A Poem by Anonymous

As the clock on the wall ticks,
My heart is out of sync
So I rip it out and reset it.
Smiling at the blood.

This love for perfection
Destroys me bit by bit.
Forgive me if I stare,
I admire your strength to avoid.

The voices provoke me
To sing and to dance,
So that the burning in my head
Slowly submerges into insanity.

Forgive me if I'm blind,
Deaf to your suffering and
Mute to stand against it.
My hands are too tired to touch.

My love for intimacy has died
Along with the desire for you.
May God have a plan
That erases this isolation.

Whispers have edged to screams
That rattle my spinning mind
And pull a smile on my lips.
A smile to keep humans away.

As the tug of an invisible hand
Shakes me away from your world,
I will submit to the void
And sink away in numbness.

The darkness where everything is perfect
And nothing will disturb me.
Where nobody can ruin what I've done
And no one can touch me.

Where I will not fear anything,
Nor will I run from the people
Who reject and beat me
With their words and mocking laughs.

The pain that once stung my fingers,
When I wrote of lies
And created false fantasies of life
Will be erased forever.

The few that I once cared for
Will forget me in their own happiness,
And fill the hole that I created
With the shell I left behind.

They will believe it is me
My soul will be free in numb perfection
While the hollow body still there
Suffers in the shadows of insanity.

© 2011 Anonymous

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wow, its wonderful and its going straighr toy library. job well done

Posted 7 Years Ago

Your amazing each time you just get better and better, the intensity of the peom and the seriousness it wonderful. Beautifully written, there were no spelling errors that I could see to distract me. Wonderful.

Posted 8 Years Ago

"If I close my eyes forever, will it all remain unchanged? If I close my eyes forever, will it all remain the same?"

The above words are from a song I like and for some reason this poem reminds me of it. This also reminds me of the ancient Hebrew concept of Sheol, a 'pit' of nothingness after death, where the conscience of the once living soul is barely aware. Though surrounded by other such souls they have no contact with each other and exist in a seeming void. Because of this death was greatly feared, and yet at the same time, many saw Sheol as a comfort, for in death, they would feel no pain and suffer not.

Certain types of insanity achieve the same result and I think this poem, though focusing on the madness, hits on some of the other things as well. It takes great agony to push a mind to the point of such withdrawal and I wonder sometimes what that might feel like.

In closing I thought this was a very good, well written, emotional work.

Tell me though. If you could go to Sheol now, if it existed, would you?

Posted 8 Years Ago

Really good...

Posted 8 Years Ago

whoa. amazing write. the emotional intensity in each line seems to amplify even more due to the fact that you're detailing a state of mind and place in life many have gone through.

I was surely consumed in the emotion as it triggered thoughts and memories I had "forgot" about..

Posted 8 Years Ago

Great write.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I love it. This is amazing!

Posted 8 Years Ago

okay mind.... blown away this is just wow.. greatr great work

Posted 8 Years Ago


Posted 8 Years Ago

this was just absolutly amazing and just fantastic, i loved it!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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