me closer and whispered to me “You couldn’t see me because of new technology from high places in government that can make you invisible. Speaking of technology, that’s why we need your help. We are so close from unlocking a new technology but we need your help in fixing the equation to produce it”. I looked up at her and asked “Why don’t you just go to a physics scientist or someone more educated in the area? Why pick a school boy genius?” She looked at me and told me “We didn’t want to draw attention to the project by getting a well known expert in the field. So we looked for someone that had a high IQ that could do the job but wasn’t well known to the larger community. I have to go, but do not tell anyone about me, or anything that I told you.” Just as she said that a stranger tapped my shoulder and asked me “Who are you talking to?” I turned back towards Helen but she was gone. I said to the guy “No one, I’m just mumbling to myself” Then I continued to the shop too buy what my mum wanted.

Chapter 2: The ASIS

When I came back from the shop it had taken me longer then usual to do so because of the ASIS agent. My mum asked me why it took me so long. I just told her that I had to take a toilet break and the hand dryer was broken, so I had to use toilet paper to dry my hands which explains my lateness. A week went by and no phone call or visit from the ASIS agent. To be honest I was half expecting the front door to be broken into by federal police to arrest me. Neither the phone rang nor did the federal police come. A couple of days later on the way home from school; I got another visit from the ASIS agent. This time she lead me down a back alley to a house that had been abandoned years ago. We went through the back fence and into the back door of the house. Inside was all fixed up and still looked very broken down from the outside. There was a lot of high tech computers and gadgets all over the house. She then led me to a room where her boss of operation met us. He was an old looking man in a suit, tall, and walked with a cane made from glass and metal. He introduced himself “I am ASIS special ops agent Peter Dentity, and I am in charge of this operation. I ordered Agent Chemier to make contact with instead of me cause of the obvious reason” Agent Dentity used his cane to tap his leg which made a metallic sound. He later told me that during a special ops mission in Germany, his leg got shot so bad that they had amputate it off. So now he has a replacement leg, which gives him a limp, which is why he has a cane. Agent Dentity continued, “This will be the room that you will spend most of your time in. Here you will use that mathematical genius brain and unlock for us the equation. We can’t tell you what new technology this equation will unlock, it’s on a need to know bases because we don’t know if you can be fully trusted yet. The equation must be solved quickly before America does it before us. There is a bed room prepared for you up stairs because there will be late nights working here. Any questions?” I asked “Why don’t you want America too get the equations first? I thought that they were Australia’s greatest ally in the world.” Agent Dentity told me that, “Yes they are our greatest ally, but even allies’ keep secrets from each other. Trust me; from years in the field I have come to know that we and even America don’t share all information between us. Anymore questions before you get started?” I shook my head and sat down on a chair near a computer terminal. I sat there for a few moments to go over the information that I was just given. I stood up and told Agent Dentity, “Ok I will help you but I must tell my mum, or she’ll be worried about me not been home” Dentity laughed and said, “We know you will help us because you simply have no choice in the matter” I quickly responded, “What do you mean that I have no choice?” Agent Dentity walked up too me and told me that, “You have no choice because Mr. Maxidom. If you don’t help us with what we want then we will put you in prison for along time” I than yelled at him “But I have done nothing wrong, so you cant do that” Dentity then informed me that, “We are the government and we can, and will do, what we like to achieve our goals” I looked over to Agent Chemier and she nodded in acknowledgment to what Agent Dentity just said, but she kind of had a sad look on her face. Agent Dentity left the house and instructed Agent Chemier to keep a close eye on me. When Agent Dentity left, I began my first day of working for the ASIS.

Chapter 3: Pressure

A week of working for the ASIS and I was going great with the equations, also I was getting great with lying to my mum about where I was. I had led her to believe that I found a new friend and was spending time him at his house. I did want to say what I was doing but because of what Agent Dentity told me, I simply could not. One night while I was working late was I getting tired and started to daze around the room in the half awake, half asleep daze. I then noticed Agent Chemier sitting at her computer terminal with her legs crossed like normal, but this time her skirt was lower then normal, so I started to stare. She then slowly turned towards me, I quickly turned away before she noticed me staring, but she did notice. I knew this because when I looked at her with the corner of my eye, I saw her stand up and pull her skirt down, and sit back down. When she had done that I knew I was busted and was waiting for her to say something about it, but she didn’t. Been that tired I called my mum on my mobile and told her that I would be saying at my friends place for the night. Then I stood up and walked over to Agent Chemier and told her that I was going to bed for the night, she said goodnight. As I was walking out of the room I took one last look at Agent Chemier and her skirt had slid down again. Agent Chemier saw me looking, stood up, and pulled down her skirt again. As she stat back down at saw a little smile on her face. I then turned away and walked up stairs to the bed room. In the morning I woke up and saw Agent Chemier standing in the doorway. She told me that Agent Dentity was there with some new important information about the equation that I was solving. When she left, I got up, had a shower, got dressed and went down stairs. I sat down at the computer terminal that I was working on just as Agent Dentity walked into the room. He had a slit grin and walked up to me and said, “Guess what Sebastian, those Americans had a major set back with trying to find out the equation. So now you have an extra few weeks to work on our equation, which means for you, that you can slow down a bit.” He then began to walk out of the room, then stopped and turned to me and said, “Do you know what Sebastian, take Agent Chemier out to the movies or something. It will do you both some good to get out and distress. I certainly know that Agent Chemier has been under a lot of pressure with this operation and it would be worse for a civilian” After he said that he left the room and then the house. I did a nervous kind of laugh and asked Agent Chemier “So… ummm… what movie do you want too see? Or do you just want to do something else?” Agent Chemier looked at me and said, “Sorry but as good as that would be for you, that will not happen in a million years” That was obviously a response to my looking at her legs which she caught me doing. For me I would love to be able to go out, let loose, and just have some fun. This whole working for the ASIS was very stressful, and since I was 17 at the time, it was no fun at all.

