The Salvation Hoppers

The Salvation Hoppers

A Story by S L Gonzalez

Aliens come to Earth with a message of peace and safety.

Chapter 1 - Peace

Earth, the home world of our human race. A planet that's been around for billions of
years. This planet contains billions of different life forms around the globe. One
of the most beautiful planets in this sector of space, according to off-worlders.
This once war ravaged world hasn't experienced war in more then 500 years. 500 years
since the last war, 500 years since peace echoed throughout the world. War became a
camp fire scary story kids told because of its gruesome nature. The body of the last
solider of war is now in a museum as a reminder of what war really means for
humanity... death. The reason for humanities change of heart concerning war is one
of a collective thought, “we keep this up and there will be no one left alive to
fight over”. So peace treaties were signed, nuclear weapons destroyed, and all
things of war terminated. All weaponry designed to kill another human became
eradicated. The only weapons left were the defense system used to protect earth from
a extraterrestrial threat. The army, navy, and airforce of all countries was shut
down. Some countries around the world found this process easy but some had massive
riots among their civilians in protest. After the world got use to the new world
that everyone lived in, the average percent of murders amount normal civilians
dropped by 20% every year. The only deaths that didn't happen naturally were stupid
human accidental deaths. So from that day to this day the Darwin Awards became the
historical archives of human deaths. The movies about war still were made for mainly
as a way not to forget then a way to entertain. The men and women on the frontline
of war found out that the saying that, “war is brutal, but peace is boring”, is
true. They found life hard to adjust without a bullet flying over their heads. Most
nations after some time forgot about the very reason that they went to war with each
other and had a good laugh about it. The world wasn't in peace like the peace loving
hippy way. It was just everyone decided that war had become pointless in the only
world of ours. The main reason that anyone went to war in history was to conquer but
now there's nothing to conquer. The peaceful Earth was heard about through out this
sector of space. Aliens of all sorts that wanted to leave there war torn planet had
an open invitation to come and stay on Earth. The only fighting that went on was
with extraterrestrial threats from other worlds. One of the affects of the 500 year
peace is the total reversal of the globle warming effect. Globle warming became so
bad on Earth that weather seasons changed. There was more rain, more droughts,
longer periods of snow, and fewer days of none extreme weather. It was getting to be
one of those "end of the world" things you saw in movies.

Chapter 2 " Death of our Sun

So most countries forgot what been in war was like and what the effects it does. But
there was something that happened before the peace that should have been not
forgotten. A woman scientist by the name of Ellen Sternberg was the best researcher
at NASA. She was doing research into stars and how they end and when. She mostly was
looking into the star that was our own. Ellen worked on getting the age and expiry
date of our sun for more then 50 years, some would say that she was obsessed with
finding out. She may have been in her 70's but her mind was that of a 20 year old.
Through all her research through out the years she came to the age of our sun. She
calculated by the amount of energy the sun was producing that the sun was around 20
billion of our earth years. By this number and the size of the size of the sun she
formulated that the sun had around 550 years left of fuel before burning out. Once
that happens our world and the surrounding solar system would be completely
destroyed by the supernova. Anything that could survive this supernova would be
crushed by the blackhole that our sun would become. Ellen coming to the realization
to this fact rushed to tell her colleges. Even tho she was correct about her
findings her colleges didn't believe her because of her age and her obsession to
find the answer. So with this she could do nothing with the information but keep it
stored for the future. Ellen devised a plan that would release the information about
the death of the sun in 510 years. What she did to insure that the information would
get out and stay safe for all those years was simple. She choose a landmark that she
knew would never be torn down and planted the information inside. The landmark that
she choose was the great pyramid of Giza. The information was stored in a fake stone
which she replaced at the top of the pyramid. Once the time was due to release the
information the stone would emit a beam of light. This light would attract attention
and lead someone to the information inside. Plus the light sent out a SOS signal
that was done in the popular frequency at the time. By the time that 510 years would
come , Ellen hoped that humanity would be able to save its self and get out of harms
way. Ellen spent her rest of her life been sad and depressed about the death of her
beloved world and potential death of all humanity.

Chapter 3 " The Device

It came to the 510 year mark and her plan worked... kinda. The pyramid at this time
become a tourist destination to aliens in this sector of space. Instead of been in
the same location on Earth that it had been for thousands of years, its now located
on the floating platform that orbits the Earth. Most of the human made wonders of
the world were given the same treatment as a way to save them from the natural
forces that would in time destroy them. So with the pyramid orbiting the earth, it
and the rest of the wonders was littered with lights as to warn starship pilots. The
beam of light to attract attention went unnoticed and Ellen's plan failed. Plus the
frequency that the SOS was out of date and couldn't be picked up with the new
technology. Thus humanity didn't know about its certain doom that was coming. At the
time of Ellen's life there was a population on Earth of 7 billion but 500 years
later its now 12 billion, plus 1 billion aliens. Even if the information about the
sun became known it would have been impossible to save all of them. In the last
years, life went on just as it had for the whole history of the Earth. 15 years
before the end something happened that would change humanity forever. Something
uncloaked its self in Earths orbit and breached the atmosphere. The world was in awe
about this strange device that descended to Earth without showing a sign of been a
threat. The device stopped and hovered over the Atlantic ocean for 1 month without
moving. There was a 24 hour guard around the device to protect Earth from what ever
might be inside it. Another month passed when it opened and its covers feel into the
ocean. The covers that fell into the ocean created big waves, which surfers took
advantage of. What remained inside was an even stranger device that puzzled
everyone. Inside was a huge doorway to which left more questions then answers.
Questions like, why would someone send a door? Where does the door open to? But most
importantly, who sent it?

