Word Vomit #63

Word Vomit #63

A Poem by TwoDaysTooLate

I burnt all the things you ever gave me,
Stared into the fire in the night.
You're a liar, a cheat and bloody selfish,
You gave up your fight.
You burnt a hole inside our hearts,
You didn't even think.
You just thought and did and didn't question,
You pushed us to the brink.

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

I hate what you did,
I hate why you did it,
I hate that you were born wrong, 
I hate that you drank.

I hate that you gambled, I hate that you were depressed, I hate that you felt alone, I hate that you were unhappy -


I hate that you killed yourself.

I hate that I cried.

I hate that I went to your funeral,
I hate that I wore black.
I hate that I stayed in the rain.
I hate that I ran for my life.
I hate that I wanted to run to you.
I hate that I was stopped by someone.
I hate that you were brave.
I hate that I mourned.
I hate that I hid.
I hate that I slept on the street because you shattered my empty heart.

For all that it's worth now,
I'd have loved you till the end.

I hate life without you.

I hate walking alone.

© 2018 TwoDaysTooLate

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Added on June 18, 2018
Last Updated on June 18, 2018



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