Looking back

Looking back

A Poem by Ryan Falzon - Tymon

Read some of my old poems, came back to write this :)

Here I am, back at this empty page.
Cheerful and happy, without my rage.
What to write? What do I really feel?
Honestly, I do not know what to reveal.
Hatred is such a strong word, they say.
Yet we all use it, some even day to day.
My hatred of things has shifted and changed.
Was it hatred, or was I acting strange?
My strength has left me, that is true.
But dont take this as a bad taboo.
I mean sure my heart is a bit colder,
But isnt this better? Giving in to the molder?
We are all one, that is what I have learned.
Yet I still do not know why I even returned.
Perhaps it is the insult of the blank page?
As like an actor cannot stay out of the stage.
I learned new things, which I cannot really explain.
My weaving of the words, I am trying to maintain.
I wish I could say something of actual use.
Yet heart still smiles as my thoughts are set loose.
You know I can write, for as long as I breath,
Because I will always write, when I am in need.
Letting the thoughts free, into carved stone.
Will remind you of your weakness, now overthrown.
I will leave you with a reminder, my welcomed reader.
Listen to the voices that come within the heart.
Ignore apathy, who is a loud convincing preacher,
And remember what gave you your fire from the start.

© 2013 Ryan Falzon - Tymon

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Added on November 8, 2013
Last Updated on November 8, 2013


Ryan Falzon - Tymon
Ryan Falzon - Tymon


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