Transformers The Allspark War

Transformers The Allspark War

A Poem by S L Gonzalez

This is the 2007 Transformers movie in a poem that I call The Allspark War.

The Allspark War

Lights years from Earth a mechanical war rages on.
Between a race of sentient beings on planet Cybertron.

For millions of years they have been at civil war.
They were in awe by an event unlike anything seen before.

The Allspark giver of life, and ultimate power.
Left Cybertron in their darkest hour.

Megatron leader of the evil army Decepticons.
Followed the Allspark in to the great dark beyond.

He pursued the Allspark all over outer space.
So that he will have complete control over his entire race.

The Allsparks final pre-destine destination was chosen.
So when Megatron got there he became accidentally frozen.

For unknown years Megatron’s frozen body was trapped.
Unknown to Witwicky, on his specks the Allspark was mapped.

Then about 1, or 2 hundred years after his day.
A MH35 Pave Low was reported K:I:A.

Then an army base in a American desert.
Had a very strange, unexpected visit.

That Pave Low helicopter was surprisingly back.
Then the US military threaten to kill and attack.

But the helicopter pilot didn’t move from his position.
So the Pave Low began something beyond imagination.

It’s parts manipulated to become something humanoid.
Then it open fire on the base until it was destroyed.

It’s was Blackout a Decepticon from Cybertron.
On an urgent mission, to find Megatron.

Megatron was nicknamed by Witwicky, Iceman.
Witwicky passed the specks to another hand.

The specks were passed to Witwicky’s grandson.
Sam Witwicky became last hope of Cybertron.

Sam said to his teacher “What would Jesus do?”
He would soon find out what his new car can do.

Mean while there was a secret meeting in another location.
About a American military government investigation.

Blackout did not set out to attack and destroy.
Getting digital information by hacking that was his ploy.

When hacking he did something wrong for sure.
Leaving his signals finger print signature.

So the U.S.A government set out to analyse the digital track.
In hoping to stop yet another computer hack.

Back to Sam Witwicky and his part of this tale.
When his dad teased him by driving past a Porsche car sale.

Sam Witwicky brought an old fashioned camero.
It’s actually a Cybertron robot, how would he know?

So it wasn’t until one unexpected sleepless night.
His car drove off without him and gave him a fright.

He followed his car and then hid out of sight.
Sams car was standing and emitting a bright light.

It was a message of light, the car was sending.
To it’s friends waiting in the never ending.

The camero returned the very next day.
So Sam grabed a bike and tryed to run away.

So Sam found the police to tell them the news.
The police car hit him and he was not amused.

The police car was actually another Cybertonian.
On another “finding Megatron’” mission.

Barricade was this Cybertron Decepticon.
Trying to get the glasses for the Allsparks location.

Sam with Mikaela freaked out and ran away.
Then Sams car came and saved that day.

Barricade transformed and the hunt was on.
A race between two cars from Cybertron.

The cars reached the final destination.
Sams car taught Barricade a dueling lesson.

He thought his car was hi-tech from Japan.
It was actually a scout robot Cybertronian.

Having a transforming robot car from space rocks.
Until you find out he has a damaged voice box.

Sam and Mikaela entered the car with uncertainty.
Cause this car is not just a car, it’s an alien entity.

When the car stopped, Sam and Mikaela watched a medirite shower.
That was more Cybertronians coming down to Earth in that hour.

The aliens arrived with a scream and a blast.
Then they changed forms quickly and fast.

They changed their bodies to earthly things that drived.
In doing so, no one could suspect aliens had arived.

All of them drove to one meeting place.
To meet for the first time, the human race.

Sam and Mikaela drove to that same stop.
Then all transformed individually into a big robot,

Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots made the introductions.
Revealing that they are all antonymous cybernetic organisms.

Prime showed the history of Cybertron in visions.
Involving Megatrons evil doing decisions.

He talked about the reason why they came to earth.
To hopeful give the planet a rebirth.

He told Sam that he was the last hope of all mankind.
A terrible thought on anyones mind.

They went back to Sam’s house with Prime having little patience.
Finding the Allspark glasses and Sector 7 agents.

