Self Terminate

Self Terminate

A Story by S L Gonzalez

A Australian Serial Killer is Sent Back in Time to Save her Future.


Chapter 1: The Unknown Killers

The year is 2076 and my name is Jessica Souljar and I was a notorious serial killer called The Perth Satanic Slasher. I was responsible for over 900 deaths in Australia. My MO was with each victim always had slit wrists and neck and I would take huge amount of the blood, and then put a satanic mark on the persons forehead. I will be talking about my extraordinary life and my own justice for what I had done. But before that here is a list of serial killers have gone unnoticed by history or by anyone, for reasons I will tell you after.

Carlene Shutts aka The New York Hanger, she killed over 100 people by slicing the victims neck and hanging them from one foot from the bridges of New York.

Kurt Williams aka The Eiffel Tower Killer, he killed over 50 people in France and positioned their bodies to look like the Eiffel Tower.

Tania Stgelais aka The Munich Animal, she killed 60 people all over Germany and would remove the rib cage and place a head of a a small animal inside the chest.

Javier Pummill aka The Horse Master, he killed over 30 horses and their riders. He would place the body of the rider inside the horses body.

Liza Lanser aka The China Doll, she was obsessed with dolls and with every one of the 60 people that she killed in the country of Japan, she would dress them up with make-up just like a doll.

Kevin Sebastiano aka The Dice, in his home country of Brazil, he killed more then 20 people by hammering in dice into the head and eye sockets of his victims.

Lorri Bruckman aka The Wheeler, this unique killer whom lived in Sydney, would place her each 25 unconscious victims in a big wheel each and just as the victim would come too, she would roll the wheel off a tall building.

Johnathan Currence aka The Trilogy Killer, he had a pattern of killing a father, a mother, and a child from three different families. He killed over 100 people with this method of selection in the country of New Zealand.

Cathrine Archambeau aka The Tomb, what she did to her 40 plus victims was simply lock them into an air tite tomb and give authorities clues to its location all over Poland, so too give the victim a chance to live.

Cesar Tangen aka The Geisha Five, he would fly from his home country of India to Japan pretending to be a business trip, then would kill five geisha women before heading home. His love for geisha porn on the net resulted in the deaths of more then 50 geisha artists.

Those serial killers names you will not find in any news story or any article on the internet talking about their killings. This list I have to stress, is a short list of serial killers that has three very important things in common that separate them from all other serial killers in history. One, that they never knew that they were serial killers, two, that they never killed, and three, that they were stopped by a group called TIMERS.

Chapter 2: TIMERS

The group called TIMERS will explain about the first two things that those serial killers on that list have in common. TIMERS is short for Time Intrusion Murder ERadicate Specialists. At present the law has a new tool to defeat and stop serial killers, and that is time travel. TIMERS use time travel to go back and prevent serial killers from doing what they do. That list of serial killers I told you about, are on the list of serial killers that TIMERS stopped. That is why they never knew that they were serial killers. But there is some serial killers that they cant stop, even tho they have the power to do so. The reason that some serial killers are not stopped by TIMERS is because if a serial killer is some how connected to the invention of the time machine. The way that a serial killer is mostly connected to the time machine, is if he/she has killed someone that stopped the time machine in some way from been created in the first place. So they let those serial killers go because they have too. They have been in business for 20 years now and have stopped hundreds of serial killers and saving hundreds of thousands of lives including the lives of the serial killers. Its because of those hundreds of thousands of lives saved that they cant jeopardise any time rift that would make time travel extinct. I know what you are thinking, why save the lives of the serial killers? Most importantly, why not just go back in time and kill them before they commence with their first kill? TIMERS have a strict protocol of leaving no evidence behind when time travelling, so to avoid any interest from anyone, especially their younger selves. How do they stop the serial killers without killing or capturing them? Well the answer is that most serial killers start because of one event in their lives that triggers them off to do their first kill. They get this information from the serial killer been still in prison, or that it is widely known. What TIMERS do is go back in time and stop that event from happening, thus the trigger is gone and 100% of the time the serial killer never kills and the killer has no knowledge of their horrific future. The method of the TIMERS that works to stop the event without leaving a blimp on the radar of time is diversion. Diverting a serial killer for even a minute can stop the killer from experiencing the event. The diversion can be as simple as stopping the killer from crossing a certain road, or slashing a car tire to stop the killer from going somewhere, and it can be as simple as giving the killer a hand shake and saying hello. That time spent with the hand shake and saying hello can be enough time to avoid the event. But sometimes the event cant be stopped as simple as that, some times it needs more planning. Like for example, take Kurt Williams, one of the serial killers that is on that list I told you about. He killed people in the shape of the Eiffel Tower because his mother committed suicide from jumping off the tower right in front of him which was his event. Now TIMERS could have simply set a diversion to stop his mother from jumping, saving her live that day, but she could have taken her live anyway and made a new event. So what TIMERS had to do was to find the reason that Kurt’s mother wanted to kill her self in the first place. Through many talks with the older Kurt in prison to find out why his mother was so depressed, they found out that she had lost her job that she had for well over 30 years. TIMERS set out to stop the job lost by doing little things here and there so she would look great in the eyes of her boss. Now that she didn't loose her job, she didn't kill her self, and thus Kurt’s event never happened. Kurt went on to become a very successful business man, with a loving family, and his mother died from old age with her family around her. Thats what happens with all of the serial killers that TIMERS stop, they go on the live normal health lives full of love and joy.

Chapter 3: My Event and Capture.

