A small little story

A small little story

A Poem by Ryan Falzon - Tymon

This is a simple little story
That I would like to share.
A simple little lesson
about how not to care.

Say you're a stranger, just walking by.
When you spot a girl, alone in her cry.
The girl would be a hard thing to see.
For she would be inside a large S.E.P.

A simple little story is now being told,
Adding these lines, leaving the story cold,
For this is how the world of wonder works.
People want the story with all the perks.

So you walk past the girl, without a care
Fear guiding your steps, escaping dispair
Truly I lie, a glance or two you did take.
A glance worth nothing, a simple shake.

A simple little story reaching it's end.
Don't rush my telling, let my words blend.
Already impatient?, here is the last line.
Where is the good? the right? the divine?

The girl cries, with ignorance around her world.
What of the stories, the lies, she has been told?
Then a gentleman stopped to help the heart,
but the girl attacked and tore him apart.

A lie in every corner, every heart, every soul.
You heard the story, making these words whole.
A lie works best when planted at the right time.
Do you think that there are none in my rhyme?

© 2011 Ryan Falzon - Tymon

Author's Note

Ryan Falzon - Tymon
SEP is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somebody_Else's_Problem

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Added on May 4, 2011
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Ryan Falzon - Tymon
Ryan Falzon - Tymon


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