A Trail Of Questions

A Trail Of Questions

A Poem by Pikachu

Neverending Questions

Trail of Questions

Since when do you ever learn? Why are you against yourself? Honestly, is he 
really that good? Does he really make you happy? Is it worth all the pain and 
tears in exchange for the occasional joy and happiness? Why do I even ask when I 
know you dont even care? 

If you are worthy of words, you would be a constant fool. An ignorant waste of 
time blinded by bigger delusions. Time and time again, you had the chance to 
break out of your own self induced cycle. He was a great guy with dreams with 
dreams bigger than your ego. You let him get away, all for loving an idiot. You 
lie and cheat on everyone, just for this "friend." I was the first victim (well 
as you count) and after me there was 4 more. All now were shattered but 2 of us 
are better without you. 

Do you regret letting the two of go? Do you want one of us back? Or do you hate 
us? Because we are survivors of your pointless games. We are mirrors that got 
away, that no longer give you that reflection that you crave. We shattered our 
own mirrors, that showed you your own broken personality. We are now further up 
the mountain looking down on you. Our hands touching the clouds. We sit here 
sadly staring with pity down as you wander lost in the trail of questions... 
Waste your time but youre not wasting ours... 

© 2011 Pikachu

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biting..strong stream of conscious thoughts..

Posted 10 Years Ago

Ouch! she sounds totally self centered..and me thinks it would be a big mistake to indulge in her little merry go round....

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wow. Very well written. You should give this to whoever it's about. You're use of words is amazing, and nothing hurts words than getting an intelligent insult from someone. =]

Posted 10 Years Ago

This reminds me of a journal entry. It gives us a clear picture of what is transpiring inside the mind of the narrator. The emotions are felt clearly. Hurt Pain Rejections. The question why and then the anger, the fury, and finally acceptance of what has happened and then finally inner peace of the whole issue. This tells like a story.

I think you forgot a word in the first line last paragraph (us should come after of.)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on January 25, 2011
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Pozzorubbio, Pangasinan, Philippines

My lyfe is a story in a story beyond what the eye sees you just have to open your eyes to see my true intentions... Im Brian Ochoada Galvez Im full bloodied filipino Living in Virginia, USA Goin.. more..