An Open Letter to the Girl who didn't take the  chance

An Open Letter to the Girl who didn't take the chance

A Story by Trixxxx

Dear You,
"Words are like arrows once you shoot them there's no getting back", A line from the book that I read, but for me opportunities are like arrows too, you can only have one chance of getting them, once you miss them you can never get it back. Most opportunities comes only once in a lifetime.
It's a cold and rainy December. Sitting in my bed with my laptop beside a window, Staring at my wallpaper, I began to reflect about who I am then and now and realize that I missed alot of things.
I remember back in elementary my teacher ask me if I wanted to be part of the drum&lyre marching band and be one of the lyrists, I said "no" even if I know deep in my heart I really wanted to say yes and after that my teacher never asked me again and that was one of my regrets in life.
There's this time before I was to graduate elementary when my parents asked me if I wanted to be in a science highschool and I said "no" and they're convincing me alot of times to try the entrance exam even if I won't be going to study there but I hesitated even if my heart says "yes", I said "no" because I was afraid of something and that hindered me from my opportunity.
And in highschool I never not once attended or participated in any event, even in our school christmas party. Especially in our prom. I would've known the experience, I would've known if I'd enjoy it or not, I would've gotten close to my classmates better if only I didn't miss the opportunity.
The once in a lifetime opportunity that could've made a mark in my life, That could've made my life and I miss it. I missed the chance.
I've come to realize that the biggest regret in our life is not the things that we did but the things that we didn't do.
The things that we've done no matter how embarrassing they are as the time pass will turn to memories that will cause laughter, and the bad things that we've done will serve as a lesson to make us smarter, the happy memories will always be in our heart, It will always serve as an inspiration for us to keep on moving, to remind us how beautiful life is. And the things we weren't able to do will only make us wonder about the "what ifs".
Just a few more hours and another day will soon begin. Another day full of opportunities. But make sure this time you'll be able to grab it. Opportunities are one-way plane tickets to our destination.
Because In the end, We only regret the chances we didn't take.
The girl who didn't take the chance xx

© 2018 Trixxxx

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Added on June 6, 2018
Last Updated on June 6, 2018




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