Before I get into the part about me and the TIMERS, I need to talk about me and what was my event that started off my killing spree. I from a very young age wanted to join the army because my family are mostly in the army. My father was a high ranking officer, and my older brothers are in the army following in dad's foot steps. Plus my mother was in the air force, she didn't go for the army because she had a thing for planes, so naturally I wanted to join the forces as well. It came the time for my basic training and getting some really high scores on my tests. Some called me a natural born fighter, just like my dad was as he went through basic training. In the first couple of years I moved up the ranks pretty quickly and getting some attention from higher ranked officers from over seas. What I was not aware of at that time was that some recruit officers from the USA black ops have a agreement with the Australian army. The black ops recruiters were paying a lot of attention towards me and were checking my combat statistics all the time. Later I found that my combat statistics were exactly what they were looking for and with a couple of signatures from the Australian army, I got sent off for the special ops training in USA. Several months later after the training, I was a member of the special ops and I even got some offers from the CIA and MI5. It was after all that training that my event happened that triggered off my serial killings. I got a month off to recover both mentally and physically from the special ops training. While I was on leave, my childhood best friend had her wedding and I was her maid of honour. She was to get married in a typical church setting and that day is the day of my event. What happened was that on the day of the wedding was perfect until a rain of bullets rang through out the church. I grabbed my best friend whom just walked to the alter and took cover. But it was too late, her beautiful white wedding dress was quickly becoming red. In that moment as I saw the life go out of her eyes, I became angry and with my special ops training I was able to get to the shooter and snap his neck, right in front of the survivors. I found out through the news that the shooter was a satan worshipper and thought that he was doing a job for satan. That day I found out why he killed was the day of my event and I wanted to kill any one that had anything to do with satan. Before I got my first kill as the Perth Satanic Slasher, I read some books about the areas of satanic worshipping and I even read the satanic bible. This gave me the idea to put the satanic symbol in to the heads of any that I killed. Now think about this, most serial killers are just average people with a lust for death, just imagine what it would be like to have a serial killer with special ops training. Its because of that training that I hunted down hundreds of satanic worshippers and killed them. But I did this only when I was on break from special ops, which is the reasons I killed over 900 people. With my training and my irregular times of the kills, the police and FBI, found it very hard to track me down. Sometimes they would get a good lead to know who I was but I managed to either kill the witness or destroy the evidence. The destroying evidence part is how they eventually caught me in the end. The FBI figured out that I was destroying the evidence and saw me come and go on some security cameras but my face was hidden from view. So the FBI set up a trap for me and released a fake message to the media that they have evidence that proves whom the Perth Satanic Slasher was. I then planned on finding that evidence and destroy it, like I did with the others. But this time when I went into the evidence room, the trap was sprung and I was caught.

Chapter 4: Meeting with TIMERS and Leaving Prison

The law system is a strange one because even tho everyone knows that you are the killer, the prosecutor still have to make a case and present it too a judge. Due to that fact, I had to sit in prison just waiting to be sentenced and wanted the law to hurry up and do it. I knew I was going to be in prison for the rest of my life because in Australia there is no death sentence. The whole thing took over 5 years to complete because of the amount of evidence needed for my over 900 victims. At the end of the 5 year trail I was found guilty of all the murders and I got sentenced to 1,345 years in prison, basically means I would never get out. I was put into solitary confinement for the whole sentence because of several attempts on my life from fellow prisoners. It became apparent that the people that I killed had some friends and family in the prison I was in. After 22 years of imprisonment I began to feel sadness and regret for the things I had done and the lives that I had taken. I wished that if there was a way to go back and stop myself from turning in to that monster, I would have. I sent letters to news papers to get them to print about how sorry I was for taking so many loved ones from people. Then the local news station got me to address the nation in saying sorry. In the interview I told people about my event and why I killed people in the way that I did. Everything from my special ops training, to how I destroyed evidence was spoken about, nothing was hidden from the world now about my self. It was then I got my first visit from the Director of TIMERS in the interrogation room in the prison. I heard a set of high heels walking to the door of the room, a noise I have not heard in over 22 years, and the door open and a woman walked in. The Director was a old woman with long grey hair, in her 60's, that was dressed in a red skirt suit and she looked kinda familiar. She had a massive scare running down one side of her face. She sat down in front of me on the other side of the table and just starred at me for a couple of minutes, with a little smile on her face. I could take it any more, so I asked her, “Who are you and have we met before?” She didn't respond for a couple of minutes, all she did was sit there with that little smile on her face. Then she nodded to the mirror and a second seat was brought into the room, and another woman walked in. This woman was much younger then the Director and still looking very familiar. She also kinda looked like the Director but without the scar on her face and she had fiery red curly hair. This other woman sat down next to the Director of TIMERS. As did the older woman, the young one just sat there looking at me with a little smile on her face. The older one spoke first saying, “Hello Jessica, we are apart of a highly secretive group known as TIMERS and that answers your first question as to who we are. The second question of why I look familiar to you is a little more complicated to explain. A answer that we can not answer here, we are going to transfer you to TIMERS head quarters, and answer that question there” The two got up and left the room, with me having a million questions for them. A week went by and I was still in prison and still no word from those women that I meet. I was starting think that it was a dream or something and it left me with a feeling of deja vu. It was at that moment of feeling that, I heard the sound of those high heels again out side my prison room. Just like before the Director walks in with a fold in hand and some body guards. She sat next to me on the bed as I was looking at her body guards and said to me, “Don't worry about them, they are not here to protect me from you. I know that you will not attack me, the guards are here to protect me against the other inmates that you have in here. Now back to business... What I need from you is a couple of signatures that we need to release you from prison and in to our care” She handed me the folder and a pen. I took a quick read of the documents and from what I can remember there was nothing out of the normal about them, so I signed them. That day was my last day in prison and I was taken to the top of the prison and took a helicopter ride to the TIMERS head quarters.