Sector 7 took Sam and Miekia out of alien invasion fear.
But Prime and the Autobots had another idea.

The Autobots rescued Sam and Miekia from them with precision.
Then Optimus Prime told them taking the children was a bad decision.

Sector 7 in combating the incoming alien invasion.
Captured Bumblebee and co then taking them to another location.

The alien robots could have taken vengeance that day.
But Prime ordered the Autobots to not follow but stay.

At the Pentagon a Sector 7 agent was on a important mission.
To give information on the real threat, an alien invasion.

He talked about something that was above highly classified.
The Mars Rover mission was a failure but they said that they lied.

The Mars Rover actually preformed a successful mission.
It showed a glimps of the beginning of the alien infestation.

The new piece of information.
Forced a very important decision.

The full might of the U.S.A. navy was all at readiness level you see.
So they where all ordered back A.S.A.P.

Then the Autobots all drove to a secure location.
To try to obtain the Allspark specks information.

They found out that the Allspark was 250 miles away.
Optimus Prime made a very important decision that day.

If he couldn’t stop Megatron and save Humankind.
Then using the Allspark to kill it and himself he had in mind.

Once all of the Autobots made up they choice.
Prime said “Autobots, Roll Out” with a commanding voice.

Bumblebee and co’s trip was over.
When they reached a dam called Hover.

Sam brought up something’s he wanted back.
Plus deleting all of Mikaelas criminal track.

They where first shown an icy chamber.
There stood Megatron in cryostasis slumber.

Sam told them what information that he had known.
Like Megatron and the Allspark which was later shown.

Frenzy body got some Allspark regeneration.
Plus gave the Decepticons the Allsparks location.

When seeing the Allspark he knew just what to do.
Bring Bumblebee to it to do some Allspark Kung-Fu.

Bumblebee’s Allspark Kung-Fu worked like a charm.
When he mass-shifted the Allspark to the size of his palm.

Starscream blew out the Hover Dams power.
Megatron reawaken that very hour.

Taking the Allspark far away was the wises decision.
The destination was a city called Mission.

When Megatron drew his very first breath.
He said “I am Megatron” the harbinger of death.

The humans knew that they would need the power of the Air Force.
Contacting them straight away was the only choice.

The humans had some problems with the radio connection.
They got a visit by a small but deadly Decepticon.

Frenzy tryed his best to stop what they where doing.
But he his weapon backfire which he didn’t see coming.

With the Decepticons hunting them down to Mission City.
Finding the rest of the other Autobots became a necessity.

Then Prime and the Autobots found the others.
Bumblebee was rejoined with his Cybertron brothers.

On the way to the city called Mission.
They found some Decepticon opposition.

Optimus Prime the heroic Autobots leader.
Had a highway fight with Bonecrusher.

Prime made sure that this foe was dead.
He did this by cutting off his head.

When this fight was going on.
The others reached city Mission.

The Autobots and humans decided to make defence together.
Just then a F-22 Raptor jet came by that made the defence better.

That jet was just a good piece of deception.
It was Starscream on a killing mission.

The battle that followed made the city decimated.
Poor Jazz got annihilated.

Ironhide and Ratchet hade their own special fun.
Like killing Brawl and making Starscream run.

The final battle for the Allspark was at hand.
The Decepticons needed to be driven from this land.

Optimus told Megatron “One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall”
Sam killed Megatron which surprised them all.

So after all that said and done, the Autobots had finally won.
With the Allspark been merged with the evil lord Megatron.

With the Allspark gone, the bots made the choice to stay on earth.
The Allspark was destroyed which was the only way to give Cybertron a rebirth.

The U.S.A. government choose to hide the evidence of the alien invasion.
The Autobots decided to stay hidden but offer humanity their protection.

At the end of the great and terrible Allspark War.
Starscream left Earth and the Decepticons where no more.

Don’t worry about this saga ending here.
Revenge is Coming so still have fear.

The End

© 2012 S L Gonzalez

Author's Note

S L Gonzalez
Tell me if you like it please :)

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I like this. It is a good poem-summary about the first movie.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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