ETL - Extraterrestrial Loneliness

ETL - Extraterrestrial Loneliness

A Story by S L Gonzalez

A alien whom is made of the energy that created the universe, looses his home world and his race.

ETL - Extraterrestrial Loneliness

Chapter 1: The Outcast

Once a pond a few millions of years ago, on a planet on the edge of the universe. There lived lifeforms that was created by the energy that gave the universe existence. The planet that these lifeforms lived on was also created by that same energy. The people and the planet were one with each other. The planet was called Heljer and its people was called Helji. Unlike our world of earth there was no atmosphere to speak of. The Helji wasn't bound by gravity and could survive the vacuum of space. The body of a Helji was like an electrical current but contained within a vessel body. The body shape was in a shape of our letter Y, with the head in the middle. The head was nothing like our own with just two glowing red eyes and a line of energy for its mouth. Its body had no limbs to speak of because they used telekinesis. The Helji communicate through not their mouths but through telepathic abilities. But even tho they don't use their bodies as much as we do, they can change their bodies into what ever they like. Helji children use this ability by playing hide n seek among space rock. The children mimic the space rocks and try not to be noticed. The two ways that the hidden can be found. One, if the rock is moving strangely and seams out of place. The other way is if the seeker cant change into the rock that its trying to mimic. Helji cant change into something that another Helji has mimicked. I'll explain it in terms that most people can understand. The Helji is like a magnet and everything else is another magnet. A Helji is a positive magnet and everything else is a negative magnet. So with the rest of the universe been on a different energy level, the Helji can interact with it better then themselves. When a Helji tries to mimic another Helji, the energy thats released repeals each other. Just like when a positive magnet is next to another positive magnet. But this doesn't mean that they cant interact with each other. When the energy is contained within their bodies nothing happens to another Helji. Only when the Helji use that energy outside of their bodies, does that incapability take affect. But they cannot stay that object for long or they will become it. With that energy, the Helji use it to create buildings and things that are required. Since the planet is made of the same energy, the buildings and objects come directly from the planet its self. Buildings raise up out of the ground and form the shape that the Helji desire. Objects are created on the ground and then the Helji pull it free from the planet. They found out that if they take an object to far away from the planet it dies and becomes a useless crystal. So with that, the Helji technology is restricted to their home world. Some tests were done to make the energy source portable but it cant be done. The Helji themselves on the other hand can leave their home world as far as they want without dieing. This is because at the core of their bodies is the energy source, it's like their hearts and vains, which is visible from outside. For the Helji to reproduce and multiply, there's two ways that they can do this. One is the more natural way of sexual contact between male and female Helji. Male and female Helji are different colours, male is green and female is purple. Or the other way of getting offspring is the self replicate. In times of extreme desperation a Helji can great an offspring on its own. The time that a Helji would do this is if its the last single Helji left in its area or cant find the right Helji to reproduce with. The children that are produced this way become outcasts in society and are called Heljix. Helji can tell whom is a Heljix because of the type of energy that is showing from them. Its more weaker then the normal Helji people and thus can be easily identified. The other thing that sets them apart from the normal Helji is the fact that they cant self replicate. After when one of the Heljix was made into an outcast its name must include an X to be recognized. One such Heljix that was made an outcast was called Xion.

