A Poem by Ari

To save yourself.

Tearing your insides to escape the inevitable. Pushed, chained by your own turmoil as you cry in denial.

Wail in your throat as you swallow the scream that follows. Seized by your darkness, there lies a faint glow of what's left.

Hollow and free as I mourn the bliss that must be returned to you. The closer I get, the less my fingertips shine with your delight.

You don't want to be rescued, even though I can rescue you. And yet you run in your fragile state, not caring, destroying anything in your path, but more of your own along the way, crying, scared.

Do you bare to stand me, but want nothing to look in? Are you afraid of your own reflection as am I?

I fear not the question, but in fact, knowing the answer. Stare into oblivion as I stare with you, how I dream to look in your eyes.

How I dream for you to want the same and still I'm stuck here with the cold you left behind as you withered away in anguish. Here I lay haunted by the voice I've never heard, touch I never felt, smile I could never see.

Yet I still hope to save you, grab the shivering hand that always ached to feel. If I may handle your cold, I wish to.

For I fear nothing like you do. For I am as dead as you.

© 2013 Ari

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Added on January 14, 2013
Last Updated on January 14, 2013
Tags: love, pain, hurt, relationship, pity, dream, fantasy



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