Chapter 4: Under Cover with ASIS

Half a week later, Agent Dentity came about 6pm one night, the latest he came. He and Agent Chemier went outside to talk about something that was not meant for me to know. I couldn’t hear what they were saying from my computer terminal, but then I heard them starting to yell at each other about something. After the heated conversation Agent Chemier came back inside and slammed the front door shut. She came into the room and stood in the door frame looking annoyed with her hands on her hips. I decided to turn to my computer terminal and act oblivious to the fact that I know that she was upset about something. Then I saw Agent Chemier walk off out of the room and I noticed that she was turning off all the lights in the house. She then came back in the room and told me, “I order you to stop working tonight, I also order you to do as Agent Dentity said and take me out to a movie or something” I was not too sure if she was been serious or not because of the comment “that will not happen in a million years”, so I went back to work. She got so annoyed with me doing that, that she walked over to my computer terminal and turned it off. Then she said “Look I’m going to get changed, so I suggest you do the same” That was funny, I did not think that she had more clothes here as she has been wearing the same outfit all the time. But she left the room to get changed and a minute later I did the same. When I was finished and ready to go, I waited for her by the front door. When she finally came to the front door, after taking 15 minutes, she looked even more beautiful then before. She wore her hair in a 1950’s actress style and wore a silky green dress that made her red hair look more stunning. I was ordered by her to put everything under my name as she was under cover. I called for a taxi to take us out and we both got in when it arrived. The taxi ride was a smooth one and very quiet, neither me nor Agent Chemier spoke. Then we got to the cinema and I paid for the taxi fair. Just as we decided on which movie to watch Agent Chemier told me, “You go and pay for the tickets, I’m just going to the lady’s room for a second” I went to pay for the tickets when the guy behind the counter asked, “Why two tickets, there’s only one of you here” I looked around and couldn’t see Agent Chemier. I laughed and said to the guy, “The chick I'm with is in the lady’s room, as she puts it” I got the tickets, drinks and food. Then I sat down and waited for Agent Chemier to come out of the toilet. By the time she came out, everyone was in the cinema waiting for the movie to start. I gave her a look that said “What took you so long” so she gave me a look back that said “Shut up and lets go and watch the movie” While we watched the movie, I teased myself by glancing at her cleavage and legs when the interesting parts happened. For you see I had already seen the movie cause I downloaded it and watch it at home. So when she told me to pick a movie I choose that one, so I look at her without missing the movie. At one stage of the movie she pulled her dress up a bit to cross her legs. It looked like she knew I was looking and wanted to tease me because she did it slowly. When the movie finished, I called for a taxi, and it came 10 minutes later. By that time everyone had left the cinema, so it was just me and her there out front. The taxi arrived and informed me that his passenger door was stuck so I had to get in the back seat. He also informed me that the passenger side seat belt was not working, which meant that me and Agent Chemier had to sit next to each other. Along the way back the taxi driver went a different way. He went along a bumpy road and hand accidentally landed on her leg. It was there for a few seconds before she took it off and put it in my lap. It happened again but this time I would see how far I would get to go with this. So I started to feel her leg, then I started to move my up her leg to where her dress started. Then it looked like she was reaching for my hand but grabbed her dress instead. She then start pulling it up to show more leg, so as I was slowly moving my hand up, the taxi had arrived at the destination. We got out of the taxi and then got inside the house. She then told me that “What happened in that taxi, should not of happened. Plus you really should stop looking at me like you do” When she finished I grabbed her around the waist, pulled her close, and kissed her. She then slapped me across the face and yelled “How dare you” I pulled her close again and kissed again and that time she kissed me back. She yelled again “Stop doing that its highly inappropriate as we…” I then put my finger one her lips and kissed her some more. I then slid my hands over her silky dress from her waist too her back and pressed my body against hers. My hands moved down to her a*s but as it touch it she pulled away saying, “That’s not what you having been looking at” She then pulled me closer, lifted her dress up, and lifted her left leg up. Then she grabbed my left hand, moved it up from the calf to the thigh, and then under her dress. “That’s what you wanted” she told me before kissing me deeply more. I then picked her up and started to carry her up stairs to the bed room while still kissing her. Now unknown to her, I found it kind of hard lifting her, as she is a bit taller then me. So I laid her on the stairs carefully, then she looked at me and said, “You want to do it here, kinky” With that we made love for the first time that night on the stairs and again in the bed. I failed to mention as well that before that night I was a virgin, I know a 17 year old male virgin, so unheard of in those days.

Chapter 5: Evidence of a Fractured Reality

In the morning after getting ready for school, Agent Chemier told me, “We should not have done that. Its totally against ASIS policy to engage in sexual acts whilst on assignments. Never mention this to Agent Dentity or I will be taken off the operation and possibly loose my job” I nodded and left for school and slept in late so I had to run. I guess I looked happier or something that day because several people from my class told me that something was different about me. I just told them that I had a really great sleep that night, which is something that doesn’t happen that often. The truth was more exciting then that as you know and I hope it repeats its self sometime soon, but I’m not hopeful in that. To be completely honest I think that I’m falling in love with Agent Chemier. Something about her drives me completely nuts and I’m not just talking about sexually either. Its like she knows me completely as though we have known each other for years or something, I just cant put my finger on it. Anyway we continued to work with each other and we didn’t tell Agent Dentity about the night that should not of happened. Every now and then Agent Chemier would catch me looking at her legs again, and then she would smile a little and turn slightly away to make it hard for me to look. Sometimes when she saw me looking she would pull her skirt up a bit to show some more leg to tease me or sat in a way that showed more leg, and she did it just to tease me. I would also manage to work in stairs into a conversation that I was having with Agent Dentity. For example of something that I said, “Solving this equation is kind of like walking up stairs while drunk both are hard and can get messy” When ever I did this she would laugh a little, and Agent Dentity would look at her strangely. This whole flirting thing was getting more adventurous and we almost got caught by Agent Dentity a couple of times. A week passed and I almost completed the equation but “accidentally” lost the information to complete it, so I could spend more time with Agent Chemier. The time that I had with Agent Chemier was about to end, in ways I at that time, I could not of imagined. Remember how I told you at the beginning of my story that I had a disorder, well now it comes out that I have one, and it still brings me to tears thinking about what it done to me. The way that it was found out was that some friends, whom were concern about recent personality changes, followed me from school and followed me to the back ally that connects to the ASIS house that I worked in. But they lost me because I went through the back fence before they turned around the corner. I had no idea that they were following me until I was told about it later. I now both hate then and thank them so much for doing so. The friends followed me a couple of times more and then figured out my routine of going in that back ally. So they got out of school a bit earlier one day to get a head start of me. They hide them selves in one of the backyards along the ally and waited for me. Without me knowing that they were there, I walked past them, and entered the back fence that I normally did. The friends saw which fence I went in and waited a moment and went through the same back fence. What they saw was weird, I was talking to Agent Chemier, but to them I was talking to no one. To them I was standing in an old broken down house, that looked like it was about to fall down at any moment. With the knowledge of where I was going, the friends decided to follow me some more to find out whom I was talking to and why I was going to that run down house daily. One of them brought along a digital camera and filmed what they saw. It was getting really weird for them seeing me talking to no one all the time but it was what they saw next that made them take the footage to a teacher, whom in turn showed my mother. One day of working the equation I almost got it again. I was in the process to delete the information again but Agent Dentity saw it. He got some what excited and said that he needed to tell his superiors about it, and with that he left. Now all that day I and Agent Chemier were flirting with each other but in secret of course so Agent Dentity wouldn’t find out. Agent Chemier left the room for a moment and came back in wearing that silk dress again. She had decided that we were going to the movies again, so I called for the taxi again. I and Agent Chemier left to go to the cinema and the friends decided to wait, cause they over heard my conversation. Agent Chemier and I turned each other on in the movies and taxi rides. Now this is what my friends filmed that made them show a teacher at school. We returned back to the house and as we walked through the door together, Agent Chemier stopped and pressed her a*s against me. Then she grabbed my hands and then got me to lift her dress. I then pushed her against the wall and made love to her from behind against the wall. My friends outside filming all of this was totally freaked out about it, and decided to tell a teacher about it.