Chapter 2: Loneliness

Xion could not help how he was created and like most Heljix, hated been a outcast. But unlike most outcasts living on the edges of cities, Xion left the planet all together. He traveled for years away from his home world and saw something that terrified him. He witnessed the destruction of the solar system that was closest to his own. Planet after planet was gone and everything else, including the star. The thing that destroyed it was a massive black hole, and he knew it was on its way to his home world. He was starting to feel the gravitational pull of the black hole. He was getting sucked into it but managed to get away just in time before he too was consumed. So with great haste he went back to his home world to tell them about the incoming danger. He was making ground away from the black hole and making great time to Heljer. He was so focused on returning home that he didn't notice the meteoroid coming from his left side. Then the two collided and Xion was knocked unconscious. The meteoroid just continued on its path with the unconscious body of Xion. He later realized that he had been unconscious for about a year or two. Xion woke up and worked out where he was and then hurried home. But by the time he got back, all he could see was nothing but darkness. He could tell that the black hole moved on because it was destroying something in the far distance. His home world of Heljer and all the rest of the Helji was gone. He traveled far to see if there was anyone that escaped and survived, but with no result. Xion took many days and weeks to come to realize that he was the last of his kind. He even thought about joining his now dead species and flying straight into the black hole. So for many years Xion just traveled the universe hoping to find someone or something. He would stop for awhile and feel sadness and hatred for the loss of all Helji people. From planet to planet and from solar system to solar system, he searched but found nothing living. That was until he found a dead body of some unknown creature floating in space. This both scared him and gave him joy knowing that someone else was in the universe apart from the Helji. So he went in the direction that it had floated from. The more he traveled in the direction the more dead bodies he found. He heard an explosion in distance and found the source of the dead. What he saw was two space ships in war with each other. They continued to fire on each other and all of the weaponry that they had. Xion made himself look like some piece of metal that come from one of the ships to get a closer look. The battle continued for sometime until the more powerful ship destroyed the other. Xion hanged back until the dust settled and the winner relaxed. Then the winning ship started to power up and went away from the battle field. Xion decided that he must follow it so that it might take him to their home world. When they got there he found something that he could not expect. The new lifeforms that he had stumbled upon was detroying its self. He watched as they killed each other and did not stop untill none were left alive. Xion didnt understand why they were doing it and could do nothing to stop it or him too be killed. When the last perished he explored the world and found the reason of the mass killings. It would seem that the lifeforms was consumed with some sort of mental illness. As quickly as he wasnt lonely, he was lonely again. The only good thing that came from finding that suicide race was knowing that he wasn't alone in the universe. So with this refresh enthusiasm of hope, he continued searching.

Chapter 3: Discovery

Many years pasted from him finding that suicidal race and no sign of life else where. He ended up getting so lonely that he started to talk with himself. Got to the point of creating different personalities to make the conversations more interesting for himself. After awhile he didn't even remember how long it had been since Heljer was destroyed. When all hope of finding someone else hade stop he decided to give up and just explore the universe. Him and the other voices in his head came to the conclusion that settling down on a dead planet would be boring. Supernovas became a thing that he loved to see, but almost got killed on a few occasions. The way that a star would die and explode excited him and his "friends". From galaxy to galaxy he traveled to watch supernovas. He started to even surf the wave of energy released from a supernova. For hundreds of thousands of years he went from galaxy to galaxy exploring the universe. Until something, quiet literally, smacked some sense into him. The thing that hit him was a strange little metallic object. This object was later found out to be the Voyager that NASA sent to find life in the universe. Well not only did it find life, but it hit it as well. Suddenly all the memories of his home world flooded back to him and a tsunami of emotions washed over him. All of the voices in his head were gone and all that remained was an objective. Find out whom sent this object and hope they are more sane then the last lifeforms found. Xion began to look at this object more closely to find anything out about its makers. He then saw some writing on a disc of metal with a picture of a solar system on it. Plus it had some other stuff on it that didn't make much sense to him. With this reborn hope to stop the loneliness of countless years, he set out to find the maker of this thing. He searched all of the closest solar systems that looked like the one on the metal disc. Likely for him there was only three that were close by, so it wouldn't take long to find the right one. The first one looked nothing like the picture so that was easy, The second looked like it. He searched the planets in the second solar system but found no life that could have sent the object. The last one looked more closely to the picture and thus he searched the planets within.

