The Red Warrior

The Red Warrior

A Poem by Benjamin L. Weekly

The juxtaposition of both sides of a conflict. You must read this and decide who the Red Warrior is to you.

Atop the hill the Red Warrior stands     --  Atop the hill the Executioner stands
Holding aloft a blade taller than a man  --  Holding aloft the sword that was stolen
Its tip raises our hope to the skies     --  Its tip ends the light of our dreams
As its edge brings dread to our enemies  --  As it raises the heart of our oppressors

He shouts with the voice of a leader -- He shouts with the voice of a lion
As he heroically holds the mount     -- As he devours the prey beneath him

On the opposing side of the battle   -- Among our own ranks
There are men that he calls "friend" -- Are men that he has betrayed
But his sword feels no sorrow        -- His sword strikes with no mercy
For he fights for virtue and truth   -- For he cannot tolerate an opposing view

His soldiers sing of his power  -- Our soldiers scream in protest
And of the truth of his cause:  -- Telling the truth of his massacre:

"Behold the Red Warrior drenched    -- "Though his enemies disagreed in peace
In the blood of our enemies         --  They have been made to agree in death
For when the truth was challenged   --  For it is he with the sharpest sword
His sword was larger than the lie"  --  Who decides what you may believe"

© 2012 Benjamin L. Weekly

Author's Note

Benjamin L. Weekly
Please keep in mind that this is essentially two poems presented side by side, although they are written about the same imaginary conflict. The idea was to write two poems that each present radically different points of view about the same thing. Please offer any constructive criticism that you have.

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Hmm I like the idea of side by side. Never seen anything like this. I love the concept of how (if I'm getting this right) you're describing this warrior from different sides of the war or etc. That or you're just describing 2 sides of a guy. Either way its awesom and I really can't choose whitch side I like better!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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