Chapter 6: The Ward

Why were they freaked out about too people having sex? Well the reason will be found out in coming events that will shape not only my life forever but others as well. Next day of school my friends during a regular after school detention that they have, yes I mixed in the wrong group, showed the recording of me and Agent Chemier having sex but what they saw was defiantly nothing of the R rated kind. What the teacher saw both shocked and worried him about me terribly, as he told me later. He then cut detention short, and went to administration to find out were I lived to show my mother what he saw. That afternoon he went to my house to show my mother the recording. I was not there at that time; I was again working with Agent Chemier. What my mother saw, and I later saw, still even shocks me. She saw me talking to my self on various occasions, shaking hands with someone that wasn’t there, something I did with Agent Dentity as I saw him. Then came the footage of me having sex with Agent Chemier which looked very different to what I had experienced. The footage showed me feeling someone that was not there, kissing someone that was not there, and finally having sex with someone that was not there. She then asked the teacher, if he knew where the house was, he did. My mum called my doctor and told him what she saw, and wanted his help with me. The doctor after hearing what my mum had to say left home straight away. My mother and my doctor drove to the house that I and Agent Chemier were working in. At the time that they arrived I was kissing Agent Chemier which my mum saw. Then she burst through the front door and yelled at me, “Sebastian, who are you kissing?” I looked at Agent Chemier and pointed to her. My mum broke down in tears and said “Who are you pointing to? There is no one there son” I again looked at Agent Chemier and walked over to her, kissed her, and put my arm around her waist and said to my mum, “See look mum, here she is. Now I am in love with her, so don’t be rude and say hello” At this my mum grabbed me and dragged me into the car with the help of my doctor. While I was been dragged I yelled for Agent Chemier to help but she just stood there looking sad and just watched. I said to my mum while we were driving away, “Why didn’t she help me, she just stood there and watched. It doesn’t make sense mum” Then I started to cry and held my mum. She was still crying and said to me, “Its ok son, we will get the help you need so she’ll never have to help you again. You won’t be seeing her ever again” At the thought of never seeing Agent Chemier again I burst out into more tears, after all she was the first love of my life. I was taken to the psychiatric ward at the local hospital for observations. The months that followed are a blur to me because I was heavily sedated most of the time to keep me calm, and out of it from high does medications This is what I was told that happened during those months from my mum. To observe me with Agent Chemier whom I later found out was just a delusion; they let me go once but followed me without me knowing. I did just as they expected I would do, and returned to the house. The psychologist from the psychiatric ward observed me talking to no one and engaging in sex acts with a woman that was not there. After observing for a while it was decided that it was time to take me back to the psychiatric ward. So the psychologist ordered his men to obtain me and send me back. But this time I didn’t want to leave Agent Chemier without a fight. So I hit them and once bit one on the arm. Then one of them got me in a grip I could not get out of and then the doctor gave me a sedative and took me back to the psychiatric ward.

Chapter 7: Diagnosis and Treatment

I had become the star of the ward with my many stories of my work with the ASIS and the relationship with Agent Chemier. My psychologist called the real ASIS and told them my situation and wanted to confirm that Agent Chemier and Agent Dentity were not real. The real ASIS checked and it was confirmed that they never had agents by that name or description. Some real ASIS people came and told me to my face that they don’t have agents by those names. I naturally did not believe them and started to think of a cover up. They then asked me to describe the work I was doing for them. I told them about the equation and that I had to hurry back and finish it or America would beat us too it. The ASIS agents were given pictures of the house that I went too. All over the tables were thousands of papers with mathematical equations that made no sense to the ASIS agents. The ASIS agents were happy to know that I wasn’t really working for them and the equation was fake. Then a real ASIS agent came back every now and then to hear my stories because it sounded more exciting to the reality of what ASIS does. Even though the ASIS told me a couple of times that the work was not real and the agents I was have need existed, I still thought it was some kind of cover up. Nothing that anyone could show me nor tell me would make me think that those things were not real for me. Even though I was shown the footage of me having sex with someone not there, did not convince me that Agent Chemier was not real. They even showed me the security tapes from both the taxi rides I took and the cinema I went to, and I was alone. That time I was touching Agent Chemiers leg in the taxi, I saw my hand just floating in mid air touching nothing. I rationalized it in my brain at the time that she was just using that invisibility technology and she put a computer chip in my skin when I slept to see her while she had it on. That night I wanted to prove to them I was not lying and decided to dig for answers. I started to feel my body trying to find a computer chip or something. When ever I felt something odd and hard under my skin, I dug it out with a knife I kept from dinner time. By the time I was found in the morning, I had dug into my skin dozens of times and I was bleeding a lot. They then heavily sedated me and rushed me off the emergency ward for treatments of the wounds. From that moment on I was pined to my bed with straps and was on “suicide” watch. I was never alone without someone watching me for a couple of months after the digging expedition into my skin. I was then officially diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and the treatment for it started. They tried everything with me to get me to some normality. I went to a lot of meetings with my psychologist but with no results. I went to group therapy with other people with my condition by it made it worse as I saw Agent Chemier from time to time. Then they tried putting me under hypnosis, that part I can slightly remember freaking out and getting violent. Drugs didn’t work, talking about it didn’t, and hypnosis didn’t work. They were running out of ideas and became very desperate. Then a psychologist thought of using electroconvulsive therapy or shock therapy as you will know it. I was flown to a hospital that specialized in such therapy and my psychologist followed because I was his patient and no one else’s.

