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Many years ago there was a tale how the two families of Japan were in war with each other to obtain the power the Oda Family and the Hojo family were both filled with greed on how much they wanted the power to rule over the world of Japan but the Emperor wouldn't allow it and stopped the war then speaking with the two family's also punishing them both realized the damage
d they caused and looked away with disgrace but the Emperor told the great two warriors of their families if they wish to bring up their children in harmony and peace then both was call a truce both of the great warrior's of their families looked at each other shaking hands both called a truce once leaving the palace both of them went there separate ways never to be seen or heard from again. Now over the next thousand Years a family deep with in the mountains where the Volcano lied a great family filled with wealth, pride and respect had three Children Zakura, Zero and Sakura all three had a great father named Ujiyasu Hojo the great pride Lion Man and his lovely wife which was their mother Okuni.

Over the next year's the Kyoto region of Japan was taken over by a powerful warrior that no one knew his name but who ever fought him was defeated by his amazing Katana he was invincible no even the strongest Warlord or Warrior could ever touch him and defeat him so the Warlords and the Warriors had to give up so the unknown Warrior and the Kyoto region fell into despair and remained quiet. The Emperor of the palace was struck with shock once he heard the news he sighed "go and recruit new men to face him before and defeat him before the war starts" he said to the captain of the army he bowed and ran out of the palace then getting on his horse he galloped around the region handing messages to family members of the Warlords he kept on doing this until he reached the Hojo Family Ujiyasu seen the Captain he walked towards him then the Captain gave him the message Ujiyasu took it opening the envelope up he read the letter "i will attend to his Majesties side to stop this war, the Captain nodded then rode off looking towards at his family he gave a smile then walked inside patting his son head then into the bedroom after a few minutes of packing he walked out seeing his wife holding Sakura, Zakura and Zero looking at him he kissed his wife on the lips as a last good boy then kissing Zakura's and Zero's forehead Sakura's he walked out of the house he put his stuff on the back off the saddle tied it down he got onto his horse waving to his family he pulled the reign's the horse neighed then galloped off while his family watched him leave. 

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Love it :) Amazing as always keep writing please :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

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