Your voice

Your voice

A Poem by Kent Rawski

A beautiful voice that can make me seek

Your voice is unlike any
i've ever heard
It speaks to me
as of emotions
expressed in word
It is not
always that way
when it is
id like to stay
amazing to me
for me to be
able to see
that what you speak
makes me long
where did you learn
this sirens song
in all my life
noone has had
this affect
as if your heart
had found a path
yet i strive
to stay
out of your grasp
but you are
the only one
that can make me gasp
but for all of this
i do dismiss
i hold a lack of trust
a fear of what
you can control
my very heart
my very soul

© 2020 Kent Rawski

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Chemistry is magical blending, that is no clearer to us than when a club was something we carry. :) but there is true power in the voice to alert us, and to lull, and allur. I love how you weave this together the need for independence and safety thinning before the call of another.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Lack of trust and fear of getting too involved, letting yourself go. Maybe that happens if you have been badly hurt before. You can fall in love with a voice quite easily. I have to admit adoring the Welsh lilt. Richard Burton's voice would make me tingle all over. Look where you took me Kent.


Posted 10 Months Ago

Kent Rawski

10 Months Ago

Did i do that
Yes the siren keeps singing and you keep looking back, even though I sense a growing distance between you. Why are we all so afraid to love and of love? I think it's vulnerability. Maybe we don't want to admit defeat. Would we lose that sense of excitement once we do?

A great read, I really enjoyed this.

Posted 11 Months Ago

i wonder why we fear love and attraction so much...perhaps it is the lack of control we feel....but i am glad to have experience all of that in my life...lucky to have felt it and lucky to have been able to write about it.
I like this one, Kent...

Posted 11 Months Ago

Kent Rawski

11 Months Ago

Thanks jacob doesn't flow and mesh well oh well

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Kent Rawski
Kent Rawski

Baldwin, FL

I am me and plan to be for sometime more..

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