Chapter 8: Coma

My mum was given a place to stay near the hospital that was paid with her savings that was going to be used to send me to university. In preparation to the shock therapy, I was under some high dose medication for a week. My mum stayed by my bed side as much as she could but when it got too much for her she went back to her apartment. I don’t blame her for doing so, it must have been horrible to see me like that and the worst was yet to come. Then came the day for the shock therapy, something no mother should see her son go through, so the doctors kept her away and that I’m thankful for. I was laid on a hospital and brought into the room where the shock therapy would be given. The doctor that specialized in the therapy put electros on my head. Then the other doctors put stuff on me and in me that would check my vital signs during the procedure. I heard the doctor say, “We are going to start now and it will be the worse pain you have ever felt but its for your own good. Brace yourself now, here we go” After saying that he put something in my mouth to stop my teeth clashing with each other. Then I felt this massive surge of pain go through my head like there was a flame thrower burning me from inside my head. Once it stopped I started crying but before anyone could whip away the tears it started again. The therapy went on like this for 30 minutes and then I was given a days rest before starting again. After a week they decided to increase the therapy from one 30 minute session to two 30 minute sessions. One day just before I went in for a session there was an electrical storm raging over the hospital. The doctor in charge assured my mum that it would be ok to proceed with the therapy with lightning flickering once every few minutes. The session started and all was going as normal until a lightning hit just as my doctor turned on the therapy. Then instead of the machine shocking me for 2 minutes it ended up shocking me for 10. This then put me in a coma for over 6 months. My 18th birthday came and gone and my mums hope that I would come out of the coma almost was gone in that time. 6 months, 1 week, and 3 days later and I woke up. I woke up and felt very hungry. I then saw my mum sleeping on a couch next to my hospital bed. I then put my hand on my mums head to wake her. She then looked up slowly and started to cry and gave me a big hug. Then she called for the doctors and told them that I was awake and moving. I tried to speak but I couldn’t dude to a tube going down my throat that was helping me breath. I was going to remove it but my mum stopped me. She said, “Let the doctors do that son because we don’t know if you can breathe on your own, it has been in there for a long time” So we waited for the doctors to come in and only 5 minutes later they entered my room. I say my room because I looked around and I was the only patient in it. I then gestured to one of the doctors that I wanted the tube out of my throat. One doctor walk up to me and held the tube and said, “I’ll start pulling it out slowly but if your finding it hard to breathe without it, it will go back in” I nodded in recognition to what he said. Then the doctor took off the tape that was holding the tube in place and began to remove the tube. I felt it slide out of my throat and I was finding it hard to breathe at first but by the time the tube was out fully I was fine. Once the doctors checked my vitals and all was fine, they officially said I was out of the coma.

Chapter 9: Powers

Now we finally reach the stage of my life story where the super hero finds out that he/I has powers. Now only did I have to come to grips with having the power but also the reality of my condition and what that meant. I finally came to realize that I am a paranoid schizophrenia sufferer and I will have that for the rest of my life. The only thing I can do is keep it in check and managed. The electroconvulsive therapy worked as fair as switching of the paranoid part of me. The part of me that created delusions of people and object still remained and became my power. How did it become my power I hear you ask? Well I found out at first when I was about to eat my first food since been in a coma. The hospital gave me a meal and you know how hospital food looks like crap. So I imagined the food to be something yummier, a plate with a hamburger and chips. So the crap food on the plate became just that. I then got worried that it was just another delusion of mine, so I asked my mum, “Hay mum can you do something for me? Can you tell me what is on my plate?” My mum got off the couch and walked over to have a look. “Bloody hell” my mum said. I then asked “Bloody hell what? What do you see?” She looked at me and said, “I see a plate with a hamburger and chips on it. I said bloody hell because hospital food has gotten better since I was in hospital last. Which by the way was the time I gave birth to you” A doctor walked in to check my vitals and saw the burger and chips on plate and told us, “Who gave him this? I ordered a light meal for him” He grabbed the plate and took it away. I then stopped thinking about it for a second and started telling my mum how it sucked that the doctor did that. Then a few minutes later the doctor came back in with a different meal and looked kind of worried. “I am I loosing my mind because I could have sworn that this plate had a burger on it a minute ago. I did see a burger right Ms Maxidom?” he asked my mum as he walked over to her and showed her the plate. My mum looked at it and said, “Yeah I saw the same thing too when Sebastian showed me his plate” I thought it was freaky because I could smell and touch the burger. It was small things like this that happened over the next couple of weeks that made me starting to think of something incredible. I was slowly realizing that my delusional mind was able to create things in real life. But I also began to notice that the things I create, I can also uncreate as well. So with that idea I needed some practice with it but in a way so no one could notice in the hospital. I then asked my mum to get me a pencil and drawing pad. The pencil was just there for show as I used the pad as a testing ground for my ability. What I did was picture and imagine something in my head to draw on the pad and just like that it was drawn. I then I showed my mum the drawing, just to see if I actually drew something, and she said the picture was good. Then I concentrated for the picture to be off the page and it was gone. Then I imagined another picture again and again showed my mum, and again she acknowledged that there was picture. I decided to see how quick I could do it. I imagined a picture and quickly took it off, imagined another picture and took that one off as well. It became fun to be able to draw with just my mind and I was getting really quick at it. I then played a prank on my mum and it cracks me up today thinking about it. What I did was imagined a picture and showed my mum, then quickly took it off created another quickly and showed her again. “Those are some good pictures son, good job” is what she said. I laughed and did it a bit more loudly then I planed because my mum asked what I was laughing at. I told her that I remembered a funny line in a movie. But what I was actually laughing at was that the pictures that my mum saw, was on the same piece of paper, and she had no idea. I was getting so quick at changing the picture on the piece of paper that I could change it every second and I was getting quicker the more a practiced. But I was also quickly becoming board with drawing with my mind and wanted to try things off the page.

Chapter 10: With Power Comes No Responsibility

Pranks were the way to go with this ability and I did some good ones. One prank I pulled and I did it often because it gave me a huge laugh. What I did was imagine a small heavy object in front of my hospital door that only someone on the inside could see. Then I would just watch them struggle trying to open the door, then when they went for a big push I would take away the heavy object to watch them come flying in and fall over. It cracked me up because they had no idea what was going on. They even got the hospital janitor in to change the door, which cracked me up even more because when they changed the door I did it again. They must have changed that door 3 or 4 times I can’t remember but man was it bloody funny. When they tried to sneak a look to see what was in the way of the door I quickly took it away. They never found out what was going on, and from then on when they opened the door they did so very cautiously and slowly. Even my mum was not free from a prank of mine and I screwed with her mind a bit. I now feel guilty for the prank against my mum but at the time it was so funny. When I was growing up I learnt that my mum loves watching lightning storms, there is something about lightning that fascinates her. So with that knowledge at night time when I knew there was not a cloud in the sky, I produced some lights that looked like lightning. My mum automatically went to the window to have a look; I then had a chuckle to myself. I did this a couple of nights in a row and I saw it was getting my mum annoyed very quickly so I stopped. It was funny but I felt bad because she is my mum. I did one last prank before thinking of some serious things I could do with this ability of mine. The last prank was putting on a magician show for my mum and the people that took care of me. You know that magic trick that involved a ball and three cups; well mine was like that, only the ball really moved to each cup. I asked my mum to get me three plastic reusable cups, and a golf ball. But I did not use the golf ball that my mum gave me; with my ability I used my own. For my mum I did the magic trick and it was simply moving the golf ball from cup to cup and getting her to select the cup that she thought that the ball was. I then uncreated the ball so she could not find it. I then got her to select of the remaining cups, and like the first, the ball was not in there. So then I picked up the last cup and showed her that the ball was not in that one either. I then asked her to check under the couch she was sitting on. Just before she checked under the couch I created the golf ball and she found it. I then said “There it is, thing keeps getting away from me. If you cant trust a ball to stay under a cup then who can you trust” My mum been puzzled as hell asked me, “How did you get the golf ball from under the cup to under the couch without moving?” I told her that, “A great magician never tells his secrets to his delusions, I mean illusions” My mum laughed but then said “Son don’t make fun of your condition, its very serious” I looked at her and told her, “I know mum but the way I figure it is that I’m stuck with it for life so I’m deciding not stress about it. All ways look on the bright side of life as that Life of Brain movie said, and that’s what I intend to do” My mum told my that she was very proud of me that day, and also that day my doctors told me that I’ll be ok the leave soon.

