Suicide Attempt

Suicide Attempt

A Poem by Tsuki Usagi

A poem about giving up hope only to be reassured in terms of love and comfort.

The phone rings next to me
and I pick it up to answer the call.
The first sound to reach my ears
is steel against wood as you let the knife fall.
The tone of your voice
brings tears to my eyes
As you shakingly tell me
you called to say Goodbye.
My eyes widen in shock
as you say you can no longer go on.
That life just isn't fair
and you're tired of being its pawn.
I quickly try to calm you
forcing my voice to be strong.
Thinking through my words carefully
not wanting anything to go wrong.
But my soft words of courage
only seem to be in vain
As you repeatedly tell me you're alone,
that you can't take any more pain.
I feel my blood run cold in my veins
and my heart slowly comes to a stop
Upon hearing a beep from my phone,
notifying me the call has been dropped. 
I rush from my house in panic
ignoring the yells that ensue
As I start the car and pull away
refusing to believe I might have lost you.
As I arrive at your house
I try to keep calm.
Quickly coming to your door
digging my nails in my palms.
The knob turns easily 
and I begin to make haste
Fear creeping into my mouth
but I just ignore the taste.
I quickly locate your room
my heart faltering at hearing no sound
And I push open the door
only to find you laying on the ground.
I cry out in anguish 
as I rush to your side
Cradling you in my lap
hoping you haven't died.
Upon seeing your chest rise
I sigh softly with relief
But I know it isn't over yet
so the sigh remains brief.
Slowly you look up at me
and the tears pool in your eyes
As you sit up whispering
this isn't how you wanted to say Goodbye.
Enfolding you in my arms again
pushing away my remaining fear
I tell you I won't let go.
That I'm staying right here.
I feel you shake in my arms
as you sob into my chest
I whisper words of love and courage
giving everything my best.
I tell you I don't want to lose you
and that you mean the world to me
You no longer are alone
and from your sadness you are free.
I tilt your head to look at you
and lean in for a soft kiss 
I feel the tension leave the room
as I bring you away from the dark abyss.
I pull back from the kiss 
and hold you close to my heart
Whispering again that I Love You
and never again will we be apart.

© 2012 Tsuki Usagi

Author's Note

Tsuki Usagi
Lately I have had many people come to me telling me that they want to end their lives. A person I really hold close to my heart being one of them. For all of you out there who have thought about giving up and ending your life, I know how hard life can be, I have been there myself. But I want you to know that you are never alone. There is always at least one person out there who is willing to help. Who loves you with all their heart and soul. So don't give up. We are here to help. We want you to know we care. So please, if you ever have any thoughts feel free to message me. I am willing to be there for you.

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This is so powerful. I'm suicidal now, and this is so moving. Great write :'] Check out mine sometime? C:

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on May 23, 2012
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