Chapter 4: First Contact

One thing he noticed about this system was that there was more planets in it then his home world system. One planet searched and then other and so on. Hope was fading fast but logic told him that this system could be the only one from which that thing came from. 6 planets searched and many moons observed and something in the distance caught his attention. Another strange device much like the one that hit him. When he got closer and closer to it he noticed another one. Before he knew it he saw dozens of them and still didn't know who built them. Then it was made clear as to whom built these things as hundreds orbited around the planet that was next on his list to search. The planet looked more peaceful then the other but he did see the occasional explosion. This didn't bother him too much considering what happened on the other planet. While Xion was observing our planet from space, a human female worker was almost done for the day. Her name is Elexis McKnight and she worked at the Randwick Army Base in Australia as a army officer. Elexis was a single hard working woman that did want a family one day but was too busy to have one. She was at that time 25 years old, average height, and her body was sexy and curvy. She had long wavy red hair and green eyes which made her stand out among her fellow workers. Both her parents were also in the army but got killed in action leaving her as an orphan at age 10. When her parents died her uncle and aunty gave her a home to live in. Her new home was close by a army base in Australia called Wagga Wagga. She lived there for 7 years until she followed in her parents foot steps and joined the army. But because of the deaths of her parents at the hand of war, she decided to go for the career of officer instead of soldier. After completing her training, she was sent to the Randwick Army base in Sydney. She soon found a nice little apartment and called it her home for many years. Elexis quickly moved up the ranks and her life was going great. Until one day as she was driving home, she saw something with a bright flash, fall from the sky. At first she thought it was a lightning bolt but she noticed that there was no clouds so it couldn't be that. The flash hit a country side farm land and she drove at full speed to investigate. Xion hit the ground with a massive force and knocked himself out. The christian farmer that own that piece of land heard the crash and like Elexis, went to investigate the noise. The first one to reach Zion was the farmer and when he got there he could not believe his eyes. In front of him was like as if a lightning bolt was stuck on the ground. He didn't know what to do, so he got a large tree branch to poke it. Xion at this poke mowned and moved like someone does when asleep. Straight away the farmer jumped back and yelled with shock. Elexis heard his yell in the distance and drove faster. Then the farmer curiosity got the better of him and touched Xion with his bear hand. Xions ability to mimic immediately kicked in and took on the form of the farmer, while still glowing. Freaked out by this the farmer ran away and went inside his house. He then sat into his favorite recliner and rocked back and forth saying repeatedly "its a trick from satan, its a trick from satan". Just as the farmer started to go into maddness on his favourite chair, Elexis drove up to hill that was glowing. Just as she walked up to the place where Xion had crashed, Xion woke up. Something that Xion had never done was mimic another lifeform and found out that doing it, he collected the lifeforms knowledge and memories. Elexis walked up to Xion and was puzzled by two things; one, where did that object go that fell from the sky? and two, why is this man glowing? Xion and Elexis made contact with there eyes and stood there for a few minutes looking without speaking. Elexis first spoke "Who are you? Where did you come from? and why do you glow like that?" Xion found that with the knowledge that he got, he could understand her, so he replied "I am Xion from the planet Heljer. I glow like this because of the material im made from". Xion then closed his eye and focused and the glow was gone. After seeing this Elexis knew that he was not lieing and fainted. Then Xion went over to Elexis and picked her up, absorbing her knowledge but not her form. He then carried her to her car and put her in the back seat. With this new knowledge turned on the car and drove out of the farm. When Xion and Elexis left, the farmer went and looked for the glowing man. After searching his whole farm and not finding him, he decided to never speak of it.