Chapter 5: Mind Blowing Information

The head quarters of TIMERS has been concealed under water in the Indian Ocean. The helicopter was flying over the ocean and stopped in the middle of it. I thought that there was a problem with the helicopter but then something awesome happened. Something big and metallic came up out of the water below us and opened. Then the helicopter dropped altitude and landed in side, the top commenced to close. The helicopter shut down and the plat form that we were on turned out to be a elevator of sorts and it moved downwards. When the top doors closed the elevator area became kinda dark but when the elevator reached the bottom floor a light rushed in. When the elevator stopped and my eyes adjusted to the light, what I saw was amazing. It was a massive room kinda like a hotel lobby but with over 100 solders with highly advanced technology. Standing between them was that younger woman I meet in prison with the Director. Then the Director walked over to the other woman and turned to face me, they both stood there looking at me until the Director made a suggestion to follow her. As I was following her, the solders that I walked passed starred at me and I was checking out their high-tech equipment. I, the Director and the other woman walked through some corridors and rooms till we finally reached the Directors main office. The Director sat down on her chair behind her desk and the other woman sat behind another desk that was to the right of her. With a hand gesture from the Director she told me to sit on the chair in the middle of the room. Both the Director and the other woman just sat there again saying nothing with a little smile on each of there faces. That is when I had enough and I said, “What the hell is going on here? And why are you both just smiling at me?” The Director sat forward in her chair and explained to me who she was and what the group TIMERS do. If that wasnt hard enough to swallow she then tells me this, “I am you but from a different time line, and so is that woman sitting there. We are both you and we need your help to stay alive” I then asked naturally, “What do you mean that your me from a different time line? Plus how the hell can that woman be also me from another time line? You could be just saying that and I need some prove to know what you are saying isn't just insanity.” But as I was saying that, the Director was repeating everything that I was saying perfectly and when I stopped talking she said, “I said that same thing when I was in that chair” She then went on to talk about stuff that I only knew about and the more that she did, the more I believed her. The Director continued and said, “Now that I have your attention, I am from your future and she” The Director pointed to the other me and continued, “is from another time line. Now we know for fact that time lines are parallel with each other and never touch each other. Every decision that every one has and will make it sets off a new time line because in another time line the decision that people has made is different. For example, there is another time line running right now of your decision not to come here. Once that time line is fractured in such a way, it normally never meets again. But our situation has completely confused all of our top scientists that came up with time travel. What makes our situation completely unique is that our three time lines have merged into one at some point in the time line, which is the reason that there is three versions of us in this room. Something has gone completely wrong with the time line and we, us, need you to fix it.” The future me stopped talking for a moment so I could take all the information in. For about 5 minutes I sat there starring at both of me and then a question popped in my head and I began to speak but the Director spoke before me saying, “I know what you are about to ask, if I am from your future then who is this other version of us? Well she is from our past, well manly my past at this point in time. So basically I am from your future but she is from my past.” I nodded in understanding the idea and then asked, “Ok I am believing you that your from both our futures but what do you want me to do?” My other version finally spoke up and said, “This will come to a shock to you but all three of us need you to go back in time and kill your younger self. If you do this then we can all survive, but if you don't then me and your future self will simply stop existing. As we know that you have wanted the chance to go back and stop your self from becoming that serial killer, this should be not a problem for you.” I turned to her and said “How will killing me in the past make your future a possibility? Plus I know that I wanted to stop myself from doing those horrific things but not as literal as that, to want to kill myself. If I kill myself in the past, wont that stop me from existing?” The older version of me replied instead of the other version of me by saying, “Those answers will be come clear to you in dude time but we need to send you back soon and get you trained for the journey back”

Chapter 6: The Unthinkable

Now before I go in to this next part of my story I have to confess that I am attracted to the opposite sex and have had many lesbian relationships in my life at that point in the time line. I am telling you this for it will be responsible for what happened next, that I even today cant get over what happened. Before I was taken to the room where the other of me was in, I was sent to a room to get dressed in. They had set out a bunch of different sets of clothes on the bed in the room. Well after only wearing prison clothes for over 20 years, I choose the skirt suit and high heels. After I had a shower I put on that skirt suit and heels and felt much more like my self before going to prison. I am mentioning this as it will play a part in the thing that I hit me for a six. But before I get into that, I need to talk about the training that I did. The person that trained me was the younger version of me from that another time line. Out of all the trainers that I have had at that time of my life, having myself train me was absolutely great. She knew what to be hard on me and when to back off when I need it, it was as though she could read my mind. But of course she wasnt reading my mind because she is eccentrically the same person, she knew what I would be feeling at any particular moment. But there was something that she was feeling that I had no idea of until I started to at the end of one of the training days. I was in the study area of the TIMERS facility reading up on the time travel technology that I would be going to use in a few weeks. It was late in the evening and I had drifted off to sleep. When I woke up I found the other version of me, the one that was training me, sitting near me. She said the oddest thing, “Its true what those other women do say about us. We do look very beautiful when we are asleep” I looked at her strangely and she then said, “I know what your thinking, no I have not been here looking at you for long. I just got here and saw you sleeping but I didn't want to wake you”. I then sat up and started to rub my neck from the pain of training and also the uncomfortable position that I slept in, which I found out that I was a sleep for over 30 minutes. As I was doing this, the other me stood up and walked behind me and asked, “Do you want a neck rub?” I nodded in response and she started to give me the best message that I had ever in my life, I was great. After a few minutes of this she then said something else that was odd, “I have to say that you looked really good in that suit, the other day” I then made a silly joke by saying, “So where you checking me out?” I then we both let out a big laugh but then she said this, “To be honest, I was kinda perving on you” I then stopped her from giving me the neck rub and stood up making the distance between her and me greater. We both stood in a awkward silence until it was broken by me saying, “Why the hell would you perve on me? Considering that we are the same person just from different time lines”. “I didn't mean to perve on you, it just kinda happened. You sat down and your skirt rode up which drew my attention and then you pulled the skirt up and crossed your legs. You know how that type of thing makes us perve even when we can't help our selves” I could not take the weirdness of this situation and let the room and went back to my room. Next day for training, I was going through training with the advanced weapons that I will be using. The other me was there and it was an awkward training session and we didn’t speak much to each other. One of the times that I spoke to her was when I was having some trouble with a gun, and I needed her help with it. The gun was a type of pulse cannon pistol and I was having trouble firing it. They told me that they have such weapons for just in case it was needed when they time jumped. So she stood right behind me and grabbed the hand with the pistol in it and she then told me how to fire the pistol. The pistol had more kick in it then I expected and I took me off balance, which knocked me back into the other me. This in turn made the both of us fall to the floor, I landed on her and then rolled off to the right side. When I rolled back the other way to check to see if her was ok, we ended up been face to face. I began to say, “Are you alright?”, when she kissed me on the lips.

