Purple Butterfly

Purple Butterfly

A Poem by Pikachu

A missing piece

The rushing wind slammed into my body as I ran through the door. Tripping over 
my feet and falling down into a puddle of dirty water. The cold neverending rain 
pouring down into my now fragile little hands. The thunderclouds roaring over my 
head and the lightning flashes across the dark sky. The hospital behind me 
looked nothing more than a shadow cloaked in misery. A hood of darkness filled 
with eternal despair and neverending tears. 

"Wait am I crying? I cant even tell, it seems like the world itself is crumbling 
from its sorrowful tears falling from the sky. What did I do to deserve this 
agony? Why do we deserve this excruciating pain? My love slumbering withing the 
hospital walls without a care in the world, if only she knew. How would I tell 
her? Tell her that after 9 months of our work, and after hours of her work only 
led to our own personal heartbreak. She sleeps inside, warm and restful. Why 
does she have to wake up to such circumstances?"

I feel so helpless, faithless. Its like trying to grasp a handful of rain with a 
fist. The anger and guilt within my soul squeezes my hands. The water comes 
rushing out nothing more than delayed rain. Like her tears that will come soon 
later, every second that passes is just delaying the imminent rain but sooner or 
later they will spill out and hit the ground. 

I cant forgive my own weakness. I havent even seen him yet. I know I should go 
see him but the fear of breaking down prevents me. My soaking body like broken 
glass on the ground. Shattered pieces of our hearts split into 3 shards. The 
largest piece is the one so distant. 

In my vision of black and white blurred by my rain. I see a flash of color, a 
bright purple butterfly. The wings a vivid painting of 2 innocent eyes of an 
angel. Trying to fly away into the sky, battered and beaten by the wind and 
rain. Stuck out my gentle finger, and it landed right into the comfort of my 

© 2010 Pikachu

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Before reading the poem:
I love the title! lol My two favorite things combined...butterflies and purple :) Now off to read...

After reading the poem:
Omg! That made me cry :( It was so sad and heartfelt

Posted 9 Years Ago

I enjoyed reading this, it kept my attention the whole time and kept me guessing to what the end was going to be. thanks for writing this great piece! keep on writing


Posted 10 Years Ago

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it's a captivating story rather than a poem..which the questions left unanswered, for the reader to interpect..personally I feel that the butterfly symbolized hope in a desperate situation..intriguing read..

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is so profound, expressed so eloquently and simply. I enjoyed reading; thank you for sending me this read request.

Posted 10 Years Ago

A very profound piece my brother...

"Ang isang magandang pangitain"
(A great vision)

Posted 10 Years Ago

This reads more like a story than a poem but it is a great story that should go on to tell more. The details are wonderful and the ending of this piece is great.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on November 16, 2010
Last Updated on November 16, 2010



Pozzorubbio, Pangasinan, Philippines

My lyfe is a story in a story beyond what the eye sees you just have to open your eyes to see my true intentions... Im Brian Ochoada Galvez Im full bloodied filipino Living in Virginia, USA Goin.. more..