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Chapter one... Sorry I was gone, I'll make up for the writing.


If a blade was to pierce into the flesh behind one’s ear, it would possibly plunge into the cerebellum, thus shutting down all coordination, precision, and accurate timing. Since it is a region of the brain that plays an important role in motor control, it is also involved in some cognitive functions such as attention and language, which would be fatal to any human being that would continue to live after the incident to ever lose control of… More to the point, it would destroy the victim’s adaption skills, creating a perfect Mindslave for Her Divinity…

“Young master,” said Gerad, setting a hand gently on the boy’s shoulder. Alukas woke from his meditation and shifted his gaze onto the man’s gloved fingers. He then stood and glanced out the window, noticing the golden tint in the evening cloud cover.  The boy turned to his old friend and paused, thoughts processing.

“Gerad,” Alukas addressed him at last.

“Yes, Alukas,” Gerad acknowledged.

“Do you think that Her Grace would ever consider a forced Mindslave?”

The older man had surprise in his tired, graying eyes. “I haven’t ever thought such a thing,” he replied. “Why do you ask?”

“It seems as though it’d be a perfectly reasonable method over waiting for an uneducated member of the Cursed to lose control and become a mindless vegetable…”

Gerad sighed and ripped his gaze from Alukas’s, tugging on his kerchief. He closed his eyes in deep thought.

I do hope that you aren’t giving into Her tricks, Gerad said to the boy through a connection. Alukas shot a look of fury towards his companion.

I’ve done no such thing, he retorted. Although, you do realize what happens when I don’t bring new ideas to the table, don’t you?

Gerad did not reply. He simply nodded and took a step back towards the door. “Her Majesty awaits you whenever you are ready, young Master.”

“Tell her that I will be there, momentarily. I wish to process more of my thoughts,” said Alukas.

“As you wish.”

Gerad closed the door behind him, the lock clicking. Alukas crawled onto the windowsill bench and stared out at the bricks lining the barracks, which shone a golden outline in the sunset glare. The hills were coated with a billowing amber silk, rolling out of his sight and into the evening sky. He closed his eyes and placed his fingertips on the glass, which was warm to his touch. A cool sensation tingled on his skin and danced along his fingers and ran up his arms. Alukas could feel a pulse rising in his chest beside his own heartbeat that sung to him like a lullaby.

Relieve me of this world, he whispered in his heart. Lift my earthly attention to the skies and let me travel to where I am needed…

The colors of his mind dulled into gray and his senses were slowly taken from him, as if they were escaping out through his fingertips. His mind darted from place to place, and then was caught up in a flurry of equations and problems that seemed to keep his escape on hold in a black cloud. Try harder, he demanded, pressing his efforts farther into the cloud. The pressure on his mind grew heavier, driving him into the cloud that soon became like a void. It felt to him as if his bodiless spirit that traveled into the blackness was being ripped apart by the emptiness. Agony surged through his veins like a lightning strike. His vision exploded into white.

Alukas’s earthly senses flooded back to him with a cold slap to his consciousness. He jerked backward and fell off of the bench, barely catching himself with a hand gripped to the porcelain railing. Sweat drenched his forehead and his palms as he clambered up to his feet and leaned against a support column weakly. His chest rose and fell heavily as he struggled to catch his breath. He slid down the column until he sat on the floor, holding his head in one palm.

It gets worse every time, Alukas gasped in his mind. As if the chances of my importance get thinner every waking moment. Have I not tried hard enough to serve this land? Have I nobody that desires my help anymore?

Alukas shook his head and gestured with his hands the ward-evil sign. He did not want to be overwhelmed with these dark thoughts that once had come close to consuming his very being. He stood and brushed off his cloak, wiped his sweat away with a handkerchief, and tried to compose himself. He waved his hand before his eyes in attempt to cast a weak charm of peace.

An opportunity will clear my mind of this doubt, thought Alukas, grabbing the doorknob, even if it may be an execution. May the gods bring me peace through justice…



“Kneel! Bow! Stand!” commanded the head guard of Her Majesty, as according to ritual of anyone before Her throne. The queen was dressed a little nicer than she usually would, but still in her same dark and perpetual gowns. Her lips were painted a deep scarlet and there were very dark circles under her almond-shaped eyes which she had ceased to try and paint over (she acquired quite a liking for her tired look). Her hair was tied up in a black lacy bonnet, dressed with rubies and onyx gems. She did not wield the pitch staff that she normally did. Alukas stood and glanced admiringly at his queen, walking up to Her throne casually. The woman offered her right hand to him and smiled, her crimson lips curling.

“My Alukas,” she addressed him, “I’m glad that you could come here. I have an order for you.”

“What may it be, Your Divinity?” Alukas asked, taking her hand in his and planting a kiss gently. The queen gestured towards the armrest of Her throne and Alukas took a seat in familiarity to her.

“A merchant in town has been repeatedly reported of taking advantage of customers and running off, assuming different names and targeting different groups of people. Normally I would let something like this be taken care of by the constables of town, but there has been other rumors of what’s really happening that requires your…skills.”

Alukas glanced at the woman and she placed a hand under his chin, pulling him close to her. She pressed her lips gently to his cheek and stroked his raven hair, tucking loose strands behind his ear.

“You’ll know what to do with him the moment that you see him,” she whispered, pulling away. “He was last reported selling weapons in the south market. Go now, my sweet, and do as you were meant. I have no doubt that you will do all that is needed before there is any trouble…”

There was fierceness in the queen’s hazel eyes as Alukas resided from his seat and stepped down the stairs without another word. Gerad followed him closely as he hurried out of the throne room.

I heard the hatred in her voice, Alukas said to his friend silently. She must want the execution of someone with great magical power.

It could be dangerous, replied Gerad. Are you sure that you shouldn’t prepare before we leave?

I have enough confidence that I am in good strength, insisted the boy. Don’t doubt my preparedness and we shall be in great victory today. There is only victory in the absence of doubt…

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I'm enjoying this story very much. All the characters are quite wonderful. Onward! To the next chapter! --->

Posted 11 Years Ago

I'm liking Alukas so far. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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