Cosmic Malfuction

Cosmic Malfuction

A Story by S L Gonzalez

A zombie story that I am assured that you have never heard of... till now :)


You are viewing Historical Document Alpha 1.0, from Superior High General Salvador L Gonzalez. This is his personal account of the creation of HAZ and the events that lead up too it.

Chapter 1: Taken

Hello my name is Salvador and I am a zombie hybrid and this is my story. This story of mine doesn’t follow the typical zombie story of an evil organization creating a deadly virus and it creates zombies through a horrific accident. The origins of how I became a zombie is out of this world, far out of this world. I was walking home one night from getting some take away and some, ironically enough, sci-fi DVDs. I was half way home when I saw a bright light and then woke up with 4 hours gone and my food cold. Then I finally got home and my both my house mates lets call them Jack and Tabitha, made a joke about me finally having a social life. They did this because I never went out in the day time, let alone the night time. I didn’t tell him what really happened that night as I thought it would be a one time thing so there would be no need to worry. Now I decided to not go out at night just in case it was to happen again. So for week of not going out at night time, it then happened in the day time. That time I lost more hours then what I did the previous time that it happened. It was about 11am when I saw the light that was brighter then the sun. and when I woke up it was about 8pm. Look I had seen enough alien movies in my life to know what was happening to me, I was f*****g getting taken by aliens for what ever reason. I guessed I made them pretty desperate to take me during the day time. The big question that ran through my head at the time was what the hell they were doing to me during the time that I lost. The other question for me was, why take someone from Australia? I thought jokingly that maybe they saw enough movies and wanted to try somewhere else that was not America that all aliens take people from. After been taken by them I started to feel some what different. I started to read quicker and started to think clearer then what I normally do. What ever those aliens were doing to me was making me smarter and smarter at a geometric rate. But this improved intelligence would be the only good thing that the aliens gave me. As the more intelligent I got the harder the aliens control me during the time that they took me, so I started to wake up in the ship. When I woke up the first time I saw a couple of them standing around me technology that could be best described as medical equipment. The aliens themselves looked almost human but with clear skin that reveled the body parts beneath the skin. What else was different was they had square shaped eyes that changed colours from red to black every now and then. I began to get so smart that I figured out their language but could not speak it with my tongue. Since I learnt their language I also learnt the reasons for the visit to earth and what they were doing to me. They are a very peaceful race, which gave up war eons ago, and so they wanted to find out what made the human race want to kill them selves. I found out that they had been watching the human race for along time and have witnessed was after war though out the history of this planet. It was because of the recent wars with each other that they decided to run an experiment to find the “evil” that’s within humanity. They calculated that if one of us became a hybrid of one of them that they could find out what the “evil” was.

Chapter 2: Malfunction

They have been combining their DNA with mine which is why I have been getting smarter. I was becoming more and more alien as the experiment continued. Parts of my skin became transparent just like theirs and my eyes started to change colour just like theirs as well. The parts on my body that were looking alien were on my arms, legs, back, and part of my head and chest. Now I usually wore long sleeve tops so I could easily hid the part on my arms. I had a long fringe which covered the spot on my head and I never wore shorts so no one ever saw my legs anyway. The part that was transparent on my head allowed me to see my own brain, which I did think at the time, was very cool. Also the transparent part on my chest gave me a look at my heart pumping and organs moving. It was because of that fact of seeing my own heart beat that gave me confirmation of the experiment gone wrong. It was during the last time they picked me up that something went horribly wrong not only for me but for them as well. During a injection of their DNA into my DNA my heart beat stopped which I saw through the transparency of my chest for a second before passing out. When I was waking up I heard them in chaotic voices saying, “Get rid of it before it wakes up”, “We went to far with the experiment it was a mistake”, “We don’t know what we have created but it is not what the experiment was designed for” Then I fully awoke I saw that my heart was not beating but I was alive so that didn’t make sense. It was then very clear to me that I had become an alien/undead hybrid. I hoped at that moment that I wasn’t going to have to eat people because eating people alive was not my thing. The aliens continued to panic and as I was watching them I saw something that I will never forget. In the windows I saw the most beautiful sight, the planet Earth in full. As I was gazing at our planet from orbit I was again consumed by the bright light and was in my local area on Earth. After getting my balance on my feet and my bearings to my location I checked again my chest. I lifted my top and just like I saw in the ship, my heart was not beating and my organs were not moving. Then I realised that I was not breathing so I gasped for air but that did help, I thought I was going to die. But I soon also realised that I was not breathing because I didn’t have to. I then knew that it would take me a 30 minute walk to get home and decided to push this not breathing thing to its limits. So I held my breath for the whole walk and my body did not panic because of starvation of oxygen, I was officially the undead.