Chapter 11: Normality

Just days later and last check ups from the doctors and I was released from hospital heading home. I was also heading back to school to play some major bloody catch up. Now to stop the whole rumor thing about me, my condition, and what I have been up too. I asked the principle of my school if I can speak in front of the whole school in the next school assembly. Next week came and after some rest at home I was ready for school. I decided to go back to school on the day of the assembly to get it out that way. I got to school a bit late to avoid those masses of school kids on direct contact. My mum came along for moral support which I really appreciated. My principle told me that I will have my spot to speak after all the official school stuff was finished. I was sitting in the front row, waiting for my turn, and from behind me I was hearing students whispering about me. Then came the time that I was going to speak and so the principle spoke, “We have a very special guess speaker today, a student that left us almost a year ago due to illness. He is now returning to school cured and ready to return to normal life. Please give Sebastian Maxidom a warm welcome” I took a deep breathe before standing up and walking on stage. Standing there for a few minutes without saying anything, I could tell on some of the students faces that word got out about me and my condition. Now was the time to sort out rumor and fiction to fact and truth. Taking another deep breathe I said the following “Hi all. I have something to tell you all but I am sure that some of you have heard already. I have been diagnosed with having paranoid schizophrenia and I am not cured. There is no cure for what I have; there is only treatment and management of the disease. Now some of you might have also heard that I had a relationship with a woman that was not there, that is true. What also is true is that I had come to believe in my delusional mind that I was working for the ASIS, basically a kind of Australian equivalent to the CIA. I was working hard for something that did not exist and I fell in love with a woman that was not there” I cried a bit saying that as it still hurts that Agent Chemier was gone and would never see her again. Even though I was fully aware that she didn’t exist, she still was the first woman I had ever loved and I lost her. Whipping the tears away I continued, “Sorry about that, its still hard to talk about that. Do I still think that I am working for ASIS? No I do not for I know now that it was a delusion and the more I remind my self that it was a delusion, the more manageable it is for me. When was the last time I saw the delusional woman I fell in love with? Last time I saw her was during a group therapy session about 8 months ago now. Where have I been all this time? For about 3 months I was under going several therapies to turn and get me back to some form of normal but didn’t work. I then tried shock therapy, and it worked but there was an accident. The machine shocked me a bit longer because of a malfunction and sent me in to a coma for 6 months. Now if you have any questions when you see me in class or in school in general then feel free to ask. Thank you for listening” I was walking off the stage when an idea popped into my head, I then walked back on to the stage and asked the assembly, “Who wants to see a cool magic trick?” 2/3 of the students wanted to see it and some of the teachers as well. “OK my fellow students look at what your sitting on” I used my ability to make a $50 note under all the students. Some checked and found it and for those whom didn’t bother soon followed and found it as well. Everyone got all excited about having that $50 note until… “Now put that $50 note back under you butts” They all did and I uncreated the $50 note. Then I instructed, “Now look for the $50 note please” Not one of them found the note, some looked pissed off, some looked puzzled, but a good dose where laughing. A teacher then walked up too me and told me to tell the students how I did the trick. After having a bit of a laugh myself I said, “The teacher wants me to tell you how I did that. But a great magician never tells his secrets to his delusions, I mean illusions” With me saying that a life changing idea popped in my head, I am going to be magician. After the assembly, I did my first day of school and apart from the odd question from a fellow student which I didn’t mind, the first day went great. The following week of school was a mixture of good days and bad days. I made sure that I was surrounded by good friends whom helped me out when I needed it. It was also great having good friends on the way to and from school because I would see Agent Dentity every now and then but not Agent Chemier for some reason. Since I made sure that I am with people on the home each day I could resist the Dentity delusion and going back to that house. Actually I found out that a month after I was in the psychiatric ward that run down place was taken down, and a kid’s park was built in its place. I would have loved to have seen that house one last time, but I’m glad that I can’t because it made the management of my disease easier. I cant relive my paranoid delusions if the place is gone. A few weeks went by and my life was returning to normal, well as normal as a life of a paranoid schizophrenia sufferer can have.

