Fear the Wrath of Her

Fear the Wrath of Her

A Poem by Twiztid Poetess

Abuse of a child and the feared woman.

My mind racing,
my heart pounding,
my feet pacing,
there is no erasing.

Time is slow,
waiting for that blow,
I can't stand the fear,
that her wrath is near.

I'm panicked,
I can never predict,
her nitpick,
there will be a conflict,
she is sadistic,

Time stands still,
my emotions are ill,
my body chill,
her wrath bears ill will.

I can't stand the fear,
she is near,
time to take action,
but I have no reaction.

She grips me hard,
as she calls me words like lard,
my arm so sore,
my body so torn,
my lifeless soul is submissive,
with the wounds she bore,
I can not ignore the fear,
the wrath of her.

My face has no expression,
she still has no affection,
I have no protection,
the wrath of her is my infection.

Now I am alone,
the time to moan,
but not enough time to recover,
for it is not over.

Time is in waiting,
for her wrath of shaming,
I am not blaming.

Fear the wrath of her.

Fear the wrath of her,
for she is there,
to keep me from dreaming.

Fear the wrath of her.

Fear the wrath of her,
again I am bleeding,
tears of needing,
solitude of meaning.

Never will I be free,
for she is the dark sea,
carelessly carries me away,
from all that I portray.

So emotional I stay.

So motionless I sway.

Keep her away,
for the fear I have,
is not gay.

I can't go on,
for her wrath is ongoing,
I stand still,

all from the wrath of her.

© 2015 Twiztid Poetess

Author's Note

Twiztid Poetess
Be honest, it will make me better. Thanks!

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Added on February 18, 2015
Last Updated on February 18, 2015
Tags: abuse, fear, cry, troubled, scared, sadistic, satanic, impact, love, mother, crazy, insane, alone, shaming, blaming, games, tame, abusing, abused, beat, up, downs, pills, worried, health, wealth


Twiztid Poetess
Twiztid Poetess

Weissport, PA