Chapter 3: Give it Too me Raw and Paralyzed

While I was forcing myself to stop breathing on the way home I planned a test to see if I am just undead or a zombie. The test came from the fact that on the way home I was getting hungry. I thought how ironic it would be to be a zombie because I didn’t eat much variety in food when I was alive anyway. When I finally got home my house mate Jack was home but Tabitha was out probably working like usual. I walked into my room and sat down on my bed when Jack walked passed my door, saw me and asked, “Where have you been all this time?” I looked at him strangely and asked, “All what time? How long have I been gone?” He laughed at me and said, “You kidding right? It has been 6 days since you have been gone. I have even went to your parents place to ask were you where and they had no idea, in fact no one did. I have even called the police and put in a missing persons report, I was starting to think that you were killed” I then laughed and said, “I wasn’t killed but I am dead” He straight away yelled at me, “This is serious Salvador, I thought someone killed you or something and your family does too” The cover story to where I had been was that I had talked to a chick I meet at the shops and went back to her place. Since I didn’t think that someone would care I was gone for so long I didn’t both to call. As we were talking about my disappearance my vision changed somewhat when I looked at Jack. I started to see the blood run through his heart and veins and this made the hunger that I was feeling stronger. At that moment I knew I was a zombie and not just the standard zombie but a super intelligent half alien zombie. I started to lick my lips and droll a bit during the conversation. Jack looked at me doing this and said, “Didn’t you eat when u were gone because it looks like your starving. Get some food and eat man” I laughed and thought, “If only you knew what I really wanted to eat, you would not have said that” I then got an apple out of the fridge and started to eat it. But I quickly brought the apple back up and vomited in the kitchen sink. Good thing that Jack just left the room because I vomited a lot of snot like liquid which I managed to clean up just before Jack came back into the kitchen because he heard me vomit. I just said that it might have been something that I ate while I was away and that I would be fine in the morning. What he did not know was that he would not be fine in the morning. I knew that the only thing that was going to stop my hunger was to eat my friend and I must do it before the other house mate came home from work. I did this because it would be far easier to get at them when they were alone. My plan to get Jack standing with his back turned to me worked perfectly and I was able to bite him on the side of his stomach area. I bit him there so that when he became a zombie the mark of were I took a chunk would not be seen. I pretended to be scared of a big spider in my room and asked Jack too kill it. I then told him that it was on my side of my bedroom door near the hinges and when he came into the room to look that’s when I struck. Something that I did not expect was that his body went limp, and falls to the floor. This told me that when I bite someone they get tranquilized which then gave me plenty of time to drain Jacks blood from his body. Once his body was fully drained and I hate eaten some portion of flesh my hunger was gone and Jack straight became a zombie straight away. Now what else happened straight away was that Jack wounds healed as soon as his heart stopped. Since he too gained super intelligence fear and panic were replaced by logic and understanding of the situation. He would eventually get the same transparent body parts that I have gotten from the alien DNA. That night I explained about the aliens and the experiment that gave me my current condition. Also that night I and Jack plotted the right way to get Tabitha as a zombie.