Chapter 4 - Doorway

All those answers and more were about it be answered. The guard surrounding the door
fell back and waited for further orders. At the bottom of the doorway a cannon
appeared and then shot a single fusion blast into the ocean. The guard around the
doorway was ordered to be ready to fire if it shoots at someone. The ocean below the
doorway began to swell and pulsate, and turn into a vortex just like water draining
from a bath. Then the doorway lowered a bunch of hoop like generators into the
water, which was found out later to power the doorways opening sequence. Water
rushed through these hoops and powered the doorway, just like water through a dam
does. Next thing that happened was that the doorway began to shake violently and
started too spin at a high revolution. Once the doorway reached its top speed it
kept to it for about half an hour. At the 30 minute mark a huge burst of energy
radiated from the doorway, sending some surveillance aircraft flying away. After the
energy burst the doorway stopped spinning and in the middle of the doorway there was
a purple electrical storm. Humanities greatest scientists created 3 research probes
that would go through the doorway and find out what is on the other side. The first
probe was activated and was set on course toward the doorway and beyond. It was 10
meters away from entering the doorway when suddenly it crashed and exploded for no
apparent reason. Probe number two was activated but was programmed to stop at the
distance that probe 1 crashed. When probe 2 got there one of its mechanical arms was
extended to feel for what crashed probe 1. The arm reached full length and started
to be electrocuted. Now probe 2 malfunctioned and lost power and feel from the air.
The scientist knew what was happening, a force field. So with no chance to know what
was on the other side of the doorway there was only one thing to do, wait.

Chapter 5 - Visitors

Days past and nothing happened. The electrical storm continued and the vortex still
moved below the doorway. A week pasted and the guard relaxed its fire readiness.
Humanity was on edge waiting for what ever or who ever is gonna come through the
doorway. On the 8th night of waiting something began to come out of the doorway. The
worlds media, even off world media went into a frenzy over this event. The thing
that was coming out of the doorway was an alien ship... origin unknown. It took
nearly an hour for the full length of the ship to come through, the biggest ship
humans have ever seen. The guard started to fire upon the ship but the ship released
an emp (electric magnetic pulse) which disabled our weapons. Once through, the ship
did a fly by of all the Earth, disabling all weapons that could be a threat. When
the ship finished the disarming it returned to its point of origin next to the
doorway. Then hundreds of ships from different sizes and origins came purring out of
the doorway. Earth was a combination of fear and awe. Most of the guard that was set
to protect Earth fled in terror. The off-worlders that were watching this on their
TV displays were fearful of their loved ones still on Earth. When all the other
ships stopped in their positions, the stars were almost blacked out by the amount of
ships. Then the main ship that pasted through first let out an audio announcement
that was heard by all humans, even the ones off-world. What makes the audio
different is that it was only implanted into the minds of humans, so no one else
could hear it or know what it is going on. Also what was so unique about this audio
was that it was translated into that language that person spoke. The audio track
that all of humanity heard was as follows, “We are the Salvation Hoppers. We come in
peace. We come to save you. We come to meet with Ellen Sternburg. We must
communicate urgently with her”. Governments searched all databases and secret files
for the woman named Ellen Sternburg but found nothing. Someone decided to do a check
of the dead records and found a death certificate of Ellen, and it was over 500
years old. So with the information of her death, the governments didn't know what
too do, the visitors cant speak to the dead. A meeting was setup with the Earth
leaders and the Salvation Hoppers leaders.

