An open letter for the Year 2015

An open letter for the Year 2015

A Story by Trixxxx

Dear 2015,
At some point in our life we all need to let go of some things, No matter how much we wanted to hold on to it even for a little while. We all need to say our goodbyes once in a while to say Hello for new things that would be coming our way.
I can still remember the moment you started, It gave me thrills as my family, I and the whole world counts down to celebrate your beginning.
Everyone was waiting for you, prepping up for you, We are all carrying a smile on our face, excited to give you a warm welcome.
And when the clock finally hits 12, The firework starts exploding, The trumpets start honking, Music starts playing and people started shouting "Happy New Year!" and the best part was people are all looking up the sky, just staring at the clouds as they watched how the fireworks beautifully exploded.
It was one of a kind. That season in a year wherein people along with their loved ones gather altogether to celebrate such spectacular event, A moment in our life where we felt belong and we know that as the year goes on we will never be alone and that we have someone with us in all 365 of your days and yes we actually did.
It was such a bumpy and thrilling roller coaster ride with you. God knows what's in store for me in your year and he sure does know what I'm gonna need to equip myself for the following years of my life.
I can't say you are my best year also I can't say you are the worst because you certainly are not. But I do know is that you are fine, you are one of the better years that I had.
And before you totally end I just want to tell you some things:
You are the year that taught me that the only person I could and would be able to trust the most was myself.
You are the year that taught me that it's okay to look good, to finally care for yourself that once in while it isn't so bad to be notice by the people around you.
You are the year that taught me that there isn't anything quite frightening in expressing yourself, It actually feels good releasing everything whatever your mind is thinking no matter how weird it could be, The only terrifying thing about it is that if it was a lie or it could deeply hurt a person.
You are the year that makes me realize back that everybody fails and that the greatest people failed million times before they reach their utmost success and that as long as I never quit and learn from my mistakes I would be able to reach the highest peak of the mountain.
You are the year that made me realize that I had to learn to befriend myself, to love myself, to like myself and get along with myself, what I'm trying to say is that you made me realize that I should know myself first before I get to be with others.
You are the year that taught me I don't need others to make me happy, the only person capable of making me happy is me. I create my own happiness. It's just a matter of perspective.
You are the year that taught me that my family, relatives, friends are the ones who made me who I am but the one responsible for my own being is me.
And so,I am grateful for the lessons and memories both happy and sad that I had this year and I know I would never forget them,ever. I would always look back to it once in a while.
I just wanted to tell you that before your year ends I am very glad to have been in this year and as much as I want to make you longer I can't so I just wanted to bid a beautiful goodbye as I look forward to the year ahead of you.
Thank you 2015!

Bidding a beautiful goodbye,

The girl who now looks forward to a new year

© 2018 Trixxxx

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