Chapter 5: Realisation

Xion drove Elexis back to her apartment and placed her on the couch. That whole night Xion got use to his new body and its limitations. Even tho his new body had limitations, he could still do what his natural body did, if he focused. He also decided to find out what this lifeform history was like. Xion used the computer that Elexis used for work and researched our history. He found some wonderful things but mostly horrific things. He researched everything there was to know about how to be a human, how a human works, and how humans live day to day. Xion decided that even tho us humans are violent at times, humans in general can be peaceful. So with this decision, Xion decided that after all of these countless years, this will be his new home. In the morning Elexis woke up and found her self alone in her apartment. She couldn't remember if last nights events happened or was just a dream. She noticed the time and she quickly had a shower, got dressed and went to work. She was so busy in getting ready for work that she didn't notice Xion using her computer. So she left her apartment and go to work just in time. While Elexis was at work, Xion continued to learn more about us humans. He found out that he must get a job to appear more normal in society. Since this took up most of the day, he waited for Elexis to come back, before going out to find a job. Plus it was getting late in the day, and with the knowledge gotten from the farmer and Elexis, he knew that businesses were closing soon. For the rest of the day unil Elexis returned from work, Xion watched TV. Xion cryed when he saw some of the violent conflicts going on in his new home world. It seemed that the new form increased Xions emotions then what he had normally. Just as he stopped crying, Elexis opened the door to see him sitting there watching TV. Elexis automatically had memory flashbacks to lastnights events and remembered who this man was. After putting down her gear from work she asked him "Whats your name again?" He replied "Xion. You pronunce it like when you say a word that has ion in it, like information. Just add the X on too the front and you have my name". Then Elexis asked another question "You said that you were from another planet. I find that hard to believe. Can you prove it?". Xion laughed and said "Apart from me glowing, you still need more prove? Ok". Xion changed himself into different objects that were in the room and then used his telekinesis to pick up objects. Xion then changed back in to his human form and looked at Elexis and asked "Need anymore prove?". Elexis shook her head and started to pass back and forth in the room, trying to comprehend at what just happened. Xion then spoke "I mean you no harm. I have not come all this way to start conflict with another lifeform. I am the last of my kind and having been searching the universe for a planet to call home." Elexis stopped passing and looked at Xion and said "Ok... lets say that i am not crazy and that you are from another planet. Why Earth? Isn't there other planets that you could have called home?" Xion shook his head in response to her last question and then answered her first question "I have been alone for countless years and I need companionship. I was so alone out there in space that I started to talk to myself and have conversations with myself." Elexis laughed and Xion had a bit of a laugh himself and continued "The reason for my loneliness is that my home world had be destroyed by a blackhole. Not only did it completely destroy the world but it took all of my race with it." Elexis said with a sypathetic voice "Im so sorry for that huge loss. I have lost my parents at an early age but to loss an whole race. Thats a whole different kind of pain to live with. How did you survive?" Xion and Elexis both sat down on the couch, feeling more at ease with each other. Xion then explained about him been made an outcast and his decision to leave his world. He also told her about the account with the suicidal race, and how he came to find earth. They talked for a few hours about Heljer and Helji day to day life. The both of them could not spot talking, until Elexis had to stop for food. Xion knew about food through the knowledge required, but because of his original form, didn't require such energy. Elexis made some food and started to cook some toast. Been very curious as to how his body would react to touching hot surfaces, he put his finger inside the toaster. Elexis freaked out and was going to pull his arm away, but too late. The finger that entered the toaster became burnt and Xion started to be electricfied. This made Xion glow, just as he did before. Elexis grabbed her phone and was about to call from an ambulance but Xion told her not to. The electricity that flowed through him gave him no effect. As for the burn on his finger, he just changed back into that human form again and the burn was gone. Elexis looked at him and said "I wish us humans could do that". When Elexis had her food, her and Xion continued to talk through out the night. Elexis was getting sleepy and said to Xion "Im going to bed. You can sleep on the couch". Xion replied "We Helji dont sleep, our energy is constantly renewing its self, even for a Heljix. So your human bodies need to sleep to do something that we do all the time." Elexis then asked "Ok, thats interesting. So what will you do with your self at night time, when us humans are sleeping?". Answering her, he said "I will research about this planet and all of its many types of lifeforms. Of course I will need access to your computer to do that. May I?" She nodded, fully knowing that with the use of her computer, Xion will be able to see directly into her bed room. Since her apartment had been renovated recently, she had no door to her bed room. Living by her self that didn't matter much to her, until Xion arrived. Elexis thinking that this new comer to our world wouldn't find a human woman attractive, so she wore a satin nightie, which what she normally did. Then she said goodnight to Xion and slipped in to bed. She tosed and turned for awhile until sleep engulfed her. As Xion was researching on the computer, he would occasionly look at Elexis, more out of curiosity then sexual thought.

