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Examining The Blogophere

Examining The Blogophere

A Story by UncleFossil

Author speaks about TOC mate playing both sides of the fame. He gets praised by authors the publisher banged heads with and did an expose on one of them in recent years.


Over the years I’ve been online, there’s many disturbing little things written about someone and the scary thing about it " when it gets back to your real life friends. I found myself in this situation a number of times and been on the receiving end of this for almost five years. When everyone seen this as they go around editing videos trying to make someone look like they’re clearly not. I watched a few good friends go down in flames because of everything said about them, and it’s a bunch of what they say in the United States Navy, scuttlebutt.

Sometimes people don’t know what the truth is anymore and that’s the thing that gets dangerous, then all the personal turmoil gets out there. If I find anything to write in this column it will go around in an endless cycle. When on the internet, the only crime is being a regular guy who just has a very vocal way of expressing opinions just no matter how unpopular they are. I am not that guy who goes around does live action role playing games or anything within that nature, just an average Joe who tells scary stories. Those collected among you who find this article, see the ugly websites first before you see the truth. Then when you get the truth you want the lie because it sounds so much better than the actual truth.

Wait, aren’t you that f**k who got slandered on that what that site?”

“Why do you go around asking about that s****y website?” 

This is an exchange I see sometimes, but It is few and far between. I got more of the ones coming up to me after seeing something that got published. I’ve seen three or four of those websites that go around creating ways to do the defamation of character. The only way to counter them is to get published in more places, you get these mid-list authors who have a complex thinking they’re screen writers or big shots going around e-mailing the magazines who run your work. I am doing this more to counter a blog that was written on " when sites go around defaming and discrediting everything you’ve done. They go with the argument it isn’t always about you, that’s a crock and I agree with Anne Coulter about this one. Some things they say will take it too far and make it personal. 

When I don’t agree with particular types of writers and vocal about it " I get seen as the bad guy. I watched a few who are getting known as internet personalities who are catching heat for the things they say and the things they think; since when it is a crime to have an unpopular thought pattern. Just because I don’t write for a particular audience and purposely tell them to take a hike, that doesn’t mean I should be shunned for it. These particular mid-list sect seem to claim they have a lot of clout these days, but when I do a web search of them they hardly got noticed for anything let alone written anything in years.

“You’re not an author,” one of them would claim of me.

“Well I got stories sold to small press publishers, that makes me an author,” My rebuttal.

These scattered few go around in the same circles and it goes as far as some who are in the Mass Market Midlist too. One of them went as far to say I have what they called “negative talent.” They actually would admit to contributing to the sites which smear into me to no end and one site actually went and listed up a private address then doctored photographs. I am not going around in circles here, since I just got done writing acontroversial story called House of Cards. When they claim to have some intelligence, I have to beg to differ because they are showing their ignorance in large numbers. I watched these particular circles grow like cockroaches, and believe me they keep coming back.

The nightmares that opened with a blogosphere, and this is the harsh, disturbing reality of it. We’re a wired generation here, and when they see that someone who never really used screen names from the beginning. These are the stories you find yourself asking, “Where’s the talk shows and courts when you need them especially when some of the stories found their way to your real life friends and even your family asking about them?”

When you seen the weblogs out there, and see doctored video footage. This is when you’re friends and former classmates would end up asking. Even when they see the doctored photographs, I watched some of the ugly nature of the beast unfold on message boards when they would post my old phone number one number at a time. The dirty thing about this, people been doing this kind of crap for years. I would like to try to avoid swearing just once, but I am not sure how this particular site takes to vulgarity. I find such websites in the vein of Stupid_Free or the boards on being rather malicious, but when I realize they produced a murderer on the west coast it just adds to my cause. 

The argument is presented to them in an objective method as clearly as one can get, they would rather believe the lie because it seems so much better for them. When the yellow journalist sites go around getting celebrated and while they’re patting themselves on the back, someone who speaks the truth is treated like hell. Just because I don’t agree with certain groups of people in the open does that make me a criminal, no, and this is a genre of fiction where all of “them” try to run the asylum. Some among them would go take it another step further by molesting a copyright of an article for their laugh. 

I pulled one writer aside and asked him, “Man what you doing, do you even buy into their crap?”

He pulled the scripture defense, I am not going to mention his name but we appeared in a TOC together on a project then a few started flooding my inbox with plagiarism claims. I want to actually go on record here that everything I do is original, and what one fuckbag does on a website when he steals my characters. Their webhost is also to blame here. They are enabling them to do this particular stunt. Also there was this joker who called himself “ArcaneArchiver” who went around making my life a living hell on various sites including sabotaging my submissions.I did something I won’t mention here. Readers will have to wait until this hits the streets when I finally get the project done.

I with all honesty and sincerity am expecting some hostile responses for this when it is finally written and published, but what will be accomplished from this may I ask? It’s trying to find out which ones are actually they’re coming clean and admit they are the ones who are the quickest to libel someone. When none of the facts are there, or the facts are there they don’t want to believe them. I’ve seen too many authors I’ve grown to respect in the recent years get hurt over the controversies. Some would like to see me up and retire today from the business, but I am not going to give them that pleasure of making that happen. 

 “You don’t have a career,” some of these bloggers claim. 

When someone gets published for a good respective small press paying market, and where the beginnings of a career as a writer will start from. I am an advocate for people to put their work out themselves too yet there will always be those naysayers who go around saying everything is available for free when not everything that a writer penned is available as a free read. Someone who one starred my book published anime fan fiction on an imprint, and when I did my research of what kind of fan fiction this particular author wrote " the winds of change began to blow. The hypocrisy of the industry is showing themselves strongly now, when one of their own is a fan fiction writer.

