The Dead

The Dead

A Poem by Ryan Falzon - Tymon

Poem about the hidden and ignored opinions of the world.

The dead still sleep until the final day.
We shall rise to have our misguided say!
For the dead shall wake, and together we rise!
And we shall march towards the living's demise!

For this is how the dead speak,
Through actions at our moral peak.
A new era created at each step!
All will awe as the dead clap!

Perhaps our views are cruel,
Perhaps our views are fantasy.
But we shall fight till death!
For even the dead may die.

Together we shall rise...but not as whole.
Together we shall awake...each one at his time.
Together we shall live...each owning his own soul.
Together we shall speak...each voice his own rhyme.

© 2010 Ryan Falzon - Tymon

Author's Note

Ryan Falzon - Tymon
This poem is NOT about death. In fact it's quite a cheery poem that uses death as a metaphor. "The Dead" are voices and opinions that have been shunned and locked away in this world, or perhaps even never shared with anyone!!

Stanza 1 - The dead still sleep until the final day. This means that these opinions are not completely gone, but asleep! Opinions thought as dead are often just sleeping, hence "The dead still sleep" Until one day they will all rise at once and overwhelm the world. "We shall rise to have our misguided say!" Misguided say because that is what their view is often called! Misguided, Idiotic, unthoughtful, all these words come to mind. The first stanza speaks of a day that all of these people, these 'Dead' thoughts and ideas will all appear at once, and "march towards" to kill the current ideas and teleology.

Stanza 2 - "This is how the dead speak, through actions at our moral peak." These are very strong verses. These verses say that the dead speak at their moral peak, meaning that they will not raise their voice, their meaning at a specified date, but when confidence rushes through the people's veins and gives them strength. THEN they will rise. And when does confidence rush? When they see other voices rise. That is why the dead shall rise together. "A new era created at each step, all will awe as the dead clap!" A new era as current ideas and thoughts are challenged, so each step the dead take will challenge these ideas!! All will awe as the dead rise from once unknown to world wide.

Stanza 3 - This stanza is simple to understand, but HIGHLY essenctial in the poem. It states that the views of the dead indeed may not be correct, but they will fight until their death, for even the dead may die. The dead may die because they may be stopped from rising, and so they 'die' again.

Stanza 4 - Ah the most important stanza of them all. All four verses push on one very important fact. That each voice, be it dead or alive(but mostly speaking about the dead ideas), is indeed unique. So while together they will rise, they are not whole. Together they shell awake but each one separate at his own time. Together they shall live each having it's own values and rules, it's own soul. And finally, together they shall speak! But each idea has it's own rhyme.

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Added on November 23, 2010
Last Updated on November 23, 2010


Ryan Falzon - Tymon
Ryan Falzon - Tymon


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