Chapter 7: Escalation

The kiss on the lips was not the thing that shocked me the most, it was the fact that I kissed her back. Then a moment of sanity came over me and I pulled away and stood up. I wiped my mouth with my hand and walked away, leaving the other me still on the floor. Still to this day, I have no idea what was going through my head as I kissed her back. I went to my room and then I broke out crying and tried to be quiet so that one no could hear me. For me the crying was a combination of two things, one that I was disgusted with my self, and two that I actually enjoyed it and kinda wanted more. But too desire ones self sounds ridiculous and totally gross even if ones self does come from another time line. It was 5 days out before the time jump, so all I had to do was to avoid myself till then so nothing could happen. The was easier said then do because the training in those final day increased and thus my time spent with my other self also increased. The next day after the kiss, the other me found me in the study room again and sat in front of me. I was doing some more research into time travel and what I read both confused me and interested me at the same time. The other me was reading something about the TIMERS protocol and she had her hair looking really beautiful today. As I was reading my book I heard a thud and then I looked up to find the other me had fallen asleep while reading and the book fell from her hand hitting the floor. It would seem that the other me, also go tired while reading just like I do. I continued to read and didn't want to wake her up because she was right about how we do look beautiful when we are asleep. So every now and then I would look up and look at her. The next time I looked at her I noticed that her hair had fallen over her face. So I put my book down and walked over to her and then crouched down next too her. I then moved the hair away from her face and wrapped the hair around her ear. Then something came over me and I leaned towards her and kissed her gently on the cheek. At that moment something far more powerful came over me and then I kissed her on the lips. I pulled my lips off hers and then just starred at her for a moment to check to see if she was awake, but no signs. Relief came over me that she wouldn't know what I just did, and so I put the book back and walked out of the room. As I walked out I look one last look at her, not to check to see if she was awake but to see her looking so beautiful. But as I did so, her eyes were still closed but she had a smile on her face. On the way to my room for the night, all I could think of was that smile on her face. Was it just something that she was smiling at in a dream, or did she feel those kisses and was smiling out of enjoyment. The answer to that question would come the very next day if the form of the other me walking up to me and putting my hair behind my ear. It was then that it stuck me that she had been fully or even semi aware of what I did. There was some tension between us all that day that was more then awkwardness, it was kinda sexual in nature. The tension rose higher when ever there was the slightest accidental touch that happened between us. That night I was finding it very hard to sleep and got out of bed and put on a robe to cover the nightdress that I was wearing and headed off to the study room. I had put some music on and started to dance by my self, something I have not done since going to prison. When I dance alone I would sometimes just close my eyes and just be totally relaxed and get lost in the moment. But as I was dancing alone this time, I felt two hands come around my waist. Then I heard a voice whisper in my ear, “Its just me, the one that you kissed on the lips. Don't stop dancing” So I continued to dance with her hands around my waist. As I proceeded to dance, I felt her hands move over my body to hung me and then she pressed her body against mine. Normally when I have danced with someone like this it was kinda difficult because we would sometimes go in opposite directions, but dancing with my other self, we danced incomplete harmony. We danced like this for several minutes till she opened my robe and started to feel my sides till my legs. She then turned me around and started to dance with me face to face. When I saw her, she looked so beautiful cause she had her hair done and was wearing the same thing that I was wearing at that time. Both of us were dancing in complete harmony for over an hour, until she pulled me in and kissed me again. I kissed her back and didn’t pull away from her this time, then we started kissing passionately. We moved our hands all over each other and we moved our way to the table in the room. She then took off my robe and leaned me on my back on the table. That night I had the best sexual experience in my life then and still too this day.

Chapter 8: The Device, the Jump and, the Gear

It was only 3 days till my jump through time and space to save the lives of my other selves. Me and my other we made love 2 more times with in that time. The last three days before the jump was training me with the technology of the time device, so when I completed my mission, I would come back to my time. That does remind me that I have not yet described the time device for which sent me through time. From all that I have read about it and about how it works, it was fascinating that we have had the technology to time travel, all we did have to do is put it together right. The main time device was made up from nuclear power technology, tesla coil technology, and steam power technology. All three of those technologies working harmoniously together to create a rip through time. The main one that I used to go back in time was the size of small bus and had the ability to transport a group over through the rip in time. That was in the form of a ring for which the rip in time, that when activated, people would jump through it. The device that I took with me was contained in a small bag that was attached to a bracelet. The user would turn on the time device in the bag, and when fully powered, and the user would slip on the bracelet to time travel. Well the day came for my jump through time and I was kinda scared to do it. The device was turned on and all three of me was standing before it. I looked over to my older me and then a question popped that I asked her, “How exactly do we get that scar on our face?” She then looked at me and laughed and just simply said, “Spoilers”, which in turn made me and the other me laugh as well. Then the older me put on a serious tone in her voice when she reminded me that, “Kill your younger self, and we all will live. Its time for you to jump”. Then the other two of me backed off from the device leaving me starring into the abyss. It looked like a green storm with a vortex of cloud and lightning. I took a deep breath and was about to jump when I felt the hands of the younger me go around me. She then hugged me just like she did that night that we danced and whispered into my ear, “Good luck” Then she let go and backed off, I then took another deep breath and jumped into uncertainly. Going through time was like going through fire and ice cold water while at the same time been ripped apart from the inside out. When I finally came out on the other side, which felt like it went on forever, I was laying on my back in a warehouse. Right next to me on the ground was the back pack with the time device in it/ When that awful feelings from the time jump wore off, I got up and had a look around. I picked up the back pack and found a note on a door saying, “This way”. So I opened it and saw that there was a table with food and drinks. On that table there was another note saying, “You'll feel better with something in your system, so eat and drink” I sat down and drank and fed, and when I finished I felt much better just like the note said that I would. Leaving the table I found another note on another door that said, “This way”. When I opened this door, I found myself in a room filled with clothes and all were in my size. At that moment it clicked that they must of went ahead of me and set all this up for me. As I was looking in the collection of clothes that they gave me, I saw on the other side of the room another door with a not, “This Way”. I was in heaven with all these clothes, so I took my time with it and found a bag to put some clothes in. When I finally got dressed into some other clothes and filled the bag with as much clothes I could, I moved on it the other room. In the next room I found weapons, cash, and identification and of course another note on a door but this one said, “Last Thing”. After collecting all the weapons, cash, and identification including a drivers licence I went into the other room. This room was bigger then the others and had a car with a desk next to it and a roller door in front of the car. On the desk was keys with a note, “Drive Me”, and a map with my location marked and a location marked out and also a note saying, “Drive to Here”. I use the keys to unlock the car and put the bags in the boot but I kept the device with me. That is what I did all the time, no matter what I was doing or where I was at the time I kept the device with me 24/7. I then hopped into the drivers seat and looked around in the car and found the last note saying, “Push Me”. I lifted the note off and underneath it was a green button, so I pushed it. When I did, the roller door opened and I started the car and drove out of the warehouse.

