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Chapter two...


There were eyes following him everywhere. Hundreds of shoulders were brushing up against him as he waded his way through the sea of nameless people in the market. Alukas’s hair was pinned back behind his hood that lay level with his eyes, offering only a small line of vision for him. He kept his head low and his senses heightened for any disturbance in the common energy exertion. He walked swiftly past a circle of chattering young girls, and then was stopped by what he heard one of them say. He slowed his pace and listened carefully to their gossip.

“Did you happen to stop by the merchant selling sweets down by the docks?” one of them said.

“I did! Wasn’t he the most handsome boy you’ve ever seen?” replied another.

“Oh, tell me about it! He told me that my hair ribbon was lovely. He was so flattering!”

“He had a certain something about him, wouldn’t you say? Unlike any man that I’ve ever met.”

That was all that Alukas had to hear. He continued along his way through the market towards the fishing docks. The stench of fish hit his nose strongly and he cringed, holding his head lower and following a trace of unusual power that he had come across. He stopped once the sense was close to flooding his own energy, lifting his eyes to whoever stood in the market stand.

“What can I do for you, young man?” said the merchant. He had eyes the color of cocoa, and auburn hair that curled behind his ears. He looked closer as the man smiled and saw that his skin flaked the slight trace of painted makeup. Alukas hid his own magic behind a charm and smiled back at the man, fingering a coin in his cloak pocket.

“I’ll take any candy that you recommend,” Alukas said to him. The man took the coin and grinned, reaching over to a crate behind the counter. Alukas noticed that the man’s ears were also covered in makeup, and they looked strangely as if they were pinned down. He kept quiet and hid his magic deeper.

“Here’s a nice one for that price,” the merchant said, setting a wrapped sweet on the counter and shoving the coin into his pocket. “How old are you, young man?”

“I’m twelve years old, sir,” Alukas replied quietly. He took the piece of candy and stepped back. “Thank you.”

He slowly opened the candy and placed it in his palm, examining it underneath his hood. A smile spread across his lips as he looked up at the merchant and the candy dissolved into thin air from his hand. He let his magic loose from its binds and the man’s eyes widened.

“A charm?” Alukas inquired. “How pitiful, it simply disappears when someone else counters it with the weakest magic.”

“Not like there’s many magically talented people around here - at least none that know how to use it,” chuckled the man, running his hand through his hair, which turned it a bright golden over the dark auburn and tumbled down his shoulders to his mid-back. He blinked and when his eyes opened, they became a piercing, strikingly bright pink. Dark eyelashes plumed as he blinked again and his eyes became oddly wide and bulged from his eyelids. He uttered a small spell and it became clear that he was actually a she. Her exotic dresses became visible in a puff of smoke and a silk bonnet wrapped itself around her head, its golden decals jingling against each other as they hung over her large, wild eyes. Her large, pointed ears popped out from her golden hair.

“I must admit, you were clever in finding me, youngling,” the young woman said in a dreamy, airy voice. “Nobody else noticed me.”

“You must be joking,” retorted Alukas. “You didn’t even hide your magic. I could feel it from across the market.”

“Don’t patronize me, little boy,” she giggled. “I knew that you were here to expose me in the first place.”

“You didn’t run.”

“How rude that would have been. Who do you take me for?”

A spacey smile spread across the girl’s face as she hopped limberly over the counter and looked at Alukas.

“Now that I’ve gotten to know you, however, I can begin my escape,” she said, waving her hand in a strange gesture. The girl lashed out with her magic suddenly, knocking Alukas nearly off his feet. A twirl of sparkling curse-dust floated above his head, which he was quick enough to push away with his own magic before it was to soak into his power. The girl was already prancing through the crowd, her feet almost floating above the ground as Alukas shoved himself to his feet and began running after her. He attempted to take a hold of her power with a slash of his own, but she countered it with a whip of her hand and a wink of her right eye. She raised both of her arms above her head and a yellow light pierced through her palms. An arrow-like blast of magic shot towards Alukas, and he redirected it into the ground as the girl was kneeling on the ground, storing power for another attack that wouldn’t miss him next time. Some members of the market rush were screaming in fear, while most of them were fleeing from the scene. The pavement of the ground was already cracked from the blasts of magic that were flying back and forth.

Alukas quickly caught hold of the girl’s throat before she could lash out, and she struggled to escape his grasp. Her hair whipped around her head in a frenzy and she shot out her power at him. He swiftly gathered energy and released it at her in the form of an invisible blast, only visible by those of great magical ability. The girl’s counterattack hit him hard in his chest, knocking him clear off his feet and onto the hard ground. Suddenly, Alukas felt an appearance of a new, great magical power approaching. He lifted his eyes to the girl, who stood meters away from him, and standing next to her, holding her in a magical lock, was Gerad. His face was not visible and his figure was barely seeable besides a thin outline of his body. He had a charm on his entire being and was capturing the girl in his own energy. The girl was struggling to escape the lock but failed. Gerad held out his hand to his young companion and Alukas stood up.

“Having an off day, young Master?” said Gerad, brushing off the young boy.

“I suppose I am,” sighed Alukas, surprise hidden in his voice. He felt dumbfounded as to how easily he was defeated by this girl. His whole body felt fatigued. “I need to reside for now. Take this girl to the queen, Gerad. I am…unfit to work.”

“As you wish. Rest, Alukas.”

He let his magic set aside and held his head low under his hood. People began to fill the market space once again as the power settled from the air. Once again, he felt the eyes of people burning into his skin as he walked down the pathways.

I don’t understand, though Alukas. My magic is failing me, as is my body. Soon, I fear that I may be settling into the mindlessness of the uneducated Cursed… Now I am beginning to understand why we are called “Cursed”. Perhaps I have mastered this magic too early in my development? I need the guidance of my queen… Only she can relieve me of my doubts. No amount of empty prayers to the gods can suffice my need of love. Only Her Grace truly understands my pain. Gerad seems to think that she is only using me, but I know this woman. She has raised me like a mother and treated me like a prince. I will serve her forever… That will serve as my Purpose.

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I really, really liked this chapter. It played in my head as if I was watching it rather than reading. Nice job.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I just can't imagine that girl in my head! It's bugging me!
Ah, well, very good chapter. On to the next.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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