3 Friends and a War of Words

3 Friends and a War of Words

A Poem by Pikachu

A debate between friends


Austen "The pleasure of a dream is that its a fantasy, once it really happens it was never really a dream."


Chris "Life isn't worth living unless you're willing to make your dreams into reality."


Austen "Through and through a man with a dream can go far for sure, but once that dream becomes his life, what happens when that dream is accomplished? What happens to ur life? Do u find another dream or do u lay down and die, such a thing is not in our hands to say, it is the dreamers will that defines such things."


Chris " Real dreamers never stop dreaming. there dreams are never finished. real dreamers never stop because there dreams never end and they just keep going until they fall into an eternal slumber."


Austen "A dreamer who dreams beyond death is a man that will never be satisfied with the world he's living in. To believe that dreams are only goals we set for ourselves Is a lie, true dreams are the impossibilities."


Brian "Dreamers often enter enternal slumber without their dreams being realized. dreams do not end with death but supercedes it. people should be willing to die for their dreams to realize. after all what is death but an another eternal dream waiting to be realize."


Austen "Of the world that surrounds us. To hope we can fulfill them is our nature at heart, but to actually achieve them we need a strong will and a bit of luck. That is our reality, destiny, and own undoing."


Brian "Since when are we ever satisfied of what we have? Thats what makes us the imperfect humans we are. Dreamers dream beyond death and that is what makes it a dream and one it becomes an accomplished goal we dream bigger better things until we ...fail and fall or accomplish the next. People can call this determination or greed depending on the way you look at it. Most of the time the luck to achieve our dreams is often is underestimated and that is our simple failure. We never appreciate what we have that isn't our own hard earned prizes. Furthermore it is our stupidity that causes our failures that distinguish those of dreams and those of hallucinations. These make us run into walls. It is human instinct to be constant dreamers until we hit the point of eternal dreams even one that defies death itself but then it wouldnt be dream anymore just a simple underappreciated reality soon to fade away."


Austen "Even before we hit death, there is a time in everyone's life where they must look at what we have accomplished in this world with what little time we've been given. Whether we keep dreaming after death, there is no possible answer. All we know is that we have one lifetime and in that time it is by our own will that we make the most of it and live out our dreams until they become our reality. It doesn't matter how many dreams u have or what they are, as long as u have a dream then you have a drive. We use what we are given, and what we earn, through the hardships and trials of life a true dreamer never loses faith in his truth. As long as people dream, nothing is set in stone, everything can be rewritten."


Brian "What you have written half the world is totally ignorant of the fact. In fact half the world wouldnt even be able to comprehend the first few words you have written let alone have interest reading after the first few sentences. Our mindset is in the craft of people who just dont care who dont dream at all. They take everything for granted and that their dreams have been giving to them on a silver platter. When they reach for more than they have they fall down in confusion. Thats not a trial thats their undoing. We can dream if we cant learn and appreciate how to dream. We cant use what we dont know how use and learning is getting harder through the years. The worlds diversity is nothing if we all see in black and white. The problem is us and our own undoings and imperfections we choose to be ignorant about. If we dont learn to appreciate we hallucinate not dream. And every stone we pick up just has 1 word of it "Failure""


© 2011 Pikachu

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dreams are the chance for our souls to be free from the constraints of our body and mind..dreaming gives us hope..dreams are our reality, we are constantly experiencing and creating in every aspect of consciousness, therefore dreams let us think beyond the restraints of our own existence..and hey, who says you can't come back..

Posted 10 Years Ago

I am a firm believer in dreams, so this whole story held my attention because it revolves around a topic that I love. I love the dreams we try to accomplish or wishful think about. I also believe in the dreams of slumber. It is interesting to see how each friends take on dreams varies from each other.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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My lyfe is a story in a story beyond what the eye sees you just have to open your eyes to see my true intentions... Im Brian Ochoada Galvez Im full bloodied filipino Living in Virginia, USA Goin.. more..