Chapter 6: Assimilation

Morning came and Elexis woke up seeing Xion still at her computer. She walked over to him and asked "You really don't sleep, do you?" Xion shook his head and then pointed to the time. It was getting close to the time for Elexis to go to work. Elexis laughed and said "Normally I would be working today, but I did most of my work yesterday, so didnt need to work today." Going into the kitchen, Elexis made her self some breakfast. When she finished, she asked Xion "So what do you want to do today?" Xion thought about this and said "Explored your world, u can be my human guide" Elexis thought that is what he would do, and agreed to show him around. So Elexis went off to have a shower and get dressed. Just as Elexis and Xion were about to leave, Xion asked "You moved alot in your sleep, what were you dreaming about?" Elexis slamed the door closed and asked angrly "Why were you watching me?" Xion replied "I heard you saying something, so I turned to look at you but you were asleep. I was then curious as to what humans dream and watched you a bit. It was curiosity and nothing else" Elexis calmed down after thinking that what Xion said was reasonable. She then told him that "I dont remember what I dreamt last night, sometimes I can remember and sometimes I can't. Some humans remember all their dreams but others, like my self, don't remember them much." Then Elexis and Xion got into her car and drove away to the city. On the way to the city, Elexis stopped the car and asked Xion "Hang on, if you can fly through space, why do you need me to show you earth?". Xion told her that "If I am to live as human then I must act like a human. Plus if I was too do that then I would reveal myself to the world and cause havoc. People would panic and be in fear, which is something that I don't want." Elexis fully understanding the logic behind that and she continued driving again towards the city. Elexis looked at Xion from time to time and it was like looking at a child going through a toy store. Xion looked at everything and anything while having the look of awe on his face. She also took noticed as to what he was wearing, county style, and knew he would stand out. So she planned on taking him clothes shopping when they got in to the city. 15 minutes later and they arrived in the city. Elexis took Xion clothes shopping and brought him some suits and casual clothes to wear. All that day Elexis showed Xion the main attractions of the city, until it was night time. When the both of them got back to the apartment, Elexis decided to help Xion by getting him a job. Since the army didn't need any job qualifications to get in, Elexis signed Xion up for recruitment. So Xion did the army tests to be recruited and pasted the tests with flying colours. Elexis told Xion to take it easy and don't use his abilities, for fear of been exposed. The only thing that Xion found hard about basic training was to pretend to be asleep with his fellow brothers in arms. Once he completed his training, he was sent around the world on missions from the army. But the place that he called home was back in Australia in the apartment next to the apartment that Elexis stayed in.

Chapter 7: Experiencing the Unknown

Xion was driving home when he noticed some fire and emergency vehicles around his apartment building. When drove up closer to the building he saw Elexis standing out side of the building with the other residents. He parked his car and joined the group. He then found out that his apartment had a accidental fire and he had lost everything. Xion said a joke to the group "At least it wasn't my world been destroyed this time". Both Elexis and Xion cracked up laughing while the rest of the group didn't understand. The chief fire officer told Xion that the fire was a result of a light been left on and some bad wiring. Even tho Xion could of afforded another place, Elexis just let him move into her place. Secerly she had fallen in love with this new comer from another world. So he moved all the stuff that survived the fire into her apartment, which wasn't much. The fire fighters did think it was strange that Xion didn't have a bed, Xion lied and said that because he is always away he just slept on the couch. In reality of course it was because he simply didn't need a bed because he didn't sleep. What he did the all the nights that he was awake while the rest was asleep, was read. He read everything he could about our history and even fictional stories. He always had a good laugh at reading science fiction books because of all the ways we human thought of what life in the universe did. After settling in he began to feel something that he read about in books, love. He knew that he had stayed as a human for a long time and now was becoming a human. So thus been a human, he was slowly experiencing human emotions. Through all the books that he read about love, he knew that coming out and just telling Elexis would not be a good idea, so he waited for the right moment. Months went by and they didnt tell each other about the love that they shared. One other thing that was happening to Xion that was a result of becoming more human was a sexual attraction that we building for Elexis. Elexis would still be walking around in sexy lingerie, still thinking that this Heljin would not find her attractive. But the more she was wearing that stuff the more Xion had found himself perving and desiring her. It wasn't until one very sleepy morning that she found out that Xion was attracted to her. That morning she was wearing a satin nightie and she was in the kitchen making breakfast. Xion had been perving on Elexis that morning, and was getting good at making it not noticable. She had worked hard the day before so she had a long and deep sleep. She went to grab at a coffee cup on the top shelf but then knocked another one off and it broke on the floor. From been tired she accidently stood on a shard of glass while trind to walk around it without been cut. Elexis asked Xion to get the first aid kit from the bathroom. Xion got the first aid kit and brought it too Elexis. Elexis asked Xion "Can you please get the glass out and put a band-aid on the cut? I hate seeing blood" Xion took a pair of tweezers, used it too take the glass out, then used the band-aid on the cut. He help Elexis to her feet and she tried to walk. The pain that she got once the damaged foot hit the floor put her off balance and Xion caught her in his arms. He couldn't imagine how great it felt with her in his arms, been so close to him. Without him knowing, she felt the same. Elexis could feel that Xion was turned on but she didn't care. They both didnt want to stop been in each others arms but didnt want to make it obvious. So they slowly let go of each other, until they stood they staring at each other. The pain that Elexis got became not important, she only thought about kissing Xion. Xion wanted to kiss Elexis as well, they slowly began to kiss when the kettle whistled. This snapped then out of it and they pulled away from each other. They both felt very weird from that experience, so they went on that morning pretending as tho it didn't happen. Days passed and both didn't mention that morning and the almost kissing experience. The one thing that did change was the amount of times Elexis noticed Xion perving on her, which she didn't think about until he almost kissed her. She then started to wear robes over her sexy sleep wear, so Xion would perv on her less, but secretly she didn't mind.