Chapter 9: Fail and Chase.

As I was driving to the location that was marked out on that map, I took my time because for the first time in a long time I felt completely free. Even though I was out of prison for awhile before the jump, I still felt trapped because I couldn't leave the TIMERS facility. When I got to the destination that was located on the map, it turned out to be a hotel. Taking the device with me and leaving the other bags in the car, I walked in the hotel and went to reception. I got my fake identification out and gave it to the secretary to get a room. The secretary looked at my identification and then contacted the hotel manager. I thought that I was in trouble or something and was planning my escape. But when the manager came out and walked up to me, he said “We have been waiting for you, come this way” He then opened his jacket to show a TIMERS badge and then took me to my room. I got to my room and before the manager left I asked him a question, “So how many people from the future are here in the past?” The manager turned around and told me that, “We have many people here and there through out time in various positions to make sure that those that are sent from the future on a mission, are not noticed by the history of the past” With that he walked out of the room, and moments later, my stuff from my car came. I found a table with another map on it with a different location marked out. This location was where and when the younger me would be at that time in history. I am so glad that they did because it was such along time ago and so much has happened that I could not remember what I was doing at this time of my life. The time that I was going to meet my younger self was 12pm tomorrow and the location was a hairdressers. It was planned that I would kill my younger self while she was getting her hair done because she would be sitting thus would be an easy kill. After organising my stuff for tomorrow, I went out for a drive to look at the hairdresser shop and check out anything that could get in my line of sight. The other thing I did was checked out the possible escape roots that the younger me could use just in case I missed the kill. I looked around the area and did some window shopping and then headed my way back to the hotel. That night I didn't get much sleep because of what I was meant to do that next day. In the morning I went to the gym that was at the hotel and did some work out to get my self a bit more fit for the job. I went back to my room, had a shower and got dressed and got ready. It was an hour till the time that my younger self was meant to be at the hairdresser, so I started my way there. I parked a block away and walked the rest because I knew that my younger self would find someone sitting in a car strange. There was a cafe across the street of the hairdresser and so I decided to sit there and wait. It hit 12 and just like the information provided, my younger self walked down the street and into the hairdresser. At that moment I started to have flash backs about going to the hairdresser that day, but this time it would be different. When the younger me finally got into the chair for her hair cut, I started to walk across the street. I walked up to the glass window of the shop and turned around with my back against the window. I then reached into my jacket and charged the gun. Taking a deep breath, I pulled out the gun and turned around and pointed it at the younger me. Just a second before I fired, the younger me saw me with the gun in the mirror in front of her and jumped out of her chair. The projectile from the gun shattered the window and blew apart the chair. I fired off a couple more shots but the younger me dodged then all and went to the back room of the hairdresser. I knew that they was a way out back there so I ran around to the back of the shop. I got there just as the younger me opened the back door and started to run in the opposite direction. I pulled out the gun and then I yelled, “STOP WHERE YOU ARE OR BE SHOT IN THE BACK”. The younger me stopped running and after getting her breath back turned around. I walked up to her with the gun still aimed at her. I stopped at a distance at 3 meters and then the younger me spoke, “Why are you trying to kill me? I have done nothing wrong to anyone” Looking at the total fear in her eyes I replied by saying, “You will do something wrong and you will do it to more then 900 people and I am here is save them and us”. The look of fear on her face was now a look of confusion as well. She then asked, “What do you mean by I will do something wrong? How do you know what I will do? And what do you mean us?” I simply replied, “It doesn't matter, all that matters is that you must die”. I then fired the gun at her but it malfunctioned and stopped working. Noticing this, the younger me ran off and I put the gun back into my jacket and ran after her.