Why didn’t I stumble across this before?

It now all makes sense; here’s the bigger picture.

This is a strange world when you see it from a point of view of someone who writes horror and Science Fiction, and the fish bowl known as a blogosphere. When you see these bloggers who go around chasing someone blog to blog, forum to forum, and spreading libelous rumors about someone " you expect something from The Chocolate War to happen. Just some things you know you’re life changed, as I get older and see more credits this happens more. B******s will still content thinking it is for their own amusement. They’d pick it a part, just because they are malicious b******s like that. Especially when one of them is from my HOMETOWN; I said it my home goddamned town.

Those are the types who threw stones in glass houses. Editing the libelous articles and doctoring up bullshit graphics " stealing works and accusing someone of plagiarism. Burning an anthology which featured a deceased author, and I will give this powerful message to them " that author’s blood is on their hands. Seeing the industry having “Plants,” that little circle of the midlist who are taking kickbacks upon kickbacks, breaking their own hand from patting themselves on the back.

It’s not about merit anymore these days; it’s a F*****g Buddy System.

When you look at it like this, and look at what is going on within the blogosphere? It’s a horror story waiting to be written unless it’s already been written. How do you know when you’re in too deep about a story? They are going around smearing you every chance they get. Taking your good name, your likeness, and even your videos then smearing them in dog s**t. They like to accuse me of making different type of slurs. I take ownership of making some of them, and I’ve been on the receiving end of anti-heterosexual slurs too.

This is not a whine, but a setting up for a legitimate argument.

Some of these b******s defecated down my back for 6 years. When I say something with an unpopular perspective, they either take turns ganging up on myself and their world is set afire when the observations are shocking. Calling what I wrote previously a liar when what I wrote is entirely true; they are just scared shitless when someone’s ideas got them by their nuts. When they’re so damn willing to write real person fiction stories that defame someone’s intellect and claim someone’s IQ is less than 80. In all truth and honestly; I will point out when my IQ is just two points under 100. It’s in the span of people who work factory jobs.

When it takes another turn in the key, that turn of a screw in the plot is when the personality is close to home and living to bash the s**t out of someone every chance they get. When the cabal tries to get personal and alienate a best friend of 20 plus years; when they say, “It is not about you.”

That rule doesn’t work when they got personal in wrecking a 20 year plus friendship.

“Horseshit,” is my response to that. 

 My way of doing things everything is personal. When they sabotage book sales, it’s personal. When they’ve libeled my work on Amazon, it’s personal. When a mass market author sabotaged my book signing in a hometown area that’s personal, and when they’ve tried to file a petition about having me committed into a mental hospital that’s personal. The child of the devil well this is what he calls himself too actively telling people to not submit to my anthologies when I paid the authors who needed to be paid. 

You got this with the collaboration of a b*****d who calls himself “wearmany” and “angryinillinois” saying they won because I didn’t make videos. In all honesty -- well I am still planning to do them, but just on a larger scale. One of the reasons I am gunned for the most by the slash writing population and by the fans of authors I hate will be this, I am not afraid to put my cards on the table. They demand an apology, but the only thing they end up getting is the middle finger. Making the claims when I make angry remarks and calling “hate speech,” and I do think rappers Eminem and 50 go the right idea even though I don’t personally listen to them. 

I am not an erotica author or a writer who writes sexually charged fiction; just a regular guy who has ideologically shocking ideas. You put someone with an ideology that goes against the status quo; and looks at a world with a point of view that was always there.  Me vs. the world mentality. Why is it like that, it always been me vs. the world. So you look at those slanderous articles and doctored pictures then see this, be objective at looking at this. Just maybe you might be able to read between the lines.'


© 2018 UncleFossil

Author's Note


Originally Published On In 2008

Back in the winter of 2008 I had given then fledgling published author of The Way Station and The Sliding some real insight about the jokers who had stifled me. One of them I outed as a fanfiction writer with her body of work being in the Gargoyles Fandom. This is also posted on with additional coding.
     Author's photo is from his facebook profile as it's under fair use to report an article. Ramsey Campbell was later praising him while still shitting on the roster known as The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five. One of them who later became noticed as being portrayed in the film Spotlight. The author who was badmouthing me on my blog comments when I did my commentary on a far-off local friend from Ghosts in the Tornado, The Pattern Of Diagnosis, and Apt. #2W. first written era. His comments were edited to make him more vile. He was noted for taking aim at me via his LiveJournal when I had a feed from one of my era blogs on which was one of the more popular blogs of that location. One of my responses to those who even take aim at The Cabbie Homicide: October 13, 1993. "Go back to reading fanfiction of Poppy Z. Brite, shit-stabbing knob jockey!" Poppy Z. Brite and Ramsey Campbell became aware of my Shut up Hannibal moments as I do them on; during the era of this article became enraged.
     This was when Encyclopedia Dramatica was taking direct aim at me and were pissed at my barbs at them. They called my barbs even meaner as one of the barbs at two of the author's praising my co-discovery they should be saying "yer welcome" to me for finding him. Instead of enabling a plagiarist from to gank The Pattern of Diagnosis. Some of the blogtrolls when caught blasting this backpedaled when I said, "you fucking invited plagiarism of my catalog to the table." Some of the fanfiction writers who were outed as such were pissed. Especially when they knew they fucked with a creative nonfiction writer who brought the medium into the indie publishing circles.

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