Chapter 6 - Ellen Rebirth

So the leaders meet at the capital of Earth in the country of Australia. Australia
was chosen to have the capital of Earth because of a few good reasons. One, the
people of Australia were the most peaceful people that only supported war from other
countries but never started war. Two, the most important reason of all. Australia
was the only country that had the space for a city that would hold a population of
500 million and more. The name of the city chosen to be the capital of the whole
Earth is Centauri, named after the closest star to our own. This was done so that
other lifeforms would recognize what sector of space they are in while they were on
Earth. When the time for the meeting had arrived the main ship moved to Centauri and
hovered above the mega city. Aliens from the main ship teleported down to Centauri
City Hall. The aliens looked humanoid in shape but with more fingers and no mouth to
speak of. We found out that they speak telepathically and eat through a slit on
their chest. The explanation to the aliens arrival on Earth and their need to talk
with Ellen Sternburg was this. Thousands of years ago their planet was facing total
destruction from a black hole that was passing through their sector of space. Seeing
their world been consumed by the black hole and killing 40% of life that didn't
escape in time left them determined to have no one else going through it. So they
searched for any planets that contained life that would face certain doom and rescue
them. Hence the name Salvation Hoppers. They hop from one planet to the next saving
them. Once that planets higher life form was saved, plus the leaser lifeforms, its
technology that could improve them would be added. For way they came to Earth and
how they found us this is what they discovered. Ellen Sternburg's SOS signal was
picked up by one of their probes and was given an urgent extraction of the life on
this planet. So with no time to waste they sent the doorway and for gone some
procedures that they normally do to save a planet. They did that same calculations
that Ellen did and ran the same test on our sun and she was correct. When they
discovered that Ellen died centuries ago, they decided to bring her back to life.
Wanting to bring her back to life they asked about the location of the grave site.
The agent that found her death certificate gave the Salvation Hoppers the location
of the grave. But there was a problem with the location of the grave, its located
under a city that was built on top of the little town where she was buried. Aware of
this the Salvation Hoppers had no problem with getting the DNA that was in the
grave. What they did was locate the grave and teleport it up the surface. Once they
got the coffin, delicate work was done on finding one shred of DNA that was left.
Anything would be good, a piece of hair, a piece of bone, a piece of flesh. Every
cell in the body contains the whole DNA structure of a person, so a recreation of a
person could have been done with anything that could be found. Being so old they
couldn't find a shred of DNA until some was found in one of the corners of the
coffin. It was just a decomposed flesh that was eaten by a worm. The DNA structure
was an extremely weak strand that was left and was providing to be difficult to
complete the recreation process. But on the final try of recreation it was a
success. Since the DNA was a weak strand the process took longer then usual.
Recreating Ellen from DNA was the first step in which the visitors took. They also
gave her a younger body because at the time of her death she was 103 years old.
Chapter 7 " A Solar Killer
Much had changed since Ellen was alive so it took a lot to get use too. One of the
changes was that a trip to outer space only cost $30 instead of the $40 millions you
had to pay in her day, which is one of the first things she did and loved it.
Something else that changed was the one pill cure for cancer and the flying cars
that resemble more like planes to her then cars of her time. Since humanity spread
to space and beyond there is never a shortage of jobs, so there's no one without a
job. But unfortunately for Ellen her old job is no longer available on Earth, but
fortunately for Ellen its available in space. Instead of just looking at stars
through a telescope she can now fly right up next to a star and study it. Now she
and the rest of humanity didn't have a long time left before our sun went supernova.
So she had to enjoy all these things very quickly which wasn't as much fun as it
would of taking her time. Years pasted and there was 2 years left before the end of
the Earth. The Salvation Hoppers began the evacuation procedure and told the humans
to get there ships ready for the trip. Everything that could be taken was, even the
landmarks that was orbiting Earth. Not only did the Salvation Hoppers save the
lifeforms of the planet but also saved the cultures of that planet that made it
unique to the universe. All the human ships past through the doorway including the
one that Ellen was working on at the time. The humans that were left on Earth
because of either a lack of transportation or lack of space on a ship was collected
by the Salvation Hoppers. 6 months before the end of the world and the last bunch of
humans was collected. The aliens that had taken Earth as home used their ships that
brought them here to leave our solar system and reach safe distance. Once all life,
technological, and cultural objects went through the doorway, the Salvation Hoppers
followed. The main ship that came through the doorway did a last scan of Earth of
lifeforms and returned back through the doorway. When the main ship got through it
remotely shut the door to stop any part of the supernova coming through. The
evacuation process of our world took 5 and a half months. What the Salvation Hoppers
did when they saved someone they put remote cameras around the world so that the
event could be watched and recorded. So with humanity getting used to their new
worlds and joining the Salvation Hoppers on both the technological and culture
levels. Time came when our sun went supernova and destroyed humanities original home
world. Most humans watched the event but some couldn't bare to watch it. The sun
shock violently and fluxuated in size and colour when it finally went supernova.
Mercury, Venus and our beloved Earth was gone with the first wave of energy that was
released. The rest of the planets in our solar system was eradicated with the second
wave of energy. On the third wave of energy the sun collapsed in on its self and
became so heavy that it created a black hole. The black hole sucked in anything that
survived the blasts. With this was the end of our little solar system and everything
that we loved.

The end

© 2013 S L Gonzalez

Author's Note

S L Gonzalez
Tell me if its any good please.

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S L Gonzalez
S L Gonzalez


Hi there fellow writers... I am Salvador and I love to write short science fiction stories. I have written 5 so far and will put more of them here as time goes. What made me want to write short.. more..