An Open Letter for anyone who have forgotten what it's like to be a kid

An Open Letter for anyone who have forgotten what it's like to be a kid

A Story by Trixxxx

Dear You,
All i hear is randrops fallin in the rooftop and how i wish i could say i am officially missing someone, and it's a someone that I miss but really, It's just a part of me that I really miss.
I love the rain, I love how the sound of raindrops falling in solid ground, I love the scent of the ground during rainy days, so earthly. It makes me feel emotional, but at the same time happy. It makes me feel me.
It's 3 o''clock in the afternoon and I'm up to eating a snack beside a window in this cold abd rainy day. The kind of day that makes me feel sentimental, makes my mind wander in deep thoughts, makes me think of random memories that happen during the years in my life.
And so, It actually did.
I remember the time back when i was 5 hoping I could turn back time again because those were the times that I knew I really felt I belong, those carefree and innocent moments when I was with my playmates and cousins and all we ever do was play hide and seek and tag all day, Those times when we never care what we do, we just do it because we know we were having fun.
The days when fights can only be resolve by hug or a single candy. Those days when being angry and cursing wasn't even in our vocabulary.
I remember the time when such simple things could easily make me happy, How even a single peso could make me smile, A simple magic trick could make me laugh and a slight tickle at my tummy could make me feel good again when I'm down, And how the stars in our wrist and in our arms that our kindergarten teacher would put whenever we did something good in class can make us like the best person on earth.
Those times when the only heartbreaking moment in our life is when we didn't able to watch our favorite show or we didn't have a new toy or the toy that our parents brought home wasn't exactly the same as the one we want and the only thing that hurts us most is when we scrape our knee after we play all day long.
Those moments when band aids and betadine are the only ones you need to heal your wounds.
I miss being a kid.
I want to turn back time and be a kid again, I want to play under the sun all day long, I want to go in the playground and play along in the slide, I want to go halfway in the clouds as I swing back and forth in the swing again and I want to play in the seesaw until my butt hurts, I want to dive in the ball pit and fall asleep inside, I want to run outside when it's rainig hard as the raindrops touches my skin, I want to jump from puddle to puddle until I get soaking wet and my mom calls me back inside, I want to play mudpie, I want to sleep in the couch or at the back of the car and woke up in my own bed back at my bedroom.
I want to have sleepovers with my cousins tell make up ghost stories, watch movies, and take a bath at the same time.
Just for a day I want to feel the innocent me doesn't need to worry about growing up.
I wonder why adults had to forget what it's like to be a kid, what it's like to be innocent and all because no matter how old we are there are still alot of things we are suppose to learn, We are always innocent in some way and maturity is not always the one to teach us what we should learn.
In some way or the other we always need the childish part of us because only a kid knows the true value of fun.
Someone who will always be a kid

© 2018 Trixxxx

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Added on June 6, 2018
Last Updated on June 6, 2018




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