A Poem by Anonymous

Something written at 12:49 AM...based upon a true story.

Sinking into our past
I remember the muted tales
Of when we hid from the world
Which was scribbled out
With black permanent ink

We escaped into a white city
Of magic at our fingertips
Our friendship weaving colors
And splattering paint in patterns 
Our laughter the city's choir

That day when you took my hands
And planted a kiss on my lips
Saying "We'll be here forever."
Then creating a new color
Which I had never seen before

A color built of purity and peace
But also strength and and undying power
You poured the color over our world
And delicately wrote your name on my heart
With the paintbrush

The door was kept locked to our world
And only we held the key to the gates
Where we would take refuge
And make memories of happiness
To forget the pain of the outside

You would confide in me your secrets
And show the bruises on your skin
Wiping the ink tears from your eyes
I told you that everything was okay
As long as we stayed in our sanctuary

You grabbed my arm and held on
Your eyes turning angry
"Stay here with me forever," you said
Your fingers indenting my skin
Pain rising in my heart

You wrote your name over and over
On my heart in black permanent ink
Like we so much despised in our reality
And begged me to never leave
As you trembled, grabbing my throat

I cried as you slept and waited
For the reality to erase this horror
And take me back to my dreams
Of when we were carefree
And you would gently paint our world

The silent night when I escaped
I did not look back upon you
In fear that I would see your ink tears
Staining our once perfect refuge
And reaching out for me again

Years went by in my reality
I would gaze at your ink-written name 
And feel the tang of pain for you
And the love that we once shared
When you kissed me silently

The day when we met again
Our breath making ghosts in the night
The snow freezing our skin
You sorrowful eyes remembering
And your voice hoarse when you spoke

You told me that I hadn't changed
And I saw you hiding fresh bruises
Under your jacket sleeves
I sighed and held back the tears
Looking up at the stars

"I'm sorry for myself," you said
Reaching into your pocket
Pulling out the glimmering key
That shone in the night
And setting it in my palm

"You deserve the world that we made."
As you smiled with sadness
And took a step back
I grabbed your hand and held it
"We will go there together."

© 2011 Anonymous

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I love poetry and songs that tell a story. I like being drawn into a world different from reality, or very nearly the same. I enjoy when I come across a character that I can connect with and root for.

This poem does it for me. Works like this are the reason poetry and verse are an art. It is such a sadly beautiful tale of love and pain. My favorite is the ending, when the one who was hurt and became an abuser surrenders the key to their co-created realm of happiness and seclusion. And then the narrator takes the others hand and they leave to it together. It is a beautiful fancy, this poem.

Such tragedy though that real life is seldom thus...

You are a true artist, painting with words and singing with the imagination.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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I love this! You paint such places with words! You imagery is amazing! Half way through Seemed painful, but my favorite was the very beginning and the joy of youthful love!!!


Posted 8 Years Ago

Ok I totally agree with Guppie of Christ, in that you do have a talent and that this piece is very good. However I do think that you should deffinatly use more punctuation in this poem to emphasise parts that need it and to slow the pace and speed it up at points. XD

Posted 8 Years Ago

Awww. I really liked that!! You write with such passion and understanding that anyone can connect with what you're writing about. I love the vivid imagery you have snuck inside. You're very talented!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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