Chapter 10: In Hospital with Answers

She ran around the corner and on to the street with me following close behind. Yelling out, “SHE IS TRYING TO KILL ME, HELP”, she picked up the pass and so did it. I chased her for a couple of blocks until she got to her car. I tried to stop her from getting in but I failed and she drove off. I then saw a car coming down the street towards me and pointed my car at the driver and told him to get out. The driver stopped his car and got out, I then quickly got in and sped to catch up with my younger self. It was easy to notice the car that my younger self was in because it was the only car speeding. When I got within a good distance with her, I slowed down and followed her through the crowded streets. I followed her for sometime without her knowing until we got to a long stretch of highway road. I knew that this was the time to bump her off the road and try to kill her again. So I sped up and rammed my car in to the back of hers. This caused her to swerve a bit but she kept in control of her car, so I hit her again. This time she lost total control of her car and then her car hit a light pole and flipped over. As I was watching this and hoping that I had done the job of killing her, I must of drove to the other side of the road because I saw a truck coming towards me. What happened then is still not clear even too this day because when I woke up I was in hospital. The thing that I was told was that the side of the car that the truck hit was completely torn off and the other side which I was in rolled several times. When I had woken up the time between awake and accident wasn't just hours but days, 5 days to be accurate. I was in a lot of pain and it turned out that I had broken my arm and I had several cuts and bruises. I tried to get up but I found that I was hand cuffed to the bed with the arm that was not broken and saw two police officers at the door to my room. They noticed that I was awake and one of them left. When the police officer came back he had with him a police detective whom was holding my back pact with the time device. The detective pulled up a chair and sat next to me and then asked, “I'm glad that you are awake because I have some questions for you, like is this a bomb that you had with you in the car? Why were you trying to kill that woman? And who exactly are you?” When he asked about the younger me, I knew that she had survived the accident and told the police about me. I sat up as best as I can and then told the detective, “Before I say anything, I need some pain killer because I'm in a lot of pain right now and can't think properly about anything” So a nurse was called in with a shot of morphine and then the pain was gone. The nurse must have been new because after she gave me the shot she then left the syringe on the table next the bed. If the detective knew about my special ops training, he would keep everything away from my reach. I then told the detective that, “If I told you what that thing is, why I was trying to kill that woman and who I am, you would never believe me.” The detective looked at me, the hand cuff and the two police officers by the door and then said, “Looks like you are going no where, so I have plenty of time to believe, so tell me” I looked at him and said the truth, “That device is not a bomb but a time travelling device that I brought back from the future. I was trying to kill that woman because she would have killed over 900 people because she would become the worst serial killer in Australia. As too who I am, well I am the other woman, just from the future sent back to kill her to save my future” Upon hearing this the detective stood up and started to pace the room back and forth like someone does when they are thinking about something. He then sat back down next to me and spoke, “So you are from the future sent back to kill your younger self? Wouldn't you have been through this already if you are from the future and that other woman is you? It does not make any sense to send your self back to kill your younger self, I don't believe you” I then laughed and said, “I told you the truth and I also told you that you would not believe me” Then a idea came into my head of a way to get him out of the room to make my escape. I suggested to the detective that, “Look if I am that other woman from the future then I would surely know things about her that only she would know and we would share the same DNA and finger prints. So you might want to check out those things to see if my story is correct or not” The detective nodded in acceptance to what I said and spoke, “Yeah that is true what you said about those things. I am going to talk to your “other” self and ask her some questions that you both would only know because the other things will take days to find out. I'll be back in about 20 minutes with the question that only you can know the answers to” At that moment he left the room and told the police officers, “She is too go no where”. When I got the chance before the police officers could see, I took the syringe from the table. I then quickly picked the lock of the hand cuff and then made it look like I was still hand cuffed to the bed. Then I asked one of the police officers if I could go to the toilet. One of the officers walk up to me and was going to unlock the hand cuff but found it already unlocked and looked puzzled. At that moment I stabbed the syringe in the officers eye and quickly pulled his gun from the holster and pointed the gun at the other officer and told him, “Don't you say a word or you will die with your friend here. Now slowly come into the room and close the door behind you” When he was doing this, I got out of bed and stood up with the gun pointing at the other officer, the one I stabbed was lying on the floor in pain and bleeding out. I took the hand cuff keys from one of the officers and hand cuffed them both to the bed. I grabbed both the police officers guns and radios. Looking around the room I found one of those white doctor lab coats and wore that as I left the hospital. But as I was leaving I saw the detective outside of a room talking to someone, I thought that he must be talking to my younger self, so I made my way into the room next to them and listened. I couldn't make out much that was said but what I could pick up about the conversation that it was about me from the future and how I was crazy and I would be placed in a mental ward. I also found out that she was getting out of hospital soon and would be going home. That would be my next location too try and kill her. The detective left to go back to my room and I left the hospital and headed back too the hotel.

Chapter 11: Getting the Device and The Scar

I knew above all else that I had to some how get the time device back from that detective, no matter the cost. This would be difficult enough but with a city wide hunt for me by the police, the prospect of getting it back became near impossible. I did found out through the news that I wasn't a cop killer because that officer survived my attack. So my whole thought process was getting the device back and the killing my younger self took a back seat. I went through black market channels and got myself a police radio scanner, so I could hear what the police were up too. I also hacked the police office computers and found out the name and home address of the detective that was investigating me. So with the information that I got about were the detective lived, I searched his house and didn't find the device. But there was a note that was written by him that told me about were the device was been held. He was one of those people that wrote a dairy about his days at work and personal stuff. The device location would be a difficult area to get for someone else but not me, as it was the local police office evidence room. Remember how I use to do that when I was younger to prevent the police from finding out that I was a serial killer. The only difference between then and at that time was my age, so I had to plan it better because I was not as flexible as I was. I would have normally gone through the ventilation systems to get to the evidence room, but at the age I was then, it was going to harder to do that. So I had to create a fake id and look to enter the police station. I looked at the police station for a whole day checking out the ids that the police technicians were wearing so I could duplicate it. I imposed as a technician because if I got caught, its not as illegal to impose as one of those people as it is as to impose as a police officer. So I created the fake id and got the right look to be a technician and I planned that the next day I would get my time device back. All that night I was planning and re-planning, and checking and re-checking the designs of the building so that it would be a smooth operation. I also had a replacement bag with a balloon inside that would look like that the device was still inside. As usual before doing such a thing, I had an uneasy sleep thinking about what to do the next day. In the morning I got dressed in to the technician clothing and put on the fake id and hid the bag. When the police station opened, I just walked through the door and headed straight for the evidence room. I saw the detective there and hid for second until he left the area. When he left, I then made my way into the evidence room. I found the real bag and replaced it with the fake one and then inflated the balloon to the right size. As soon as I was out of that room I headed straight for the exit. Lucky for me that on the way out, I did not see that detective again in the building. With the time device back with me, I then put my thoughts towards killing the younger me. I remembered where I was living at that time and so went to check out the house. When I got there, she had a police car there with two officers as protect against me. With those police officers out the front, I waited for the cover of night to get access to the house. There was something else that I had to do that was important, that was to distract the police officers long enough to kill her. Very convenient for me there was a empty house about 5 houses down the street. I used this house as the distraction and so I started a house fire. With that fire burning and all the commotion that goes along with a house fire, the police officers attention was drawn to it instead of the house that they were meant to focus on. I took this time to enter the house without them or the younger me knowing. Entering the house from the back door and my gun ready to fire, I searched the house for my younger self. Walking through the kitchen and into the living room I saw a woman sitting on the couch watching TV. But this was a red head woman and not a brunette that was the hair colour that I saw the younger me in last time I saw her. I then pressed my gun against her head and asked, “Where is Jessica Souljar?” She then stood up and turned around and I found out that it was my younger self just with red hair. I then understood that she was the red headed version of myself that I made love too in my time line but much younger. She looked at me then realised who I was and that same look of fear that she had behind that hairdresser took shape. She then told me that, “There is police outside and I could scream” I then laughed a bit and then said, “Oh really take a look” She then moved to the window and looked at the police car that was empty. She then asked me, “What did you do with them? Did you kill them?” I shook my head and told her that, “No, they are perfectly safe and well. I have just made a distraction for them for which is working. Now its time for you too die” She started to shake and cry and I looked into her eyes. I stood there for a couple of minutes looking at her and then something came over me which forced me the lower my gun. Then I spoke to her and said, “I can't do it, I can't kill you” She then took on a whole new look and rushed towards me and knocked the gun out of my hand. We then both started to kick and punch each other. She then grabbed me and tossed me onto the glass time in the living room. I then picked up a shard of that glass and used it as a knife. I managed to cut her a few times before she reached into her pocket and got a retractable knife out, which I had totally forgot that I carried that around with me. We then locked arms while trying to stop each other stabbing one another. She then got the upper hand and with her knife sliced my face open. It was then I realised where the older me got that scar because the knife wound was in the same place. Then a thought came to me that I am that older me and this is the red headed version of me. When this thought came to me and put the younger me in a head lock. I then disarmed her and said, “We both need to survive, our future depends on it” The younger me struggling to be free asked, “The detective told me that you said that you were sent here to kill me. Wont saving me kill the future us?” I then said, “I think the older me told me to kill you as motivation to meet you because I have seen you in the future as well as my older self. Now I am going to let you go and I will not harm you any more” I released her and we both stood up looking at each other.

