The explosion of emotions

The explosion of emotions

A Story by Truths reflection

Love at first sight from both sights

Her/ I saw him in the corridor, and couldn’t imagine living away from him. He had bristled brown hair which shone under the dim light in the corridor, like the North Star in the mid of the night. The corridor was full of his aroma; although he put the same perfume as all the boys at the school, on him it had a unique smell. I was chewing a mint flavoured gum, but I stopped tasting it, it was like I had temporary paralysis, then I heard his laugh. When he stopped to talk to his friends, my heart beat became as fast as a cheetah trying to catch its prey. I became lost in the maze of the world, where he is the only thing that, my mind knows. After I returned back to my consciousness I realized that only a few seconds have passed. I can’t believe I went through this storm of emotions in this short time, but I guess this is the real meaning of falling in love at first sight.
Him I entered the corridor, with my friends, and as we came to a halt, I noticed a girl entering from the other end, which stood stable for a few seconds looking like a lonely flower in an empty field. She had shiny jet black hair, that reached to her waist. She was not one of those popular girls, who put on a ton of makeup before coming to school, yet she was so naturally gorgeous, and fit Being neither tall nor short, she was shorter than me in about 5cm. When I saw her I felt something click inside of me, and my heart was racing. What was happening? Could I … Could I have fallen in love with her?!!! If it really was true, then I am totally toasted! 5 guys already asked her out, and she refused, so what would happen of me?? I am so unlucky, why didn’t just fall in love with one of the popular girls, who would love me or at least pretend to. Love is seriously a devil that comes at the totally wrong time.

© 2016 Truths reflection

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Added on November 25, 2016
Last Updated on November 25, 2016


Truths reflection
Truths reflection

Amman, Middle east, Jordan

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