A Poem by ukcnn_

Away away, I have ran away, deep inside of me.

"Away away
I have ran away
Deep inside of me"

I would love for someone to come sit
Right next to me
To talk about anything and nothing
I would love it if someone would
swing sway with me
To walk endlessly
Or roam the streets again and again
Without an aim
Without a place to go to
I would love for someone to go up
To the mountains with me
To go watch the sunset or the sunrise
Whatever let it be
To go run along the clouds
To lay beside the long grass
And let us swallow us alive
...Away away
Deep inside of me...

Away away
Very far away
Deep inside of me
Away away away
I have ran away
Deep inside of me
To this kingdom
That I have built
Deep deep within
That rises everytime
I close my eyes
Away away
Where no one is
And where no one could be
Deep inside a house I have built
As an alibi
As a refugee
Away away
Deep inside this dream
That could never make it
Into reality
Or even into language

And you can never see
You can never be
Everything that they are
Anything that is not
A word
Or a phrase
They can never be
And you can never become
What you cannot see
You have blinded your eyes
You have cut your ears
You have knitted your mouth
And I cannot unsee
I cannot unknow
I can not help
But be
Everything I flee
Everything I hate
Would I ever be something more?..

Would I ever be something more
Than the thoughts that haunts my mind
Or the letters I keep to forget*
Would I ever be something more
Than the dreams I live at night
Or the tears I never shed
Than the language I can not speak
Or all the persons I could be
Would I ever be something more
Than all that takes shape infront of me
But never quite make it into words?
Would I ever be?..

© 2014 ukcnn_

Author's Note

(*): I have the tendency to forget some letters when I write.

I know this is long but I hope you will find it to your liking.

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Added on September 22, 2014
Last Updated on September 26, 2014
Tags: Away, ranaway, deep, thoughts



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