A Poem by Anonymous

Faith, peace, and clarity. To a friend.


            What I have said to you is anything but a lie.

            I believe in nothing but truth and nothing that you say could ever change that about me. You may bring me down at times but you must understand that I have the ability to stand back up. I am not as weak and insolent as I once was. While you remain a child, I grow strong in my faith and my stability. I have the potential to erase my juvenile ways without erasing my beliefs. Not only has this made me a better person, but it has rejuvenated my existing faith and given me a clearer view of what is good and what is righteous in this world. While you may look at me and see sorrow in my eyes, remember these things that I have told you when we were young.

            I cannot hide the past and I cannot take back my mistakes, but rather work farther into my being and accept the truth, striving for goodness farther on the path that I walk on. I have attempted teaching you these ways but you close your ears to me and do not accept that you have seen the truth, which has told me that I am not your teacher. You must find a teacher that can enlighten you as I have failed to. I cannot rule over your life, nor can I have any effect on a student who does not open their mind to the world. You tell me how you fear growing up and losing who you have now when you could be realizing that others will fill the place of those you have forgotten. If you seek a friend you will realize how many there are around you. If you do not wish to see the truth, you won’t. Nobody can see something if they are convinced that it is not there. If you were to look at another person and think to yourself,  “They will never become a friend to me,” then they will do exactly what you thought.

            If you do not follow the same teachings as I do, then you may not agree with me, but as I said before, I believe in truth and nothing more. There will be many who call me a fool and a blind man, but I will not be stifled in my belief because of them. I will also be questioned for what I know, but they will receive no argument as they wished. I will teach all who wish to be taught and lead all who wish to follow onto the right path, where they will join me as a follower of the ultimate truth. I can speak for myself and nobody more.


            My friend, you may deny it as many times as you wish, but I love you like my own brethren and I will treat you as such. I realize that I may fall short in your needs at times, but you must understand that I am not perfect and I can never strive to be so. I will follow the truth as much as a human can and repent for my sins, but I can never be a perfect friend. You will learn the truth as soon as you wish to. I will be there to help you up when you fall, and I will remain in my boundaries when you wish me to. I know that you will grow up to be a strong, confident woman. I understand your fears and insecurities, but you will find the same peace that I have found.

            Never doubt the truth that walks beside you on the path. If you stray away, the truth is waiting for you with open arms and a welcoming heart. No matter how far you may seem, the truth is always just a step away from where you fall. You will know righteousness through the pain of this mortal world. You will have a lightened heart once the burdens of your doubts are lifted from your shoulders.


            God bless you.


             -A friend

© 2011 Anonymous

Author's Note

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

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If only more people of faith, or rather, those who claim to have faith, would read this piece and truly understand it. I think that then there would be a bettering of the society of man. There are so many selfish people in the world, and I will admit that I am such a one, that do not see what lies beyond their own greed. If only everyone had a friend like the one who wrote this piece. Maybe then people would open their eyes and see some truth.

Well written, Friend.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I'm dumbfounded.

Posted 8 Years Ago


Have I directed you to the Poetic Infusion Society contests yet? If I have, was it Enlightenment?

This one is a definite proper subject for that contest. You see, I just read it the first time and I must say you have Faith.

The second time around, I must say... you are a Believer without a doubt. Your words are flawless and fall off the tongue like melted butter.

This line made a strong impact in my heart: "No matter how far you may seem, the truth is always just a step away from where you fall.” This is simply an amazing line, having the potential to stick inside my soul for decades to come.

I must also comment on your signoff... A Friend... Everything would be right in the world if we could bear to fathom a world full of friends only out for the good in each other.

You have done amazing things here, Cloud, placing your heart and beliefs on the line for all to see, read, and breathe. POWERFUL~

Please keep writing and whatever you are doing (with your editing) - keep doing it!

This is your genre', this is your time to shine.

Thank you for sharing,


Posted 8 Years Ago

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