Chapter 12: The Strangest Court Case in History

As we were standing there starring at each other, there was a knock at the door. The younger me quickly cleaned her self up as much as possible and checked who it was. It was the police officers from the patrol car outside, the younger me signalled to me to hid. I went to the bed room and hid behind the door still in ear shot of the conversation. She must have had some cuts visable because the police officer asked her about it. I began to panic and think that she would tell the officer about me. But what she told them was that she accidentally tripped, fell over, and landed on her glass table. The police officer entered the house and checked out the table, I guess to be sure that what she had said was correct. As the cops were in the house, it came to me that my face was still dripping blood down my front. I then had a quick look and found that there was a blood trail leading to me. Seeing this I knew that I would be soon found out and arrested. So I did the only thing logical, I gave up to the police. Once the police saw me they pulled their guns out at me, and then the younger me jumped in between me and the police. She was waving her hands around and shouting, “DON'T SHOOT, DON'T SHOOT” I braced myself for some gun fire but the police officers lowered their guns but still didn't holster them. “Will both of you women tell us what is going on here?” one of the police officers asked. The younger me walked back to stand next too me and said, “We got into a bit of a fight over nothing and we both feel on too the glass table, which is why we are so cut up right now” One of the police officers whispered in the others ear and he walked out of the house to his patrol car. The police officer that was still in the house was just starring at the both of us. A moment later the other police officer returned from his car and then whispered something into the other police officers ear. When this happened both of them aimed their guns at me and one shouted, “GET ON THE GROUND AND PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR BACK” So that is what I did, and then one of police officers put hand cuffs on me, then stood me back up. I am trained to get out of this kind of situation and I could have made both officers unconscious in less then 30 seconds, but I went without a fight. The officers arrested me for the attack on both my younger self and more importantly the attack on the police officer in the hospital. When we got to the police office they got a copy of my finger prints and they took some DNA for testing because of my story. They thought that the only way to disprove who I was, was to check the most unique thing that makes us a person, our DNA and finger prints. No person, even identical twins share those qualities. With the finger prints it only took an hour to found out that both mine and my younger self were a perfect match. The DNA took a couple of days to also find that both me and the other me were a 100% identical DNA match. Once that my DNA was confirmed as the same as the other me, the story of the “time traveller” went around the world. I and my younger self became quiet famous and the court case was a media circus. It was because of this media circus that TIMERS was able to be funded, but I will get into that a bit later. With the evidence clearly stacked against me, I would certainly get a guilty verdict but there was a snag in the legal system. There has never been a trial like mine with the same person trying to kill the same person. That legal confusion played into my favour as it would play a part in my verdict. For my part of my been a serial killer that didn't kill anyone from that time line, that part was thrown out. It was thrown out because some of my victims that I killed were still alive and well, and some were brought on the stand to give evidence of their alive status. All my over 900 victims were found and accounted for. The only thing that the law could charge me on with no legal problems was the attack on the police officers in the hospital. So at the end of the trail I was dismissed on the charge of attacking my younger self, cleared of the serial killings, but I was found guilty of the police officer attacks. I once again was sentenced back to prison for the attack and got a 5 year prison sentence with a 4 year good behaviour parole.