Chapter 8: Extraterrestrial Attraction and Consequence

Elexis woke up in the middle of the night and found that she was very thirsty. She went into the kitchen to get a drink but forgot to put her robe on because she had a short satin nightie on. In the corner of her eye, she noticed Xion perving. She then went back to her bedroom, put a robe on, and then sat next to Xion on the couch. She asked Xion "Why are you attracted to me, when I'm a human and you are a Heljir?". This embarresed Xion and Elexis noticed this and said "I'm sorry, I should not of been so blunt". When Xion stopped been embarrassed he answered the question "That's ok, don't be sorry, I'll explain. The catch about our skill of becoming something else is that if we stay as something long enough, we slowly become that permanently. I have been a human for a few years now and I am becoming human. So with that I am getting more and more human emotions and desires, like my desire to kiss you that morning". She turn towards him facing him on the couch, in doing this her robe moved and reveled her legs. Elexis saw that Xion was looking at her legs but didnt cover them, she wanted him to look. Xion began to get the same feelings as he had when he almost kissed Elexis. He then asked Elexis "Are you shocked about my feelings for you?" Then he moved closer to Elexis and he put her legs on his lap. Elexis replied "Yes and No". She then found that Xion had his hands on her legs moving slowly from her feet to her thigh. Xion then asked "I'm from another planet, does this not bother you?". Elexis said "No" Xion then got the ribbon from her robe, undone it, and opened her robe. Elexis asked Xion "I ask you the same, does me been a human bother you?". She then removed her robe from her shoulders and slid closer to Xion. When she did that her nightie strap fell from her shoulder, revealing some of her breast. Then Xion grabbed the strap, slid it back on her shoulder, and put his hand back on her thigh. He then moved his hand past the bottom of the nightie and felt the inside of her upper thigh. Then he looked up at Elexis and replied "You are the first human that I knew, and I am in love with you. So no, it does not bother me". With his other hand he felt her leg up to her stomach, grazing her breast, and around her back to pull her closer. They both stayed into each others eyes for a minute and then kissed each other passionately. Xion still had his hand on her upper thigh and then Elexis grab that hand and slipped it under her underwear. Xion pulled his hand away and asked "Are you sure that you want this?" Elexis smiled and said "You stupid Heljir, I'm in love with you too and have been wanting this for awhile". When Xion heard this, he began to glow. He then put his hand back under her underwear and the two continued to kiss. Xion then used his abilities and made both of then float to her bed and made love to her. When they finished something happened to Xion, that never happened to a Heljir before, he slept. The next morning Elexis woke up first and saw Xion sleeping next to her, she smiled. She then went to the toilet and then came back to find him still sleeping. It been the weekend, she and Xion had no work. She then laid back down with him and force her way into his arms. Elexis laided with Xion for more then an hour until Xion woke up. "Morning Xion, how was the sleep?" Elexis asked Xion. Xion stretched and removed some sleep from the corner of his eyes. Xion replied "Weird but brilliant for my first sleep ever". He figured out that he slept because he was becoming more human, and making love to Elexis sped up that process. Xion started started to chuckle and laugh, then Elexis turned her head to him and asked "Whats so amusing Xion?" He continued to laugh for a moment, then stopped, and replied "Well I guess now I have to buy a bed" As soon as he said that, Elexis started to laugh as well.

