Random Scribblings

Random Scribblings

A Poem by Ryan Falzon - Tymon

A bunch of random scribblings put together, I separated them.

When the heart of a thousand souls all depend on the might of one man.

When a thousand swords raise their arms, all in loyal of the might of one man.

One Land, One king, One rule, One faith.

Many Strings.

A thousand souls die in the heart of the kingdom, becoming respected villagers.

A thousand soldiers die in the heart of the kingdom, becoming meat grinders for the enemy.

So what is the meaning of my words?

What of the king himself?

What is he worth? He will be replaced by his kin, and they will be replaced by their kin. Always extending the kingdom's lifeline, until one day it runs dry.


In the end, arn't we machines? Machines of control, machines that twist and turn as we generate our own thoughts and twists and turns. What of the enemy? ney, WHO is the enemy?

The enemy is our own pride. Pride drives the fire in our heart, Pride will be the end of us.

Until the judgement day of our sins comes, when the crimson flames rise above the hellish torment and torch all of the scorned into ash, while leading the enlightened into the gift of heaven. Until that day, we have to wait, and guess, and calculate, and think, of how to become enlightened and gain the gift of heaven.

We seek our prize, we fight, we win. We taste blood. Bloodlust runs through our veins. We seek another prize, we fight, we win. We win, We win, We win, We win. As others die, perish, burn, bleed and collapse in a trail of destruction. And somehow, in our minds we think we will gain the gift of heaven.

No man shall gain the gift of heaven, and no man shall ever burn in hell.

All of God's wisdom can be written inside a single book.
All of the world's secrets can be written inside a single book.
All of the guidance one will need during his life can be writen inside a single book.
I doubt it. I highly doubt it.

I would like to ask a question.


Why does the sun shine in the morning?
Why does the moon gives the sun it's rest?
Why do the clouds shower us with water from the heavens?

Why not?


© 2010 Ryan Falzon - Tymon

Author's Note

Ryan Falzon - Tymon
I don't think these three poems are any good. No editing has been done.

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oh but it is very good~ especially so because you left it in its original pure and streaming form~ this is more than poetry~ this is wisdom~ this is the human condition in a splendid array of meditative beads~
why indeed
why not?
simply classic~ and packs such an impact with those last two lines~

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on December 28, 2010
Last Updated on December 28, 2010


Ryan Falzon - Tymon
Ryan Falzon - Tymon


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