Coinage of Death

Coinage of Death

A Story by S L Gonzalez

This is my own twist to the whole Final Destination / Horror story.

Chapter 1: Knowing 

Dear Reader. 

You will be my passenger that will come along with me while I do my job. My job involves the end of life and I have been doing it since the beginning of your human history. I am not a immortal human goinf through out history killing at will. I am not even human, but in saying that, I can and have taken on human form through possessing a recently dead body. So what am I, if I am not human? I am not the Devil, I am not a megalomaniac like him. I am not God, even tho we do share some things in common with each other. I am the flip side of life, the thing that all living things must go through in due time, I am the last thing that you will ever experience. Through out your human history I have had many names, but the most common and easily regnosiable is Death. But for this I will be call The After, a name given to me by the spiritual beings that know me. They call me that simply because I am the thing that comes "after" life. I take life sometimes in simple ways, sometimes in complex ways, but increasingly in history you humans are doing it for me in mass numbers. Since you humans are doing my job more and more, I am getting more and more frustrated and irratated with my lack of involvement in the process of life and well me. So I have been trying to figure out methods of killing that will make my job more interesting for me. Then it dawned on me what type of method I should use to kill you humans. There is a saying that humans have, "The love of money is the root of all evil". So I will use money that you humans love so much to kill you humans. I will use the form of money in coins as my instruments of destruction. As my passenger you will witness my exploits in what I call my coinage of death. A word of warning, you must remember all the names that I mention because anyone that I mention by name will die. I assure you that all that I mention will die, sometimes right away, sometimes later. Either sooner or later it doesnt matter, no one can escape me and all will die. 

Chapter 2: Double-Kill 

Meet my first Exploits in my coinage of death called, Rod and Ray. These two men are high rise window washers and they love their jobs because of the views that the job can offer them. Rod is waching in the windows on the 100th floor on a mechanical platform on the outside, and directly below him on ground level is Ray. Ray is washing the windows on the lower levels using a 6 meter ladder to clean the 5th flood windows. What the two dont know is that a man called Frank is about to walk out on too the ledge on the top of the building directly above them. Frank does not want to kill himself, what he is doing is checking out his job from a higher view. What Frank does for a job is a roller coaster operator, so he wanted to see the roller coaster he will be operating on from a birds eye view. But as he is enjoying the view a quick and sudden wind blows him off the edge and this is where I start on my work. Frank catches the ledge and safes himself, and I make a coin come out of his wallet that was loose. Then when Frank pulls himself up to safety, I rip a hole in his pocket and make the coin fall out. Frank thanks God that he is alive and walks to the exit, and I make the coin fall on the platform that Rod is working on. I then roll the coin under Rods foot and he steps on it loosing his balance. He then falls off the platform and from a little help from me, his safety line snaps. As Rod is falling towards the concret below, I make the coin fall also. When Rods body hits the concret, killing him instantly, it scares and shocks Ray. Ray then makes his ladder rock back and forth, and I roll the coin under the leg of the ladder. Once the ladder hits the coin it sends Ray backwards on too the road behind him. He hits the road hard and breaks his spine paralysing him but not killing him. As this happens a driver called Zack is coming down the same road is heading towards Rays now broken body. Zack is way too busy with something on the passenger seat to notice Ray falling on too the road. So unable to lift his arms to protect himself from been paralysed, Zacks car runs over his head smashing it against the bitumen killing him. Zack thinks that he must of hit a pot hole or something and is far to concerned about something important and continues to drive to the airport to do a special job. A job that involves the thing on the passenger seat that made him so distracted. 