Chapter 4: Eating Tabitha and Beyond

To get Tabitha at the right moment was very simple and effective. She would normally lay down on her bed with the door open and talk on her phone then fall asleep. So me and Jack waited for her to come home from work to do just that. Just like clock work, she got home had a showed and laid on her bed to talk on her phone and then she fell asleep. Just before we got to bite her, her mobile got a message, so we jumped back and ran out of the room. But she did not wake and then we went for the kill and both took a leg each to feast on. I gave most of Tabitha to Jack because I had a major feast on Jack a couple of hours earlier and was still kind of full. Hours later when Tabitha woke up she too was a zombie and already hungry due to been asleep most of the time since becoming a zombie. We then planned our next move because we knew that we were going to get hungry and needed new victims. The closest place that had a large populated area was The Square, a big shopping center. The plan of attack was efficient, I would be in one men’s toilet and Jack would be in the other, and Tabitha would be waiting in one of women toilets. One by one who ever entered the toilets would leave as a zombie. Since we looked half normal, there was no mass panic of the zombies coming out of the toilets. To avoid suspicion of there been something wrong we would leave the toilets and leave a newly infected to carry out the job and return to continue the work and send the newly infected away. By the end of the closing time of The Square we had estimated that we had infected well over 500 people. Not bad for our first day and not a chaotic mass of people running in sight. The infected, spread the infection to their families, friends and work mates. From infecting their family, their kids went to school and infected the students and teachers and the partners would go to work and infect the workers there. I had a mental link to all that was infected just like the aliens had a min link with each other. Using my mind link I calculated that one week till the day of The Square infections, their were now over 10,000 infected and growing faster by the hour.

Chapter 4: The Aliens

While I was in the process of starting a very quiet and none violent zombie apocalypse the aliens went back to their home world. I found all this out through information that I gathered while I infiltrated one of their ships that was sent here to destroy their experiment that went wrong. The aliens reported to their high command that the experiment was a failure and that they dumped the human back on earth. It was then decided that I was to be destroyed because the aliens did not want any prove of their existence on our planet. Since that I had part of their DNA in me all they did was set a scanner to pick up that DNA on earth, pick me up and kill me in the vacuum of space. Their plan how ever became more complex then simply picking me up because by the time that they got back over 50,000 people were infected. Now since the entire infected got pass on with the alien DNA they had to kill us all but could not do it with just pushing us all out of an air-lock into space. They went back to their home world again and reported their findings. Then the higher command sent them back with force and fire power to exterminate me and my fellow zombie hoard. That was one of their big mistakes that set in motion a war between us zombies, them, and the humans. Here’s the thing, the none infected had no idea of our existence until it was too late for them just before we infected them. We even infected some entire police stations and some government officials. With some of the infected that were going to go over seas before they got infected went over seas anyway and started to infect the world. We were controlling the police, media, and some levels of governments to hide our existence from the general public domain. It was going perfect and without the chaos that you see in those typical zombie movies. That was until my alien “friends” came and screwed it up.

Chapter 5: Coming Out of the Undead Closet

By the time that the alien extermination force came to kill us zombies, there was now over 500,000 infected world wide. The aliens scanned the planet for the alien DNA and found us all over the planet which meant their plan for a quick kill without the rest of the humans finding out was now impossible. Descending from the heavens all over the world with their ships is what screwed it up for us because we became desperate so we had to attack in the open which revealed us too the world. So the humans not only had the aliens to panic about but us zombies as well. It was total chaos with the humans running away from the aliens trying to kill us zombies and then the humans trying to run away from us zombies trying to kill them. We zombies were getting killed from the alien ships firing from above and getting killed on the ground by alien troops. It was time to fight back and I had a perfect idea of how to do just that. It was more like an experiment then an idea but it worked. Me and some other zombies trapped some alien troopers and out numbered them. We then tried to eat them to see if it would be the same as eating humans. Sure enough it was and the alien blood and flesh stopped the hunger and the aliens became zombies as well. The alien zombies became extra intelligent because of the infection added more intelligence. We changed our diet from human to alien and using our media connections and told the zombies world wide to stop attacking humans and just go for the aliens.

