Chapter Six

Chapter Six

A Chapter by lauren emily

I'm still editing this part and the part before this one to match with the beginning of the story. I'll add that in when I'm finished.


It still looked very delicate and beautiful; like it didn't belong it wanted someone to take it away from this horrible, crumbling place. Then, just as another roar broke out, the mermaid's soft face turned malevolent. She was glowering at Alec and I. Her arms were not outstretched in any direction anymore. They were both held at her side tightly; and the hand that had once just barely touched the gemstones, now gasped them more tightly than I would have thought possible. Her tail and lower body did not move at all, but her upper body was moving as her actions proceeded. She opened her stone mouth and let out a horrid scream. Alec and I put our hands over our ears instantly and cringed. The shriek radiated throughout my whole body and almost burned. It licked at my ears the most, the stinging, bloodcurdling screech almost engraved itself in my ears. And then, it ended abruptly and we took our shaking hands off our ears. Right as we did, the screech was replaced with foul words. I couldn't apprehend what the once beautiful mermaid was saying; it was more a hiss than words. She was hissing words at Alec and I, and looking back and forth at us as she did it.
    We stood there without moving, but beads of sweat rolled down both our cheeks. The lava was stirring below us and in places it shot up and melted the rock that was surrounding it.
    'What's going to happen to us?' I thought helplessly.
    Then, something amazing and horrifying happened. As Alec and I were standing terrified listening to the mermaid chant, her tail moved. Slowly at first, but it built up speed very quickly. It was twitching from side to side, looking like it was about to explode out of the stone that it was carved in; and it did. Bits of the rock around her shot up more quickly than I would have thought possible. Then she was levitating, still hissing words at us.
    She was much more terrifying then anything else we had come across. We were in much danger-more than I could comprehend at the time-and I was frozen in fear. I hadn't even noticed Alec shaking my arm vigorously, and practically screaming my name. But I don't think I would have heard him anyway, the mermaid's chant was blaring horrifically.
    "Abby! Abby!! We need to get out of here! Right NOW!" He was trying to drag me along, but I was transfixed. I would not take my eyes off of the hovering mermaid, much less move away from her. "Abby!! We're going to die! She doesn't look..happy. We need to go now!"
            I did not respond to him, but let out a screech because of what I saw in front of me. The mermaid was still floating gracefully but menacingly in the air, and also hissing horrifying sounds at us, but she was also shaking violently. She was going into convulsions, and her sibilant chant grew louder. The gemstones she held in her hand began to change color.They went from brilliant green, to navy blue, to black. This black was a haunting black; a terrifying darkness that seemed to captivate me and completely deaden my senses. As I stared at the befouled gems, they seemed to possess me; to ruin my line of vision so I was only aware of them, to make me begin to hear a soft murmur..A beautiful As my senses grew weaker, the wondrous music grew louder. I did not fight for my logical thinking-my way of seeings things as rational-to return. The music was too beautiful. It was as if any fear, any knowledge of frightening things, were all taken away. And the music was the only thing that there was left. Just peacefulness.

© 2008 lauren emily

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good suspense! now you have me wondering what is going to happen next!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Well written.

Posted 13 Years Ago

ooh..I like this chapter. (I liked all the others too) But this chapter was great. Very vivid descriptions. Nice suspense. Loved it. Great job!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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lauren emily
lauren emily

Long Beach, CA

Why 'ello there! Thanks for stoppin' by. My name is Lauren (previously my screen name was TwilightReader) and I'm 16. I love writing, good food, fast cars, interesting people, cemeteries, photograp.. more..


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