Chapter 12: Shooting Blanks

Months have pasted since I came out of the coma and I have been managing my disorder really well. I have made sure someone is with me 24/7, so when a delusion that I didn’t create happens, they can help me through it and remind me it’s not real. I even went to the extreme of getting my mum to lock my bed room door at night so I could not get out during the night to follow the delusional people. Every precaution and tactic was used as a method to manage me and my schizophrenia brain. Students at school became less interested in me and more interested in the normal things like dating and bitching behind peoples backs and so forth. Life was good until I got some unwanted attention from one particular student that kept asking me about my $50 magic trick. When ever he asked about it I would simply say that, “A great magician never tells his secrets to his delusions, I mean illusions” By the way I later used that as a catch phrase when I became the famous magician I am know for today. For months every now and then he would come up to me in a hallway and ask me the secret to the trick and I would just say my catch phrase and walk away. He even came in to the toilet while I was peeing and asked me, so I did the intelligent thing and pissed on his shoes. So he ran out of the toilet, threatening to tell a teacher. Some other students saw this and laughed their heads off, and gave me a high five… after I cleaned my hands of course and said he was been a jerk and would back me up if he went to the teacher. That was actually the great thing about telling everyone at one time about my condition. There was no been mean to me behind my back, there was no rumors and crap, there was only acknowledgment and 90% of the time support. The other 10% were kind of freaked about my condition but I could understand that because I was too. I never had someone make bad jokes or call me a freak to my face. My mum told me after the assembly that I had opened a can of worms that I may not like, I told her that because everyone knew everything then there will be no problems, and I was right. Anyway back to my so called “Greatest Fan” and his obsession with finding out how I did that trick. One day after school whilst walking home with some friends, the guy jumped out from behind a bash and said, “You will tell me the secret to that trick whether you want to or not. I will get the secret out of you” Then he ran away after my friends scared him off and I ask me if I was OK, I told them that I was ok and just wanted to go home. I told my mum about the guy and the next day we told the school principle about him and his “obsession” with me. The principle here from students in the toilet and others that saw him constantly asking me about the trick. He then was called to the principle office and minutes later he came and saw me with my mum sitting outside the office. When he came out he looked at me and said “I will get you for this” The principle told me and my mum to come in and see him again and told us that he had expelled that student from school so he won’t be harassing me again. With that I knew what he by “I’ll get you for this” he thought that it was my fault that he got expelled. A few weeks went by and he came back with a bang. It was during a school assembly when the principle was talking about the boring official stuff and then there was a loud bang. Students in the back started running and screaming, students in the front turned to see what was going, and a teacher fell to the flood dead from a bullet to the head. I was at the front and when I turned around I saw amongst the chaos the guy that got expelled holding a machine gun. I knew then that the teacher was dead and other people could be killed because of me. I did something then that would change who I was and who I am now. After shooting into the air everyone fell to the floor in fear, he ordered the teachers to close the doors and lock them, but I then stood up. Some of my friends where trying to tell me that this is really happening, so get down. Instead I walked slowly over to the guy and said in a aloud voice, “I know why you are here, so let these people go because its really between you and me” While I was walk towards him I was thinking of something to create that could end this without been noticed to everyone else. I could have dropped something on his head but people would see that, I could have created something to trip him over but he might of gotten to his gun and killed people anyway. Then I saw the answer to the problem and that was the gun its self. As I was walking over to the guy I was looking at the gun and trying to think of ways to break it without him or anyone else seeing it. It then came to me like a bull to a red flag, I will fill the gun with metal, and this with make the gun useless without anyone noticing. So I blocked up his gun with a little metal so he would not feel the weight difference and continued to walk up to him. I kept refusing to tell him the secret to the trick and he kept threatening to kill everyone if I didn’t. We did this for several minutes until I ran towards him, he tried to fire but could not, and I and several students and some teachers wrestled him to the ground. The teachers then opened the door and two police officers that responded too 000 calls about the shooting walked in just as the gun was taken away from the shooter. The two police officers that arrived first were on patrol in the area and responded to 000 calls from the students and teachers that escaped before the doors were closed.

Chapter 13: The Delusionist

When the gun was taken away from the shooter I quickly uncreated the metal inside that I used too block it. After the shooter was taken away by the police and the coroner took the body of the teacher, the principle got everyone to go to the sports oval for a special assembly. We could not use the building that we normally did an assembly in because it was a crime scene then for a week after the killing of the teacher. When all the students and teachers arrived on the sports oval, the principle spoke, “I am giving all students and teachers one week off, to recover emotionally from what happened this morning, effective immediately. Now where is Sebastian?” He looked over the oval and all the students were sitting down on the grass which made it a bit hard to see me, so the students next to me pointed me out. The principle continued, “There you are Sebastian, come here will you please” I stood up and started to walk towards where the principle was standing. As I was walking I started to hear students say thank you and started to hear students and teachers clapping. When I got to where the principle was he grabbed my arm and told me, “You might want to turn around and look at this” When I turned around I saw the whole school student body standing, yelling thank you and stuff like that, and clapping loudly. Then one by one all of the teachers walked up to me and shook my hand, some female teachers hugged me, and said in various ways, “Thank you for saving my life” Now without prompting from a teacher all the students did the same. One of my friends said to me, “You are an idiot you know that… thank you been an idiot” Once everyone said thank you, all the students sat back down on the grass. The principle turned to me and said, “We are all very grateful and if there is any way we can repay you for want you did just ask. But for now I know wants on most peoples mines is, what the hell was going through you mind and possessed you to do it” At the time of him asking me I forgot to come up with a cover story to what really happened so I had to think quickly and this is what I came up with, “Well you see I knew that he would not stop until he got what he wanted. Now I knew that if he had got what he wanted then that might give other students the same idea if they got expelled. So I just made myself believe that it was a paranoid delusion of mine which killed a lot of fear because I knew that they are not real and couldn’t hurt me. Then that is when I ran at him as you all saw, and that is what was going through my mind at the time” After I said that, the principle told all the students and teachers to go home to start the week off. That day would become the second to last time I got acknowledged as myself for fighting crime and not my super hero alter-ego. The other time was about the same thing but it came with a surprised call from the Prime Minister of Australia. What he told me was that I was a brave individual that showed great valor. He then mentioned that was going to receive a metal for bravery that he himself would give me in a government paid weekend trip for me and my mum in Canberra. The weekend came for me to get my reward and what I didn’t know what that it was going to be shown on TV. I told everyone the same lie that I told my principle about me pretending that it was a delusion of mine from my disorder. I also told them that the whole thing was over a magic trick that I did and the guy wanted to know how I did it. That is when I got my stage name for my magic show that I have now. The Prime Minister asked me if I could do the magic trick on tv, I said yes but I was going to do it on a smaller scale this time because I wasn’t sure that all would work out as planned. So I stood close to the Prime Minister so he could see what was going on. I then made some “magical” hand movements and created a $50 note in my closed hands and opened them revealing the money. The politician, press and some students and teachers from my school applauded. I then showed the Prime Minister the money and he checked if it was real, and it was. He then handed me back the money and I put it back in my close hands and uncreated it. I opened my hands to show that the money was gone. A massive applaud broke out and some wanted me to do something else. At this an idea popped in my, I turned to the Prime Minister and said, “People I would do more but you see our Prime Minister keeps taking my money, so I can not do the trick again. Prime Minister please check you right pocket to see what I mean” I then created a $50 note in the Prime Minster’s pocket and he took it out. I grabbed the note of him and said, “You see what I mean he took my money” Then I put it back in my hands and uncreated it again and put it back in the Prime Minister’s pocket. I did this several times and people loved it, even the Prime Minister was enjoying and having a good time. Now every time that I did it I would get more annoyed with the Prime Minister for taking my money which made people laugh so much. When I did the last time I put the money in my wallet and then Prime Minister still checked his pocket but it wasn’t there that time. I then told every one that, “How I do my tricks I will tell no one, for a great magician never tells his secrets to his delusions, I mean illusions” When I said that I instantly thought of what I’m going to be called when I am on stage…The Delusionist.

