Bully:  A Study

Bully: A Study

A Story by UncleFossil

Thanx to archive.org, I was able to recover this one from my old wordpress.com blog and added more to the updated 6480 word article. This was just before The Shadow Dolls Plagiarism Affair.

There are some things one shouldn’t do if they were starting out with a magazine, especially if they’re the rookie magazine. She is now a phone w***e named Mistress Rowan. That is start a fight with an established one. I don’t always set out to start fights with people online, but when they go calling me a disease. I will say something shocking but not hard swear at them. There are three examples of the cyber bully I am going to illustrate in this piece. I am clear with this piece, the ones without a face and use an e-mail address just like the original. Then they use the person’s e-mail address as the reply-to. Just as the case with the one called Nickolaus Arnold Pacione. The a*****e created a storefront on lulu.com using my company, Broken Mindframe Books as the name on the storefront.
     “Because of your little statement, I am going to hack into your lulu.com and delete everything on you,” types Sammi E. Cox. Caught an outrage too when she also called me a virus in the same chat session. Her actions reminded me of the ex-disgraced editor of Gothic.net, Darren P. McKeeman. I say these two are equally as bad and they would get along well drinking a cup of coffee in San Francisco. I originally said nothing for Cox to start up on me via Facebook.com.
       Some people lack the mutual respect not to start up with someone especially when they would be so willing to make a horror target out of them. I am an expert when it comes to dealing with trolls online. I am going to put both Nickolaus Arnold Pacione and Sammi E. Cox on the spot, in my wording verbally escort them both to the gallows. Their sense of morals are just beyond fucked up for someone to fathom " or in this case, they’re amoral. The one known as Slade Kraven is corrupt as Blago is; the only difference between him and Blago is Blago is locked up for his corruption.
      When she calls someone retarded on a chat room, and someone was in the special education system " as I have, that’s a serious online fight waiting to happen. I was thrown from the Vampirefreaks.com cult because I was voted out on a corrupt deal; he asked for a vote and to ask why I should remain then he turned around had nine of his friends -- one of them plagiarized me vote me out and that shows how corrupt he is. We had our fill of corrupt leaders. Janrae Frank was also corrupt too. I wasn't corrupt when I became a publisher and never was corrupt; I sometimes ask when I pick a writer for the roster -- can I also hang out with them too at a diner 2 in the morning or at a museum. As some of the writers are not full time authors; as I am a full time author and a part time publisher but now they are interlinked. I am both full time.
       This I call a study and the psychological anatomy of a bully. The online version seem to have no age and can take in form of computer nerds. I seen the ugly side of Sammi E. Cox and I am going to expose that " the harpie threatened to sue me for using her name in a story, well for what since I am going to do this examining her very amoral psychology.
        Her behaviour online is less than professional, though she likes to brag about how many books she sold.  But at what expense -- trying to stifle another writer from selling theirs. I’ve seen this before in 2004 when it came to Darren McKeeman. I will illustrate here the examples they are setting for their kids. And that is not a very good one, their actions I say are what they call rather goonish for their own good. 
      It’s the kind of thing where a group of people would be willing to have a party and make a little money smashing the said bullies ride for $20.00 a hit with a sledgehammer. I’ve seen the bullying come from all ages in the horror genre, and the ones who are the worst are the mass market mid-list. But it’s the one who is the troll setting fire to one’s publications is the worst kind of cyber bully, the kind that one would be out for blood if one sees them in person.
      There are some things one doesn’t do " and that is tamper with one’s disability benefits or tamper with how they get their anger out there. Trying to take away someone’s vehicle to get other writers out there when someone did nothing wrong to the offender originally. Attempting to do a story using the original writers title and concepts is something that isn’t done either. I told the one person to leave that story well enough alone. Her response, “Up Yours.”
      Another appeared using my photograph from 2005 that I used in my own magazine, violating someone’s copyright and everything. I am thinking he’s using the trolls e-mail address or the fake e-mail accounts because he was angry that I got the one shut down from yahoo.com. If Sammi E. Cox threatens my inbox again " I just might send a friendly letter to yahoo/AT&T of her abuse of the system. I will be willing to cause a denial of service attack to see to it that she doesn’t bully other people who were in a special education system. 
      “Your responses are flat out disgusting,” she gripes.
      Well I would rather be disgusting when it comes to people like that, they’re lower than cockroach s**t in my eyes. I wish I can quote that one speech the contestant made about not giving the other person water to drink if she was left in a desert but damn, when I heard it " that had to be the most elaborate way of saying, “F**k You” I ever heard. Making a huge mistake calling me a disease, a very huge mistake calling me retarded in a social networking site.
      One should not have chased me social networking site to social networking site. One author said, “I see what these goons are doing and I applaud you for outlasting them.” I will outlast and that’s my biggest weapon. I outlasted LASH on firefly.com when he lost his domain, Writings From The Grave won What I deal with here is similar to what Mancow had to deal with when he deals with Howard Stern. I’ve seen what Sammi E. Cox writes in her first collection, I am not going to plunk down the money for it.
      I would rather buy a book by late author Barbara Malenky than any of Cox’s work. She is up there with the troll that was going on as my name, using an e-mail address similar to mine and using my gmail.com address to have people reply to it. Trying to get people saying that I actually said the things he said. Both of them are mongrels in my eyes " elaborate excuses of white trash who never did anything that amounted to their life. It’s up there with the owner of The Writers Of Darkness starting crap with me on another website, and what makes me sick is that he’s from my home state.