Chapter 3: Multi-Kill 

Todays killer class will be about a train, a trainee and of course a coin. Meet Sarah, she is a high school teacher and has started her journey on a school excursion. She is travelling from Dapto High to Sydney on a train filled with her students. She and her students will not be making it to Sydney today because of one coin and Jim will be my helper with this exploit. Jim is a elevator engineer trainee whom is on his way to the Helesburgh train station to get to work. I changed his alarm clock but 5 minutes, so he would wake up a bit later then usual. I did this to make him late to make it for the train, so he wouldn't be thinking to clearly about what he was doing. So with him racing around he just grabbed a bunch on coins for the train ticket, instead of getting the exact amount that he would need like he normally does. The train that Sarah the school teacher is on, does not stop at the Helesburg train station. Its one of those express trains to Sydney that passes a few trainstations along the way. When Jim arrives at the train station he is in a big hurry to make his train and races to the ticket machine to get his ticket. At this time, the train that Sarah is on is two stops away from where Jim is. Jim reaches into his pocket to get the coins needed to pay for the ticket and I go to work and knock one out of his hand. The coin falls on the ground and just before Jim can get it, I roll the coin under the seat. Paying for his ticket, he runs on the platform for his train, just making it for his job in another part of Sydney. I then roll the coin out from under the seat and roll it on the platform that the train Sarah is on, will be passing soon. I then roll it on too the tracks and I wait for the moment to strike. The train comes up to the Helesburg trainstation and I flick the coin up into the belly of the train. The coin bounces around underneath the train for a bit and then gets jammed into the breaking system of the train. The train driver unknown to my activities, continues to have the train going at express speeds. But when the train driver trys to apply the breaks they are not working and straight away contacts the railway authorities to warn them. The train authorities contact the train drive that is on the same track ahead of him, and the train driver stops the train and evacuates the train he is driving. The driver on the train that Sarah is on, tells his passengers about the problem and that their is no way he can stop the train. Sarah, her students and the other passengers automatically call their loved ones just in case they were about to die. There was people screaming, people crying, and some that were so shocked that they just sat in silence. The train driver was trying everything to stop the train but it was far too late because in the distance he saw the other train. Even if he could slow the train now, the time and distance would not be enough to stop a collision. He then ran to the passengers and yelled "EVERYONE BRACE YOUR SELFS" and then the trains collided. The force of the collison made the front carrage of the train explode killing all and sending the rest of the train derailled off the track. The explosion sent the coin high into the air and the derailling of the train knocked Sarah out of the train through a window. With the train in a wreck and people dieing all around her, Sarah lay in some grass with cuts all over her. One of the cuts that she has is on her throat which I guide the coin deep into. Since the coin is far to deep in her throat, all the attempts by her getting it out are useless. The coin blocks her air way passage and Sarah begins to slowly suffercate and die. 

Chapter 4: Monster-Kill 

This high flying exploit of death is proudly brought to you by Thomas, whom will play a part in my greatest number of deaths in this journey. Thomas is a emergency worker at the Sydney airport and he loves what he does because it involves planes. From the time that Thomas saw his first plane fly over his house when he was 6, till now, he has been completely in love with planes. A motor bike accient when he was a teenager left him with some brain damage. This brain damage that he aquired prevented him from getting a job as a pilot in the army and a pilot on civillian flights. So with this he got a job that he could do with the brain damage that would still involve his love for planes. That is why he is a emergency worker at the Sydent Airport, so when a plane comes down in a emergency landing his is a part of the crew that deals with it. His job requires him to check and recheck that all emergency equipment is ready to be used at any moment, and he has to have his crew ready to be in action at any moment as well. Today he was so busy checking the equipment that he forgot about lunch untill someone from his crew came by after having their lunch reminded him. So he quickly finished off his last checks and hurried to get his wallet from his locker. Just as he paid for his lunch he got the call that a plane was coming in for an emergency, which meant that Thomas had not eaten and was now hungry. In a mad rush to get his crew and the equipment, he put his change from lunch into his pocket and not his wallet. The plane that came in for an emergency landing just made the runway and stopped at the end where planes take off. Thomas and his crew got their just as the plane stopped fully on the runway. One of the engines of the plane was sparking and with this the pilot of the plane engaged the inflatable ramp to get the passengers and his flight crew off the plane faster. Thomas been very hungry lost a bit of concentration and was knocked over by the ramp. Getting knocked on his back I flicked a coin out of his pocket and rolled it out of sight to be used later. It took over an hour for Thomas and his crew to clear the runway so other planes could use it. A couple of hours pasted and the next plane was about too take off from that runway. This is where I come in with that coin I flicked out of the pocket of Thomas. I roll the coin on too the runway and get the attention of a passing bird. Gotta love birds that want anything that shines. So the bird comes flying in to grap the coin but I roll it out of the way of the bird and continue to do so until its the right time. The plane that is about too take off starts its engines and starts its take off procedures. Now is the right time for the bird, so I stop the coin rolling and the bird picks it up. The bird fly's away with the coin just as the plane takes off, then I nudge the coin here and there to get the bird in the right possition. Then the plane reaches the end of the runway and takes off, right into the direction of the bird. I then give the bird one more final push in to the direction of the plane and gets hit by the nose of the plane. The blood of the bird covers the windows of the cockpit of the plane making the pilots blind. The coin that the bird had gets sucked up into the engine of the plane and it bounces around shredding it apart. The plane then starts to fall from the sky and spins out of control. The plane breaks apart in mid-air until it finally crashes into the sea killing all 365 on board. 

