Blue, Gagged, and Beaten (Parts 1 and 2)

Blue, Gagged, and Beaten (Parts 1 and 2)

A Poem by Roger Morrison

Corpse of light where darkness falls stuffed into the basement walls


Blue, Gagged, and Beaten



Part 1:


The earth has gone insane

Death is the dust that eats your brain


Madness is dust from which you came

Dance of the pawns in a blood-bath game


We are blue, gagged, and beaten

See what hungry skies have eaten


Eyes on the other side have seen

Us bleeding blue upon the screen


Corpse of light where darkness falls

Stuffed into the basement walls


We are locusts eating life

Tears of red swim down a knife


Shred your soul through razor heart

Orgasm as you’re torn apart


Dancing in the grinder’s blade

We find love, ripped and flayed


Blood leaks from an unborn kiss

Dive into electric abyss


Surgery by the serpent King

Sown together by puppet strings


Crucified in hero dreams

Waking to an endless scream


Part 2:


Lullaby in the evil forest

Die in the arms of branches

Blue as the sex-blood blackouts

Wake up where the Devil dances


Song of sunshine in winter’s womb

Every song must end

Gagged in the trunk of dead-end desperation

He steers off of the snowy bend


Into the icy river’s veins

The current takes you like lust

Beaten, you wash up ashore at a city

In its shimmering madness, it crumbled to dust





Tyler Dameron

© 2011 Roger Morrison

Author's Note

Roger Morrison
Short poem written on 5/19/11

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Love the images you evoke with the sinful description of desire despair and lustful defeat, metaphors shimmer in the lake of your words creating a meaningful weight to bring down the gems of lullaby rhymes, violent and ethereal your emotions sacrifice everything tearing apart all in their path to reach the climax of their actions. It flows over the rocks of death and ash to find the epitome of release.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on May 19, 2011
Last Updated on May 20, 2011
Tags: insanity, madness, blue, blood, god, devil, corpse, light, dark, orgasm, dance, unborn, abyss, king, crucified, hero, scream, puppet, kiss, lust


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Roger Morrison

Chandler, AZ

18 years old, from Eugene, Oregon. Living in Arizona. In the words of H.P. Lovecraft: “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all i.. more..

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