A Story by Jim Lozkittle

Short story, unfinished

Slowly, my eyelids pry themselves open, the sun being filtered into my room as the light travels through the blinds. Looking to the left, the woman laying next to me is still passed out, looking at her exposed body, the night before begins to flood into memory. Reaching out slowly, so as not to disturb the woman whos name I can not recall. Running my finger down her side, my eyes following the transparent trail left by the digit. Her body lay chilled to the touch as stripes of light laid upon it, smiling to myself, I begin to let my eyes wander over the rest of her body, sprawled, on top of the comforter. With creamy skin, blonde hair and the curves of an hourglass.
Pressing softly, my fingers begins to indent softly into the side of her breast, attempting to wake her. My palm begins to move itself in the direction of her n*****s, as I slowly begin to run over them with my palm in a circular motion, in an attempt to wake her. As my hand continues to circle, the womans eyes shoot open.
"What?! What do you want Carl?"
"Heeeey baaaaby, how are you doin this mornin?" as the words left my lips I pressed them softly against her own. Seeing her eyes roll as she turns on her side sighing.
"I'm tired, let me sleep, ya sure as hell wouldn't let me last night."
Noting the annoyance in her voice I roll myself off the side of the bed as silently as possible. Standing next to the bed, my eyes widen as they began to take in the foreign environment surrounding me. My home is a shack compared to the area encompassed by the towering walls surrounding me. Pillars stand like guards in each corner of the room, the light reflecting from the bleach white walls warmed my body from the heat.

© 2010 Jim Lozkittle

Author's Note

Jim Lozkittle
Not finished at all, simply a page of paper I filled and left alone for a later time

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I think you went into third person at the end there. Might want to fix that.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on September 19, 2010
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