Chapter 5: Whipped, Spineless, and Crushed 

Remember Jim from the Helensburgh trainstation, well he is about to partake in his part in my coinage of death. He is at work now fixing a broken down elevator with two other men called Jack and Tobin. Jack is Jims supervisor and Tobin is a elevator engineer whom is helping Jim and Jack out on this particuler job. An elevator in a high rise building in Sydney broke down and Jack and Jim were called in to do the job. Tobin is inside the elevator checking out the electronics of the buttons. Jim and Jack are sitting with safety harness above the elevator in the elevator shaft, checking out the cords and pully systems that moves the elevator. They have been working all day, and with the heat made inside the elevator shaft, both Jim and Jack get thursty. So Jack hands some coins to Jim to get them both something to drink, and I a guide a coin out of Jacks hand, sending it down the elevator shaft. As the coin is falling, Tobin inside the elevator is doing a test run and is sending the elevator up. Tobin at the time of the test run was on the 30th flood of the building, and by the time the coin reached the elevator, it was on the 40th floor. Noticing this, Jack used his comlink to tell Tobin to stop the elevator, but it was too late. I forced the coin into the pully system of the elevator and it jammed. The elevator became none-responsive and was still trying to ascend. Under the pressure from the coined jammed, the cord of the elevator begins to snap. Concerned about his and Jims safety, he order Jim to get out of the shaft, so Jim takes off his safety harness and starts to climb out. At that moment the cord of the elevator snaps and under the massive pressure, springs up wards. Jim was about to exit the shaft when the cord whipped him clean in half spraying blood all over his trainer. His body falls down the shaft landing on top of the elevator, and then the cord wraps around the neck of Jack. Due to his safety harness still been on, the cord pulls him down and starts to hang him. But because of the weight and pressure of the cord, it pulls his head off and his spine out of his body. With one less cord and the weight of both Jims dead body and the snapped cord, the other cords begin to be put under immense pressure and start snapping one by one. Finally the last cord gives way under the pressure and sends the elevator down the 40 floors of the shaft below. When the elevator hit the floor, it collapsed in on its self, crushing Tobin to death. 

Chapter 6: The Ride of Their Lives 

This death exploit involves the man on the ledge I talked about that operates rollercoasters for a living whom is named Frank. After surviving the fall off that ledge, he made his way to the rollercoaster that he is in charge of operating. The roller coast is in Sydney and it goes over Sydney Harbour. This rollercoast is unlike most roller coasters in the fact that over 50% of it goes over water and 10% goes into water. The rollercoaster was designed to give its riders the full view of the Sydney Harbour and was also designed to be a water attraction as well. With over 50 years experience in operating roller coasters, Frank was the best man for the job in Australia to operate such a experimental rollercoaster ride. Frank was the only one that knew how to operated it with its new complex controls. Today is the opening of this roller coaster and Frank is going through some test runs before letting people on to ride. After a couple of sucessful run through, he gives the go a head to let riders on. People came in thousands to ride this hugely experimental fun ride and one such person is Dexter, whom came with his wife. Dexter and his wife were the last ones on the rollercoaster and Dexter was handed some coins from the change of the ticket for the ride. Been all excited about been on this hugely hyped rollercoaster, he puts the change from the ticket in his top pocket on his shirt without thinking about it. The rollercoaster is packed out fully with eger riders waiting for Frank to start it and so he does. The rollercoaster goes well on it first offical run with riders and stops with no problems. Everyone loved it and thus it was a huge sucess. Dexter loving the ride so much talked his wife in going on again for a second ride straight away and both stood inline again. But this time for this ride things will be getting a whole lot more different for Dexter and his wife. When the ride came to a loop section, I made a coin fall from the pocket of Dexter and roll it along the track of the rollercoaster. I rolled the coin from the loop back to the start of the ride where Frank is standing looking up at the rollercoaster and keeping watch with his hands on the controls. Rolling the coin quickly along the track, I got to Frank just in time as he was opening his mouth. I bounced the coin off the track and straight into Franks mouth, choaking him. In his struggle for life, Frank acciently hits and destroys the operational controls of the rollercoaster, making it pick up speed. With the destruction of the controls, the rollercoasters seat locks are permanently fixed shut. At the time of Frank dieing from suffercation by the coin, the rollercoaster is going out of control over and over again. Each time it passes the start of the ride it increases in speed until it reaches a max speed of 230mph. The rollercoast under now increasing vibrations that it was not designed for starts to break apart. All the riders, including Dexter and his wife, begin a pointless scream for their lifes. The section of the roller coaster that falls apart first is the section that is over the water. The roller coaster reaches this section and then comes off the track and flys into the harbour. The riders at the front get killed instantly upon impact with the water, with the force that they hit the water was equivelant to hitting your head on concret from falling from a great hight. With the front riders killed, the rollercoast sends Dexter and the rest of the riders to the bottom of the harbour. People that were waiting for their turn witnessed this traggic event and some dived to resure the riders in the harbor. unfortunately for the riders the locks on the seat could not be opened. Dexter knowing that he and his wife were going to die held her hand and looked at her. He looked into her eyes and said "I Love you", even tho he knew she could not hear him underwater. Dexters hand loosened its grip and him, his wife, and all the riders drowned. 

