That’s Not My Grandfather Anymore

That’s Not My Grandfather Anymore

A Story by Connor

Some people act differently after a life changing accident, but my grandfather's change is starting to worry me.

A couple months ago, my grandfather suffered a stroke in the middle of the night and must've collapsed out of his bed when he tried to get up. He spent over an hour on the cold floor of his bedroom before my mother and I discovered him. Thankfully, he had only spent a day in the hospital before making a full recovery. They were baffled, yet relieved when physicals and brains scans showed he was perfectly fine. The doctors said that it was a miracle that he could even walk again after the stroke, let alone survive the fall after. When he was finally let out of the hospital, he was greeted with open arms by family and friends.

But, something was off about him. For starters, I know my grandfather. Everyday after school, we’d spend countless hours with him watching tv or talking about nothing. I know how he talks, how he acts, the emotion and inflictions he puts in his stories about his time in the military or about his family. But now… there's nothing. When he talked, there was no emotion behind his words, no force, no meaning. It was like he was reading his lines off of a script. I didn't notice it at first, until he tried telling me the story about his brother again. After that, I started picking it up in everything he'd say. Even his hellos felt like they were forced. And his eyes, how glassy they were when I'd glimpse at him, as if he was just staring through me.

As weeks went by he started picking up weird habits as well. When I'd come downstairs to make breakfast he’d just be sitting there dozed off. No music, no newspaper, not even coffee, just staring at the wall until I'd get his attention, and some mornings I'd find him waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. When we’d talk, he'd suddenly go blank and just tune everything out and just stare at me with those glassy eyes, as if nothing else mattered around him except me. One night, when it was dead silent in the house, I heard something booming downstairs. When I went to check what was happening, I found him sitting in their in the living room with the television on playing static. He was starring at it for hours before he even acknowledged that I was there. At that point, I knew that something was wrong. Something changed the night he fell.

Our dog seemed to have noticed it sooner. He used to always be at my grandfathers side at all times, like an inseparable bond. Wether he listening to music, sitting outside, going to sleep, or even using the restroom our dog would be by his side. But after that night, the dog couldn't even be in the same room as him. I'd find him curled up and wimping to himself every time my grandpa would walk by him. And when I'd leave the house, it was if he was begging, pleading to me not to leaveI thought he was just sick or something. I should've known. If I was more observant I could've done something, that he'd still be… I found my dog dead in the backyard last week, tore up and ripped to shreds. Animal control suspected that he must've gotten out through a door that was left open, and an animal must've gotten to him. That's why they wrote down, a wild animal attack. But I knew that wasn't the case. I knew that that thing posing as my grandfather had something to do with it. And he it too.

I've been hold up in my room for the past couple days, because any time I'd try and leave I'd find him watching me. Every night, I hear him walking outside of my room, watching his silhouette stop right outside of my bedroom for hours before leaving, hearing his deep breaths through my door as he jiggles the doorknob. He's been taunting me ever since, and he knows I can't do anything about it. What am I gonna tell people: that he isn't my grandfather anymore? That the thing living in my house has been stalking me for the past three months? That that thing ripped apart my dog?! And that's why I'm writing this. To warn anyone that comes across my computer if something happens to me. If you find him, don’t trust it. Kill it if you have to, just don't let it fool you! You have to believe me, that thing isn't my grandfather anym…

© 2021 Connor

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I enjoyed your story, lots of imagery. Loved the ending of this as well

Posted 2 Months Ago

Another interesting tale. I liked how you woven this tale about your grandfather. I liked the open ending. What moved in the night. Might be dead? Thank you for sharing the amazing story Connor.

Posted 5 Months Ago

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love it so much. very detailed.

Posted 5 Months Ago

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