Chapter 9: Helianor

Months passed since that night and their love for each other multiplied in strength. This intergalactic relationship was going great, then something that happened that they both did not expect, Elexis began to glow just like Xion. It started to happen when she was at her most happiest moments and Elexis naturally freaked. Without explaining to her doctor about the glow, she asked him to give her a complete check over. The doctor found two things; one, her health was in better condition then an olympian, and two, that she was 2 months pregnant. For the first time in over 1 million years, a Heljir child was conceived. Both parents were worried about the baby for it was the first of its kind and didn't know what to expect. With Elexis glowing, it would seem that she got something from Xion when they made love. Later they found out that the energy that Xion was made of implanted itself into the DNA of Elexis. Then came the first ultra-sound for the pregnancy and both Elexis and Xion were worried about what the doctor would see. But to their surprise what the ultra-sound showed was a health human baby. But the baby was glowing on the ultra-sound and lucky for the parents, the doctor thought it was just a glitch. Normally pregnancy gives a woman a healthy glow but the glow that Elexis had lit a room up. So Xion had to train Elexis to control then energy that now is in her. Then one night she found out that she need more training for something more then controling the glow. Xion was at work at night, and one of the lights in the appartment died, so Elexis decided to change it. She grabbed the step ladder and a lightbulb to change it. Then she put the new lightbulb in her pocket and climbed the ladder. Reaching for the lightbulb in the ceiling she lost her balance and fell off the step ladder. She yelled as she fell but didnt hit the floor. Elexis found her self floating in mid air, just like she had seen Xion do many times. Elexis managed to float her way to the phone to call Xion at work. "Sorry to call you at work Xion honey but I need you to come home right now please?" Elexis ask Xion, "Is everything ok? Is it the baby?" Xion replied. "Everything is find, the baby is good. I just have a problem that only a Heljir can fix" Elexis told Xion, "Oh ok, that sounds serious. I'll be there in 20 minutes, cya then babe" Xion said as he hung up the phone. 20 minutes later and Xion came rushing in asking "Babe whats the..." seeing Elexis floating finished what he was saying "problem. Oh I see". Elexis told him that she fell while changing a lightbulb and has been floating ever since. Xion told her to focus and to think about her increasing her mass. Elexis closed her eyes and thought about what Xion told her. She then fell on her feet on the floor quickly which put her balance off but Xion caught her. Xion explained "You increased your mass to quickly, thus you fell. If you do it more slowly, you will glide not fall". Elexis asked "So is that what you have done all this time that you have been on Earth?". Xion noded but told her "At first it was something that I had to control all the time but as time went on it's become something that I dont have to think about. Don't worry, you will get use to it". 7 months later and 1 month early, Elexis gave birth to a health glowing girl. As fate would have it at the time of her birth, both her parents were at home at the time of the first contraction. Elexis and Xion both decided to have a at home birth because of the special baby inside. Once the baby was born its umbilical cord was just a line of energy, which then dissolved into thin air. Exhausted from the labour, Elexis feel into a light sleep, and Xion looked after their baby girl. When he meet Elexis he had tried to use his telepathic ability to communicate with her but didn't work. He figured that it was because she was a human, and thus didn't have the right brain functions to process the ability. He thought about trying it out on his daughter considering she is half Helji. He focused and spoke to the baby "Hi there lil one, I'm your dad". 5 minutes passed and slince until he heard "Dad da". He was so happy to hear the voice of his baby girl that he glowed and started to float. He then noticed that Elexis had woken up and was smilely at him and their daughter. "She said Dad da" said Elexis, surprised by this, Xion floated down next to her. "You heard our baby girl?" Xion asked, "Yeah and I heard you as well" Exelis responded. After talking about how great it is gonna be to be able to talk with their baby by thought alone, they then had a talk about the babys name. Then wanted the name to be a legacy of Helji race because she is the new generation, so the name that they choose was, Helianjor. A good combination of a earth name and the Helji race.

