Fury In The Gilded Room

Fury In The Gilded Room

A Poem by Justin G



Fury in the Gilded Room

By Justin Gratreak


I stood in the room that was gilded.

The room that was home to nobles most manipulative.

In form and function they were paragons of arrogance.

And the core of their being was vain.

And consumed by arrogance.

It filled me with fury.


Despite my efforts I could not dispel my unabated fury.

But I just stood there in the room that was gilded.

A room that would consume men with avarice.

This avarice allowed the noble to be manipulative.

Their manipulations stoking the fires of their soul giving them fuel to keep them vain.

A vicious cycle driven by arrogance.


I tried to end the noble’s arrogance.

Before I was consumed with fury.

But they proved vain.

In that room that was gilded.

They resolved to keep being manipulative.

In the room that would bring tears of joy to the avaricious.


I realized they would always enthrall people with avarice.

In their infinite arrogance.

They would continue being manipulative.

And that filled me with fury.

In the room that was gilded.

I resolved to get back at the nobles for being vain.


Alas the nobles proved fearful and vain.

So they hired soldiers of avarice.

Who lusted after the room that was gilded.

In their puffed up arrogance.

They thought themselves safe from my fury.

They thought their safety was bought with their nature most manipulative.


I taught them how misjudged their perceptions were with being manipulative.

And I gave them comeuppance for being vain.

While I was consumed by fury.

Fighting soldiers of avarice.

And nobles of arrogance.

I got them all and it ended in the room that was gilded.


I defeated the soldiers of avarice led by manipulative nobles.

Nobles finally reprimanded for their arrogance and vanity.

Now I sit in the room that was gilded consumed by fury.

© 2012 Justin G

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Added on April 4, 2012
Last Updated on April 4, 2012


Justin G
Justin G


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