Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Anonymous

A change in point of view, a new conflict unravels for the rulers of Romlan. The cold blood from the darkness that has flowed in will cause a ripple of chaos for the entire kingdom.

~Princess Serenity~          "Princess Serenity," said a very pale girl. She had long hair that cascaded down her
shoulders in waves of blonde.  "Evangeline. Entering this courtyard without permission is an insult. What is your
business here?" replied the princess, who stood by an open window. She held the
railing with a tight grip. The princess had a long purple gown on, sewed with silk string. Her fingers were
covered with jeweled rings and golden bands. Her hair was night-black, that was tied up neatly in a purple bow, and was dressed with a golden tiara;
a showy red gem bore in the middle. The princess had narrow, cold violet eyes and
thin lips that curled in a sneer. "My apologies, princess. I just felt a strong urge to see the beautiful ruler-to-be of
Romlan," Evangeline said smoothly, her voice like a calm river. Her amber eyes shined
in the light that poured from the openings in the ceiling. "Save your flattery, and leave my sight!" the princess demanded. Evangeline laughed
and hid her smile behind her evenly cut bangs. "I'm afraid there's just something that draws me in. I cannot leave," she said. She
walked closer to Serenity, laughing. The pale girl wore a knee-length Victorian gown
made of blood-red velvet and black lace. Her hair was parted many ways with scarlet
ribbons. She had mysterious amber, almond-shaped eyes and rounded lips; red as blood. Princess Serenity stumbled back, releasing the railing. "Guards! G-guards!" the princess began calling. "I'm afraid they can't hear you, princess," Evangeline said coolly. Serenity pulled back
 and covered her face with her arms.
"No," the princess murmured. Evangeline wrapped her fingers around Serenity's arm. Her other arm went around
the princess's waist.  Serenity's spine stiffened as her blood ran cold, leaving her unable to move out of
the pale girl's grasp. Evangeline was taller than the princess, but appeared younger. "Please don't resist, princess," Evangeline whispered into Serenity's ear. She tilted the princess's head over, stretching her neck. She leaned her head to Serenity's neck and breathed in the sweet scent of the princess's blood. Evangeline's freezing, red lips brushed against the princess's stiff neck. "Princess Serenity, you're scent is..." Evangeline said quietly, breathing in slowly.
"So irresistible." The princess's eyes widened as she screamed. Evangeline sunk her fangs into
Serenity's neck. The blood ran over her tongue, and she sucked the black-haired girl dry. Serenity fell and collapsed on the ground, the breath leaving her lungs.
Evangeline licked the blood off of her red lips and knelt down by the
princess's limp body. She removed the tiara from Serenity's head and placed it on
her own. She placed her hand on the princess's head softly. "Ah, princess. I'll rule the kingdom just as well as you did. Your father, the king, has already been taken care of," Evangeline said, stroking the black hair of Serenity.
She laughed to herself.
"Romlan is mine, now."

~Queen Lillian~
"Milady, King Verdan and Princess Serenity have been eliminated. We must take immediate action to escort you out," the servant said, bowing. Queen Lillian's eyes were red and swollen from crying, and her face was pale from fright.  She followed quickly behind the servant as they hurried down the grand staircase. Lillian looked back with sorrow one last time. As she turned to see the servant again, he disappeared from her sight.
"What?" she muttered. Her blood ran cold as she smelled something that seemed like her end. Death.
"Hello, Queen Lillian. May I say you look just as lovely as Princess Serenity did earlier. I suppose that's where she get's her marvelous looks. Or should I say... Got."
Lillian's eyes widened. She whirled around and had no time to see anything else but a lovely face with almond-shaped amber eyes and blood-red fangs...

~Princess Vanille~
"Tibetan, what do you think a cold blood is like? Do you think it would be fun to be one? Like Evangeline?" the tiny princess said to her stuffed bear. The little girl had short, soft silver hair that showed her big pale ears, and her face was round and had rosy cheeks. With big, bright violet eyes, she looked at her teddy bear. She seemed unaware of the danger that crept through the castle walls, although she probably knew more more that anyone else did about cold bloods. She sat on her bed, looking out the window of her tower. A black storm ravaged on the outside, dark, menacing clouds swirling around in rage. And little Vanille watched in awe, in perfect contentment. She seemed to have no fear of anything.
"Let's go find her," Vanille said to Tibetan. She jumped off her bed and dragged her bear along, holding one of his worn arms. She pushed open the door and trotted down the stairway. The little princess was almost to the end, when she was stopped in her tracks by a tall girl in a red velvet dress. It had black lace. Vanille grinned and tilted her head so she could see the girl's face. Her eyes shined as she spoke to the pale girl.
"I like your dress, miss," she chimed. The girl laughed and knelt down to be eye-to-eye with Vanille.
"I like yours, too," she replied. The girl had almond-shaped amber eyes and red lips.
"Are you Evangeline? Your my favorite story book character," Vanille said.
"I am. I'm glad to hear you like me. Not many people in your family like me, little princess," Evangeline laughed.
Vanille tilted her head to one side.
"Why not?" she asked, gazing into Evangeline's mesmerizing amber eyes.
"Maybe because I'm not like you."
"Yes you are!" Vanille said bubbly, her smile growing from ear-to-ear. "I've always wanted to be like you!"
"You do, hm? Do you want to be like me?" Evangeline asked, picking up little Vanille.
"Yeah!" Vanille said happily. Evangeline smiled and lifted the princess' little hand. She glanced at her quickly.
"Hold your breath, this might hurt a bit," Evangeline said.
Vanille nodded and closed her eyes tight, and her cheeks puffed up with air.
The pale girl bit into the girl's hand, and pulled back before she began to suck her blood. Vanille had no reaction to the pain. She just opened her eyes and smiled at Evangeline.
"Am I like you now, Evangeline? Am I a cold blood now?" Vanille asked.
"Yes, little one. Your strength will be needed, you are a valuable addition to my forces."
At that moment, Vanille's eyes crossed and she fell limp. She collapsed to the ground, unconscious and becoming extremely pale. Her lips turned red and her teeth sprouted into sharp fangs. Her hair grew as if she went through years of time, yet she didn't age.
I've done it, Orda. Your forces are almost complete.
I just need to find... The wielder of the Serpent Blade.

© 2010 Anonymous

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The description of the characters and the story was very good. I like the discussion and the movement of the story. A very good chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

gaah!!! suspeeeeeennnnnncccccceeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you HAVE to get on with chapter 4! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!
~Zesika-Onee-chan~ (or Kairi)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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