Chapter 10: Future Consequence

At Helianjors first birth day her father gave her presents but then gave Elexis something as well. He bent down on one knee, got a ring out of his pocket, and asked her to marry him. Elexis used her telepathic ability to say yes, put the ring on, and kissed her fiancé. There was a few dates that the wedding was planned for, but because Xion was called away for duty, each time had to be cancelled. While Xion was away on duty his fiancée was designing a one of a kind wedding dress. She wanted to marry Xion as a Helji and she knew how to pull it off. The dress was made of silk with a lace layer over the top. On the lace was installed LED lights that would light up as purple, with the battery pack woven in the back of the dress. In the middle of the bust is the button for the lights that was made to look like a gem. She had lied to her friends about the real reason behind the idea of the dress. All she told her friends was that she wanted to shine like a star for the groom on the day. Once again they set a date for the wedding, hoping that Xion doesnt get called away for duty. What Xion and Elexis didn't know was that the commander responsible for giving Xion his orders made sure Xion was clear for that date. The day of the wedding had arrived and all the wedding plans went off without a hitch. Xion was waiting at the alter waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle. Elexis walked in the room and turned on her dress. As soon as Xion seen the glow he was both amazed and worried at the same time. Xion used his telepathic ability to speak with Elexis "You do realise that you're glowing?". "Yes, but don't worry. It's just LED lights I installed in the dress that is glowing. Well thats what people think at least". Elexis then winked at Xion, so Xion chuckled because he knew it was Elexis herself glowing and not the LEDs. They shared their wedding vows and they were married. All the guests commented and how quiet Helianjor was at the wedding and reception. The thing was that because her parents could talk with via telepathic means, she didn't have to cry much to get what she wanted. Years pasted since the wedding and Elexis and Xion both found out something interesting. Xion began to age and Elexis began to age slower then normal. The more that Xion was becoming human, the more he found it harder to fix himself like he use to. Even tho Xion could heal at a very fast rate, he lost the ability to automatically heal. The idea of death did not scare Xion because he thought that he had lived for more then 1 million years and that's enough. On the other hand Elexis found the idea of living longer then normal great because she could experience life more then usual.

Chapter 11 : Generations

Elexis and Xion had 2 more children after Helinjor and they had the same telepathic ability as their sister had. The children also shared some of the other abilities that their father has. They could float, heal themselves quickly, and glow. They were trained at a young age to control those abilities so that no one knew what they were. The only ability that not even Elexis had from Xion was the ability to change into something else. Since their bodies were manly human the process could not be complete. Too many years as a human made it impossible for Xion to return to his original form that he was born with. Every family has a secret that they don't wont an outsider to know and most of the time it's easy to hide. But when the family secret is that the family started from the edge of the universe, it was more harder to hide. How do you hide such a thing without anyone else noticing? Simple, build a town in the outback slow enough so that no one would notice. They named the town Heljer after the home world. Within five generations, the town of Heljer became a thriving community that even outsiders enjoyed. The aging process after the generations began to be come more normal to human age. Eventually after many more generations some other abilities were lost. The ability to glow was lost and the ability to heal fast was lost also. The only ability that was kept for the rest of the generations was flying. All of the family secrets were written in journals, everything that Xion went through to the current generation. All of the journals were kept in bank safety boxes that only the family could access. The Heljer race was reborn on earth.

The End.

© 2012 S L Gonzalez

Author's Note

S L Gonzalez
ignore grammar problems, what do you think of the story idea

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Added on September 5, 2012
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S L Gonzalez
S L Gonzalez


Hi there fellow writers... I am Salvador and I love to write short science fiction stories. I have written 5 so far and will put more of them here as time goes. What made me want to write short.. more..