Chapter 6: Taking Control and Sympathy

The aliens that we infected became spies for us and we used them to gather information from the alien ships. We also used them too infect more aliens and since the scanner did not pick them up, the aliens did not see it coming. The more and more I saw the poor humans in this battle between zombie and alien, the more and more I wanted to stop the war. I knew that this world was not big enough for us zombies and the humans. Even if us zombies won the part of the war against the aliens, we simply could not co-exist on the same planet peacefully. As time went on we started to gain a good dose of alien zombies and the time to take control of their ships was at hand. But before that was going to happen I ordered the zombies in the media and government to send a message of peace to the humans. The message told the humans that they were no longer on the dinner table and that aliens were our meals now. The enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of thing. We also said in the message that we will be taking over the aliens and their ships and will be using them to leave this world. As we sent this message the aliens quickly left Earth and its orbit trying to stop us from taking control of their ships. It was far too late for them as we had infected aliens on all the ships and on their way home took complete control of all the ships one by one.

Chapter 7: HAZ

After the zombie aliens took over each ship they turned them around and headed back to earth. When the ships arrived the alien zombies started to transport my zombie hoard off the earth. I was the last one to be picked up and before that I was I met with the human leaders that we did not infect to sign a peace treaty. The peace treaty stated that we the zombies would never again try to infect a human and that we would leave Earth forever. As I signed the treaty I was straight away transported to one of the alien ships. Just as we were leaving Earth for the last time, we transported some animals aboard the ships. We used them as food to eat while we were finding a planet to call our own. But the answer to the problem of finding a home world came when we received a message from the alien high command asking for a report about the extermination. Lying to these aliens was so easy because lying did not exist in their planet. We simply told them that it was done and that we are returning home after a successful mission. That’s what we did; we set a course for the alien home world to infect them all. Now we didn’t feel bad for thinking about doing it too them as we felt bad for infecting humans because it was the aliens that gave us this condition. Along the way to the alien home world we had decided too use the ships as Trojan horses. Arriving on their planet we saw that the planet was covered in high tech cities as far as we could see and we knew that we were going to have fun taking it over. The zombie aliens took control of the ship hangers that we landed at and sent the new zombie alien troops to spread the infection outside of the hanger. Once we knew that the hanger was in our control we left the ships to get into the hunt. We had no choose but to seek out food for ourselves because the animals that we took from earth were all gone and hunger was setting in. We human zombies waited for a large populated area to be infected before leaving the hangers. During that time the alien zombies brought us aliens to feed on. Knowing fully well that if we did take control of the entire planet that our food supply would be gone. So using the awesome new high technology that was available we started to create a replacement for blood and flesh. We were able to duplicate the successful take over of their governments as we did back on earth. Slowly and without raising alarm we took over city after city. When we took over a city we then created several blood and flesh replacement units through out the city. The blood and flesh replacements are not as good as the real thing but it did the job. It took just 2 earth years to take over the entire planet and the planet was now in our complete control. We zombies had a world that we called home and have been here ever since. The name that we gave our home world is HAZ which, unknown to the rest of the universe, stood for Human and Alien Zombies. Now I am at the end of my story which is now the historical document that you have just read of our home world of HAZ. Please read the other documents for further information that is required to know more about our history.

The End of Historical Document Alpha 1.0

© 2012 S L Gonzalez

Author's Note

S L Gonzalez
Hope you like this, tell me if you do or don't.

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Added on September 5, 2012
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S L Gonzalez
S L Gonzalez


Hi there fellow writers... I am Salvador and I love to write short science fiction stories. I have written 5 so far and will put more of them here as time goes. What made me want to write short.. more..