Chapter 14: Truth

On the way back home from Canberra my mum asked me if she would be told how I do the tricks. I said to her, “Yes I will because there is only two people that I trust in this world, one is real and one is not. Now I can’t tell the one that is not real but I can tell the one that is real and it is you mum. But considering the current location on a plane surrounded by people I will tell you later” We got home just before dinner and just microwaved some frozen left overs from the night before leaving for Canberra. While eating dinner at the kitchen table my mum asked me, “So son can I now know how you did that magic trick with the Prime Minister” I finished what I had in my mouth and said, “I will but it is really going to freak you out. I am guessing that it happened when my brain was getting shocked that put me in a coma. My brain was rewired or some which now has given me a strange ability” My mum looked confused and asked, “What are you talking about, what ability?” I then continued, “Well you see mum, I have this ability to create and uncreate things with my delusions now and that’s how I did the trick” My mum got a bit upset and said, “What do you mean you can create things with your delusions? You are not making any sense” I explained that, “Remember in hospital that you saw lightning from outside but there was no clouds, well that was me. I created the lightning and was playing a prank on you and I’ll show you” I sat next to her and asked her to put her hand out with it opened. I then created right in front of her a smell lightning bolt in her hand that flickered for a second. After I showed her the lightning bolt, I told her that, “While I was in hospital I practiced this ability over and over and now I’m extremely efficient with it. This ability is what I used to save the people at school from the shooter. I filled his gun with metal so it could not fire. So I was no brave at all, I just knew that the gun would not work” My mum stood up and started passing the room and looked at me and asked, “So this is the reason that you say that your not going share the secrets to your delusions and not your illusions? Also that is why you did not share the secret too you trick with the shooter?” I nodded twice to my mum and then she asked, “You said that you can create anything, if so then how does it work?” I walked over to her and walk her to the mirror in the bathroom. Then I positioned her in front of the mirror and said “Yeah I can create anything that I like. It works by me using my delusional mind and when I concentrate on a delusion hard enough it becomes real. I then can uncreate it again by thinking it away like this for example” Using my ability I created many different types of necklaces around my mums neck. Some necklaces that I created where just simple pearl types but others had multiple diamonds in cased in gold that only the riches people in the world could have. I also told her that, “I can not create things in a permanent state, as soon as I stop thinking about it, the object disappears” An hour went pasted and my mum came to terms with what I can do. I shared with her that night the other things that I did in hospital, the drawing training and stopping the door from opening prank. I must admit that at that time it was great to be able to tell someone what I can do. My mum became so comfortable with my ability that she same times used it for her self. She would get me too do little things like if she was running late and in the bathroom getting ready for work or something and her hair brush was in her bedroom, she would ask me to create one for her to use.

Chapter 15: Agent Chemier

Since finding out how I did those magic tricks and getting me to use my ability for her self some times, my mum kept suggesting to me to become a magician. I have told her that I already thought about that but I would need some good dose of money to start because of stage designs and costumes and such. Then the answer to my money problem come in the form of a talent competition that was going to be on TV called Australia’s Got Talent. I told my mum that I would go on that show and win the $250,000 winners prize which would set me up well for the magic act. My mum thought that it was a great idea by warmed me to be very careful in the ways I was going to use my ability because there would be a lot of cameras looking at everything that I would do. I then started to think of what kind of magic show that I would do and what theme would it be. Then inspiration came when I was hiring movies to watch when I passed that sci-fi section of the weeklies and saw Highlander. Then I decided that the show would be about swords and me making them disappear and reappear in front of everyone. The only problem that I could think of is that I needed an assistant but I couldn’t share with them what the secret was, so I did something that I had never tried at that point and that was to create a person with my ability. It was dangerous and stupid but I then tried to create Agent Chemier as my assistant. It was dangerous because I could have a major relapse and start working with the fake ASIS again. But I wanted a sexy assistant and she was the only that I could think of that was not a well know celebrity, that would not be noticed or just someone famous in general. I got my mum to be with me while I tried to create my first person just in case something went wrong. I let myself remember what Chemier looked like, which as a management tool I did not do, and then concentrated far harder then what I normally did to create things. She flickered in and out of existence and then finally came real. I was half expecting her to be like a mind less zombie without a soul and could not speak. But I was wrong and she turned to my mum and said, “Hello I am Agent Chemier, you must be Sebastian’s mother nice to meet you” Both me and my mum were shocked and then my mum walked up to her, shook her hand and said, ”Nice to meet you too, I’ve heard so much about you” Agent Chemier then walked over to me and asked me in a stern voice, “What happened to never telling your mum anything about what we were doing?” Before I created her I came up with a lie that would make her think that the operation that she was involved with is finished and that she lost her job because our relationship was found out and that is what I told her. It worked and I even took her to the house showed her that it was gone and that a park was there instead, which cemented the idea that the operation was indeed over. The only pain in the a*s about creating and uncreating Chemier was that I had to do this every single time because she did not retain the memory from the last time I created her. I then of course spending so much time with her again started to fall back in love her. This time it was different because this time it was really her and not a delusion. My mum did notice this and strongly warned me against falling in love with her cause I can not create her permanently and she was right. It was a bad idea to fall in love with someone that I only could see on temporal bases. The other thing that would make it hard as well is that Chemier would not age because essentially she is not a real human.

Chapter 16: Some Kind of Magic

I and Chemier practiced the magic show that was inspired by the Highlander movies involving a lot of sword swallowing, throwing, and falling. While training for the magic show I gained a new form of my creation ability. I was able to produce things in reality in stages. I used this new ability to do something that no one could or would have ever done before. What I was going to do at the start of the show was not swallow a sword which has been done millions of times before but pull one out of my mouth. What I would do is walk on stage and turn away from the audience, create a part of the hilt of the sword and turn towards the audience with it in my mouth. Then I would turn away from the audience again and pull out and create more of the hilt of the sword. Then turn towards the audience again and continue doing this till the sword was fully out and complete. This part of the show later became a You Tube hit with over 50 million views. The training for the show was complete and the time to be on the show was at hand and this is how it went. Since the show was inspired by Highlander I choose the appropriate song Princes of the Universe by Queen which is the main theme song for Highlander. I and Chemier walked on stage and introduced myself as The Delusionist and told them that, “You will be freaked out and entertained by what you will see, but just remember that it is nothing but a delusion” I then proceeded to take the sword out of my mouth and handed it to Chemier at this stage the Queen song kicked in. Then I and Chemier started to fight for the sword and during us both pulling at the sword I created a duplicate sword. We both acted surprised and started to swing around the swords. We then looked at each other and ran at each other and started a sword fight. We clashed the swords over and over “trying” to kill each other and every now and them I would create a spark of light when the swords hit each other. Then during the fight I pretended to stop her from hitting me and the sword went straight through me. She removed the sword and stumbled and then I took a swing at her neck going through it without decapitation. We fought some more then I jumped over Chemier and stole her sword off her, making her run off the stage. For the last act I combined the swords into one, then yelled, “There can only be one”, and then held the sword up making it disappear in a bolt of lightning. The audience and judges gave me a standing ovation for the magic show. After going through to the semi-finals and then the final, I won the major prize of $250,000. Plus because of how popular on You Tube I became I got offered slots on the major TV channels to do my magic shows. That’s when the name of The Delusionist stuck till this day because it became the name of my TV show. I then after few months been on TV and having a lot of money took my show on the road. The great thing about me creating my equipment through my ability is that traveling was light. It was funny when I was traveling around with all those boxes and crates with nothing in them.

