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            On an early year of Queen Victoria’s reign in Great Britain, about 1840 or so, the deepest part of the Hidden Kingdom was overtaken by a new hand of rule. A new royal family had claimed the throne after the death of its king - whose wife had been unable to bear him a son - and was welcomed warmly by all of the citizens. The Holy City was at peace during the first few months of the new reign, and they were very prosperous in their resources and crafts. Many children were born the first year under the new rule.

            After time, many distressed citizens of the City would come to the throne asking for guidance. The children born under the new rule were reported to be seen doing strange, disturbing things in their homes - things such as climbing up high objects, remaining completely still and unresponsive for longer than an hour, lifting small toys without their hands, and babbling to themselves in an unfamiliar tongue. The people of the City were frightened, and some speculated that the cause was the new reign. Many citizens wished to overthrow the rule and give the throne to the deceased king’s daughter, Cecilia.

            The wife of the current king became frightened that she would be killed in this chaos. In her fear, she got her husband and only son drunk and murdered them while they slept that night to make it look as if they had died in a drunken rage. The people were silenced by this and took it as a sign from the gods, and because the king’s wife was spared, she must have been pure enough to live as the ruler. The woman took the throne for herself and deemed herself the queen of the Holy City and all of the Hidden Kingdom. The land was once again at peace, but that peace would not last forever. The City would once again be gripped with fear and peril, for there was an evil desire rising in the queen and her subjects that would soon escape.



            “The young master is asleep and is not to be disturbed,” said a husky voice.

            “I’m sure he would allow being awoken for the sake of Her Majesty,” prompted a smoother voice, following footsteps into the White Room.

            “Step back, and I shall wake him,” came the first voice, sounding irritated. “He would not be pleased to be woken in an inappropriate manner.”

            “Oh, I’m sure,” mused the second.

            The boy was touched on the shoulder gently, and the aroma of herbal tea hit his nose with a pleasing sensation. He stirred, his eyes flickering open to see a mechanical mobile moving above him, wooden stars dancing with tin horses and dragons. He reached his hand up and rubbed his eyes fiercely, sitting up in his bunk. He then threw his blankets off and stood up from his bed, setting his hands on his hips and examining the two that stood in his doorway.

            “Good morning, Gerad,” the boy said warmly to the tired-looking man in the elegant black suit. “Who is my guest here?”

            “I’m reporting for Her Majesty,” interrupted the other man, who wore a soldier’s strict uniform, black sash, sword, and all. “She has requested your presence in the throne room. It may be rather urgent, so I’d be prompt about it, if I were you.”

            The soldier had a trace of a smug look on his face when he flashed his averting gaze towards the boy’s. The boy gave a smile of sarcasm, closed his eyes, and brushed hair out of his face with a wave of his gloved hand.

            “How pitiful,” he sighed, “when a soldier of Her Majesty cannot even address her servant in the proper way.”

            The man hesitated, but gave a grim soldier’s salute and exited the room quickly without another word spoken. The boy turned to Gerad and offered his left hand.

            “Let us hurry, so that Her Grace does not worry any longer about my whereabouts… Shall we?”

            Gerad nodded and took the young master’s hand as they hurried down the corridor hallway.


            “Your Gracious Majesty,” said the boy, tucking his hand in the fold of his cloak as he dropped to one knee in front of the throne. Banners of black and violet were billowed down above the head of the queen, who was dressed in a majestic and elegant gown that dropped past the foot of her throne and onto the floor. In her hand was a staff of jewels and pitch-dyed wood. The ruler’s narrow hazel eyes pierced the boy’s gaze, which he returned with a smirking smile.

            “Alukas, my faithful servant,” the woman addressed, her voice warmer than her eyes. “How noble of you to kneel before my throne at this hour.”

            “I believe that I was called here, your Divinity,” said Alukas.

            “Ah, as you were…”

            The woman closed her eyes, revealing dark circles that had been failed to cover with careful painted makeup. Her hair was fairly untidy and had not been tied up in the usual way underneath her crown. She appeared pale.

            “My boy, Alukas,” she said, “you’ve trained for many a year. I believe that you are ready enough to go on your first errand for me.”

            “Errand, your Majesty?” Alukas echoed.

            “You’ve heard of my Collectors, have you not?”

            “I have.”

            “Then surely you must know that we are in need of a younger generation of Collectors… Only a generation such as yours, Alukas. A generation filled with the power under my husband’s rule, the power that is only meant for the special children of the gods…”

            The queen’s eyes flickered to the sky, appearing glazed over and bloodshot now that Alukas had been concentrating on her for a while. He was almost frightened at the sound of her voice, which was turning raspy and cold.

            “You are to be the next Collector, do you understand? You were meant to,” said the woman. “My young Alukas, you were destined for this.”

            Destined for this, thought Alukas, staring at his queen.

“It was as the gods planned - why else would they grant you with such amazing powers and not show you any other opportunities? You were born to serve as a noble servant.”

Destined to be used as a toy by this woman… Alukas stood and nodded to the queen. She smiled and dismissed him. He walked past Gerad and through the doors into the corridor. Destined to serve humbly. If this is what the gods have planned… So be it. I will carry out whatever my queen has for me, no matter what the cost.

This is what I was born for.

© 2011 Anonymous

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Posted 11 Years Ago

You have never ending creativity. You always manage to just amaze me! I love what you've written so far! I can picture every little detail in my head. You should try to draw this, too! It'd be so cool! XD Wonderful job, sis. I'm jealous of your talent. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

I love this so far as well. I thought this was a good write. I loved the idea behind the story. The chapter flowed great. Good job. I can't wait to read on. Thanks for sharing. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

I love it so far! I'm not sure what the random quotations mean, but other than that, flawless. I really like Alukas already! Please continue!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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