Chapter 13: Prison and TIMERS

During this time in prison felt longer then the other time in prison because I knew it would be short so I couldn't get into a routine. Its funny looking back at it, that a 5 year prison sentence felt longer then a 22 year prison sentence. I of course had some fans and some not fans of mine from my time travelling story in prison. The fans would do things for me and would do favours for me, and the people that didn't like me would threaten violence but did nothing for fear of something I would do too them because of the news that I was a serial killer. While I was in prison I saw the younger me going on chat shows talking about her experience and wrote some best selling books about it. She also came and visited me in prison and we had many conversations about what I did as a serial killer and what I did in TIMERS. I even told her about how I feel for my younger self and basically had sex with myself, which made both of us laugh. The younger me made millions with her book sales and TV appearances. By the time that this happened I only had one year of my 5 year prison sentence left and was very eager to leave, and start a normal life as much as I could. But that would not happen, for in the last 6 months of my time in prison a scientist came into visit me. He came to ask me about my time travelling story and what type of technology that was used. I gave him some of the information that I read about and what I saw. This fascinated him immensely and he thought that it could be possible to replicate the technology use to send me into the past. I knew it was possible because I knew when I got the scar on face that I would become the older me that sent me into the past. I didn't know at that time how I would do such a thing with no funding or a real life to go to after leaving prison. The scientist came to visit me 2 more times in prison in that last 6 months and then something hit me. When I was in TIMERS I saw the scientists that were working on the big time device that I jumped too, and the scientist that visited me in prison looked like one, just younger and without glasses. Then came the time for me too leave prison and I was meet with over a dozen media reporters trying to get that first shot of me. But my younger self was waiting with a car with tinted windows and I got straight in and we drove away before that could take a shot of me. The last visit that the younger me gave me, she told me that I would be more then welcomed to stay at her place until I get a place of my own. On the way to her place some of the media followed us, but with our black-ops training we managed to ditch them. A week later and things were settling down until we got an unexpected visit from that scientist that visited me in prison. He then told both of us that he is apart of a top secret government group that has been trying to great a time travelling device for years but with no results. He also told me that we were both given access to this group because of our situation and was also invited to go with him too their secret laboratory. We both looked at each other and without speaking both turned our heads and asked, “When do we go?” Just as we said that, the scientist picked up his mobile phone pressed speed dial and said, “Confirmed” He then walked out to the back yard and stood looking up. Me and my younger self both looked puzzled until we heard the noise of a helicopter coming. The helicopter then came over the house and made a impressive landing on the lawn in the back yard. A guy in a very expensive suit came out of the helicopter and walked up to me and my younger self. He then told us that, “I'm from a secret government program and you two are coming with me right now”. Both me and my younger self quickly ran inside and packed a bag for the trip for we didn't know how long we were going or where we were going. We then got into the helicopter and we took off straight away and headed west towards the ocean. Every time I saw a factory come up, I thought that we would be landing but we pasted them all and just headed west. I then saw on the horizon, the ocean and thought to myself, “We have to land soon because we are running out of land”. But we just kept flying over all the buildings with a helicopter pad and have not decreased in speed. Before I knew it we were over the beach and heading out to the ocean. Flying and more flying we did till there was no more land in sight in any direction. Then something that I saw once before rose up out of the water, the elevator platform that lead to the TIMERS facility. Just like before, the helicopter lowered in altitude and landed on the platform and we moved downwards. When we stopped and got out, the place looked different because there was no TIMERS signs. The place looked very different indeed, and seamed empty with the lack of personal that was here last time. Then me and my younger self were guided to the office room that I met my other selves. When we got there, there was a government type of person sitting at a desk which was different to the one I saw last time I was here. Me and my younger self sat and then the guy behind the desk spoke, “Welcome to the creation of TIMERS”.

Chapter 14: Completion of Time

I was not too surprised by this but my younger self had a look of shock and puzzlement. I told her about TIMERS and what they did but now those stories had become reality for her. Then the government guy looked at me and told me that, “Since you know that in the future sometime you will be sitting behind this desk in control of TIMERS. Well that future must still happen for the sake of the peoples lives that has been saved from those serial killers. Everything that happened before must happen again exactly too ensure the existence of TIMERS. Not only does you knowledge of the future make you the best person to run TIMERS, but your knowledge of serial killers also” Then the government guy got up and walked too me. He held out his hand too signal me to stand up, he then guided me to the seat behind the desk. I sat down and the government guy walked and sat where I was sitting. It was then as I sat down that I realised why I told my younger self too kill the younger self. If I had not done that and just told my younger self to make friends with the other me, then everything that lead too me controlling TIMERS would not happen. If that happened that everything would have not existed in my time line. The government guy then told me, “Look in the top draw on the left”. I opened the draw to find a name plaque which read, “Jessica Souljar: The Director” But I noticed no such name plaque when I was here last, so my future self must of hid it from me, something I must also do. Then the government guy asked, “Where is the time device that you brought back with you?”. I told him the location of the device and it was brought back to TIMERS straight away. The scientists used the time device as a template to create the bigger one that I jumped through. They also used some of that technology from the time device to create the weapons that I saw before my time jump. It was all looking the way it did before, but I still didn't know how the other time line merged with this one. A few years pasted and I grew that grey hair that I saw my older self have and we begain testing of the big time device. The device looked exactly the same as the one I jumped in. Then when the device was turned on, there was a massive noise like thunder, but there was no clouds out side. Then followed a wave of energy coming from the centre of the device like a blue supernova. This energy went out of the facility and we tracked this energy as it went around the world. I then got an idea and checked the news of my stories of time travel. But no matter what search engine I used, I could not find a single news story about me, it was as tho it didn't happen. With this a major idea came to me that maybe this was how the different time lines merged. So I then searched for the number of the prison that I would be currently in. I called the prison and asked if I was there, and I was. All the things that I did, the attack on my younger self, the court case, and everything that happened after didn't happen. But for some reason, this facility was speared from the time change effects. I found how the date and I knew at that time I was only in prison for my kills for only 18 years. In that 3 years before getting my younger self out, TIMERS stopped 20 serial killers and saved hundreds of lives. Now at the present time, we have stopped thousands of serial killers and saved almost a million lives in doing so. Sitting here and thinking about all that has happened to me and my other selves, its one story that must be told and shared. Time travel is possible and we use it for the better of mankind. This is Jessica Souljar, a serial killer, time travelling lesbian, signing out, goodbye.

The End

© 2013 S L Gonzalez

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S L Gonzalez
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Added on March 14, 2013
Last Updated on March 14, 2013
Tags: australia, serial, killer, lesbian, time, travel, science, fiction


S L Gonzalez
S L Gonzalez


Hi there fellow writers... I am Salvador and I love to write short science fiction stories. I have written 5 so far and will put more of them here as time goes. What made me want to write short.. more..