Chapter 17: Vegas and One Shall Fall

The show was going great and for years I traveled Australia with my show and at the age of 24 made my first million. Even my management with my disorder was great and had no attack from it in a couple of years. Then out of now where I got a letter from someone in the audience that was not a “can we date” letter that I normally got. It was a letter from someone that owns a Las Vegas casino and I was directed to a local bar for a meeting. When I got to the bar at the time of the meeting I saw a man in a very expensive business suit sitting at the bar. He had told me that he watched some episodes of my TV show and also came along to see some of my live shows. What he saw interested him so much that he thought that it would be great in his casino in Las Vegas as a regular show. He did instruct me too make my shows more for adults then for anyone else because the history of Las Vegas proves that children friendly shows don’t do well. I told him that I could make a show about anything that my mind can came up with and so can changed my show if required. The only hard part was leaving Australia because all of my family and friends were there. I took the offer and so signed the contract and like that I was off to America, Las Vegas The contract I signed was for 10 shows for the first months that I was there and if proven popular that number of shows would in crease more and more. After a couple of months been in Las Vegas shows went from 10 to 25 and I was making tones of money. It was during one of these shows that I found out how to make my delusions permanent. With these permanent delusions I could also change them into an upgraded form of it. Then an idea came into my heart to create Chemier permanently because in the depths of my heart I still was in love with her. But I knew that I had to change the ASIS agent in her because I was in America at the time I could not simply show her that the ASIS mission was over because the house was gone. I created her whilst I had a weekend off and was in my apartment. Creating Chemier became the most powerful delusion that I have created then or since. It was such a strain on my abilities that I felt weak and I had a nose bleed which was the first time that happened. While creating her I had to think very hard to try and take out the part of her that was the agent without changing whom she was as a person outside of the agent within. After doing this I promised to myself that this would be the last time I would create Chemier for if I was to loose her, the pain would be too great to see her again. What I also created was fake documents that proved that Chemier was a real person to the American government. It was awesome having Chemier in my life full time and she fell back in love with me. Months later and she even got a job in Las Vegas as a singer, I knew that the voice I gave her made my heart melt, but never knew how wonderful she could sing. Then some time after my popularity reached beyond the shores of Australia and America I proposed to Chemier to become my wife. It was a multimillion dollar wedding paid by the casino as a thank you for the millions that I had brought into the place from my sell out shows. My mum and her new partner came to Vegas for the wedding from a flight that I paid for. By the way while he was here I did play little prank here or there on him and my mum saw and could not help to laugh. The only thing that was for free at the wedding was the weddings rings which I created after getting Chemier to draw her dream wedding rings. It was while I was with my wife at our honeymoon that my life changed dramatically again. We had a apartment in one of the tallest buildings in New York called the New York by Gehry. My wife decided to get something to snack on after some marital sex and as she left I said to her, “I love so much my wife. You are the most beautiful woman in the world and I can’t wait to get old with you” She looked at me smiling and said, “I love you too honey, when I come back be ready for round two” Then she walked out and closed the door, which would end up been the last time I see my wife. I was flicking through the channels on TV when I came up too the Iron Man movie. So I was watching it while I was waiting for my wife to return for round two. As I was watching the movie I thought that I probably could do the same as Tony Stark and use my ability to save peoples lives and then that’s when I heard it. There was a massive boom noise from an explosion and door ripped open. I automatically thought about my wife and ran to the door. But as I went through it all I could see was fire and the building collapsing in on its self. Then I saw some ones hand and it was just a hand because the rest had burnt up into nothing. I looked closer at the hand and then saw the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. On the ring finger was a ring and not just any ring it was the one I created for my wife.

Chapter 18: The Escape and Vengeance

I had no time to fall apart right there because with the building collapsing all around me, it was not the right time or place for a grieving husband. The only thing that I had to think of was a way out of the building and what the hell killed my wife. I ran along the hallway that was not on fire to check to see if the stairs were unblocked and not on fire. I opened the door and all seemed danger free. So I started walking down the stairs slowly and then I felt as I was going down that the metal railing was getting hooter. So I looked down the shaft of the stairs and all I could see was fire, so I went back up to my floor. Then I felt the building starting to move slowly back and forth. That’s when I guessed that the explosion that I heard was a bomb and the bomb was about to bring the build down. I then found something heavy and smashed the window. Looking down I saw that most of the windows below me were smashed. That’s when I created a rope, hooked it on to the bed and climbed down to a couple of floors below me. I did this several times until I found some stairs that were not on fire and ran down to safety. Well that’s the lie that I told every one about how I escaped the building before it feel down. The truth is far more interesting then the lie I told everyone. What I ended up doing was I created scuba driving equipment with a heavy object to weight my self down with. Then under the cover over night I created along side the building a column of water that reached from my floor of 80 to the first floor. I then put on the scuba driving equipment and jumped out of the window straight into the water and sunk and swam down to safety. Once I got to the bottom I uncreated the equipment, the object, and the water and just feel a floor to the ground. Doing this gave me some cuts and bruises which helped making my lie more believable. I know what your thinking, why doesn’t he just recreate his wife? Well I didn’t because my wife knew how she came into this world and promised me something before getting married. “I know that if something was to happen to me, you could simply create me again as though nothing happened. You must promise to me to NEVER do that because even though I am not human I want to die as a human. Humans don’t have a reset button so don’t recreate me and give me one” To this day I have kept that promise and never recreated her, even though that’s my hearts greatest desire to have her back in my arms. Now back to the explosion that killed my wife and who done it. I founded out that there was some big American government and army meeting that took place in the same building. I also found out that some terrorists in Iraq found out about this meeting and used a group of suicide bombers to take them all out. This was the time that I created my super hero alter-ego because I wanted to bring those terrorists to justice and I knew that it would take the American government months to decide on what to do and then the American armed forces years to act. So when I went someone to fight injustice I created a duplicated of myself with my abilities to take over as the Delusionist while I was gone. So the terrorists were not safe from me, neither were criminals against humanity, nor anyone that came to be noticed by me. I traveled the world taking down anyone that thought that they were safe from a strike from another country. I became known through out the world as Phreniac but those adventures are for another story all together.

The End?

© 2013 S L Gonzalez

Author's Note

S L Gonzalez
Please ignore grammar and such, just comment on what you think about the story :)

I did have this as a Mature only viewing dude to the sexual scenes but took it off so my friends dont have to create an account to read it.

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S L Gonzalez
S L Gonzalez


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