Chapter 7: Current of Death 

The driver that ran over Rays broken body will deliever the coins I need to kill 10 people that are diving in the Tasman Sea off the coast of New South Wales. Zack will help me with that thing he was so distracted with that he didnt noticed Ray on the road. The thing that was on the passenger seat of the car Zack was driving was a home made bomb. The bomb that he created uses hundreds of coins as extra schrapnal in the explosion. Why does Zack have a bomb? Zack a sleeper cell in Sydney that works for a terrorist organisation. He was recently activated and ordered to take out a target that will be aboard a plane leaving Sydney Airport. Meanwhile as Zack trys his best not to alert custom police at the airport, the divers in the Tasmen sea are about to go in to the water. The divers are deep sea divers going to check out a ship wreck that was found a week ago. They enter the water just as the plane that Zack is in takes off from the airport. Zack confirming that his target is on board the plane, goes to the toilet to build his bomb which was hiding all over and some parts inside his body. By the time Zack completes the bomb, the plane that he is on is just 100 meters away from the divers. As the plane gets 50 meters from the divers, Zack with his conciled bomb, walks to the seat that his target is in. Been only 30 meters from the divers, Zack detonates his bomb and the explosion and the coins tear the plane into pieces. The pieces of the plane fall into the the sea directly above the divers creating a canopy and blacking out the sun. The coins from the explosion fall into the sea also, and I use a underwater current to guide the coins to the divers. One of the divers looks up and notices the pieces of plane coming down upon him and his fellow divers. He signals the rest of the divers but the pieces of plane block a swim straight up to the surface forcing them straight into the direction of my coins. They are in such a panic that they dont notice the dozens of coins that a drifting towards them. Within range I force the coins in the release valve of the diving equipment and manage to get 4 to past the filter devices. The coins that pasted the filters were inhailed by the 4 divers and started to choak them to death. The ones that didn't past the filters, blocked the release valves and started to pumped Co2 back in the equipment. 3 divers whom were ahead of the others tryed to make it to the surface but died from Co2 posioning. The last 3 divers just removed their equipment and swam quickly to the surface. 1 of the 3 almost made it but died from drowning, the other 2 divers made it too the surface alive but would die later. The reason that they died was because they had removed the weights that would slow them down but they came up too quickly and later died from the bends. 

Chapter 8: Slicing up loose ends 

As I have said in the introduction of this exploit, everyone that I name will die, and no one will escape me. So the last person that I have named that I have not killed yet is the emergency worker Thomas. Years after he got hit by that ramp and gave me the coin to take down that plane, he is on holiday in America. After been at that highly stressful job for many years without taking a holiday or taking any days off from not been sick, Thomas decided to take a well deserved break. Thomas put himself on a tour of America, a country that he would have loved to have seen because of all those movies in America that he watched. One of the places that the tour went to was New York city, which was great for Thomas as so many movies he had watched shown that city. One building that he saw alot in the movies and it was on the tour, was the Empire State Building. So many movies Thomas has seen of people standing on the top, looking out at the New York landscape, and he had dreamnt many times of what that view must look like. Today on the tour he is standing out side of the Empire State Building looking up at the very tall building. The tour then moves inside and takes the elevator to the top floor, which is giving Thomas much excitement because in minutes he will see the awesome view. The elevator doors open and he rushes to the side of the top and stares out at the view of the New York landscape, and moves around the different sides to get a different view. He then decides to try and see if he could find a coin that he would flick over the side, when he got back on the ground floor. So reaching into his pocket, picks up a coin and flicks it over the barrier. The coin goes down out of his view and I make the coin stick to a ledge of a window and wait. The tour on top ends and Thomas and the other tourist go back into the elevator and start heading down. Thomas is about too walk out of the Empire State Building to try to fing his coin, and while he is looking, I move the coin off the ledge and make it fall. Thomas looks around but cant find his coin and then looks up at the top of the building. At this moment I send the coin straight into the throat of Thomas. The coin is going at such a speed that it doesnt choke him, it slices his throat. The coin slices from the top of the throat, down into his intestines, and out of his body at the other end. Thomas starts choaking on blood and bleeds all over the street of New York until he dies. 

The End

© 2012 S L Gonzalez

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S L Gonzalez
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S L Gonzalez


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