      This is the statement I made that really set her off, “What kind of example are you setting for your kids Cox? You’re nothing but a carbon copy of Darren McKeeman of Gothic.net who was nothing but a bully " I got him, and cost him his job editing Gothic.net. I will tell you what kind of example your giving your two kids, you’re giving them permission to bully people. But what if one of those people get pissed off and decide it’s time for you to make funeral arrangements for both of them? 
      Don’t underestimate the enemy especially if that enemy is more established. You picked on the wrong writer and the wrong writer’s family because all 300 Pacione’s want your blood for that little remark.” 
      That wasn’t a death threat, that was standing my ground. That is one I became very well known in the horror community and the writing community at large for doing. I used the 300 Paciones as an illustration of my annoyance and rage. One of my cousins actually wants to do a blog giving her a piece of her mind " in other words, she wants to step into the scary place known as the blogosphere. She brags that there are a lot of sites out there dogging on me, well I actually looked and counted. There’s only 15 and it’s the same people leaving comments on a thread saying rather derogatory things at my expense. One of them was on my other blog saying, “When you die your work is going to die with you and I will see to it that it does.”
      When other publishers go around reviewing pirated books " does that make one want to buy their wares? That is what I have in the attitude towards Sammi E. Cox because she’s rather unprofessional. I know that I am on Predators and Editors shitlist because how some get cussed out, well to tell the truth, I wear my heart on my sleeve. When my contributors are harassed, I do have their back.
      I don’t like when an ex-publisher goes around smearing someone because they went on and got published somewhere else. I don’t scream at contributors for submitting to the rival publication " I don’t bully the rival publication, but I’ve been known to heckle Fred Coppersmith’s publication because he called my work stale. I am still angry about when GUD leaked part of my short story. And when I see that blue haired idiot siding with someone trying to say, “I am going to hack your storefront and delete everything. Then I am going to call social security and have you thrown in jail.”
      I will admit " I’ve made a lot of enemies in the business because of my hardline stances against homosexuality, and this is the one that put me on Cox’s radar. I saw what Nickolaus Arnold Pacione is attemping to do, and with one of them I actually made peace with them " in good faith they took down the review of an unfinished project. I won’t mention them by name here, but when they did that I really appreciated it. But when I see these two going out of their way to make one’s life a living hell, I sometimes wonder what lives in their unstable minds and amoral nature.
      When they call me a virus, a disease, do you think I would be polite to them? Would you if it was you? I’ve seen and known their kind for a good long time " I see them as a virus that needs to be put down in some way. Not kill them, but do something that really makes them what they’re really in their nature and that is a bully. I get bullied for my hardline stances in the business, and this one who is trying to kick me around really knows nothing about me.
      “I am going to make the one person think you’re the one saying these things, I am going to have him become your new best friend,” types the psychotic carbon copy. I am willing to bet that he would be the type to come on a place like VampireFreaks.com and use my younger version pictures with short hair " well, that has happened five times within one week. What this one is doing is nothing short of what Eric Enck pulled years ago " I learned that it was Enck that got my anthology pulled, well I took his story out when it first went to press. 
      I paid the a*****e $16.00 then he stabbed me in the back. I see what Enck pulled when I see what Sammie E. Cox is doing in the present. This was almost like two years ago. I see her in the same as then, Timothy Leider, formerly of Dubbyk Books. I looked on the market listing and they list his book company a dead market. So I see him as washed up, a has been. Cox and Leider are from different generations but both are bullies who were bloggers before they were publishers. Since this was first written Timothy Lieder had ended the feud between my outfit and his, as some of his roster are now friends of mine in the industry.
      That is one of the reasons I don’t submit to The House Of Horror (no link for her, she doesn’t get the pleasure of the free publicity. But I found an interview from the era that's still floating around as her photo from that interview is used with this report with additional commentary.) That was one of Leider’s stunts in 2004, and it’s nothing new. In my eyes, she’s another Dybbuk Press. She hides behind a monitor with a picture that supposed to be blood on her face, well according to another writer " it looks like chocolate cake. When I was in charge of a social networking site with another author, I kept resetting her picture and doing something that I borrowed from diary-x when they were around. I kept doing things to this one as in no posting them and locking their threads as punishment.
      But when I see them trying to do the things their attempting to do on different social networking websites, the bullying I mean " I don’t get mad, I will start pulling out the journalist act and do an expose. So when I do a study as of this, it makes me think if they were bullying people all their life or were they the one who were bullied? I do see them as possible subjects on The Jerry Springer Show as they get heckled on the panel. I can also picture jokers like this getting on the panel of Maury then getting boo’d as they are getting on the panel. 
      So when I tell my story of the bullies " it would go back as far as being a kid. But when I see someone like Sammi E. Cox trying to team up with my ex-fiancee, it makes my blood boil because she might get a lot of dirt on me. She came up with the lie about me beating my son in the chat. A statement like that is rather libelous, and I am going to bury her with it. I hope she can handle the can of worms she opened. There are just some things one doesn’t say, and that was one of those things. A vicious lie like that is hard to recover from.
      “You beat your kid,” she types. This is a lie that Robert Baupader would make on a few message boards (who was now caught plagiarizing me,) and she would go around promoting the troll on her blog talk radio show. Yeah she’s feeding the troll. That not only fuels my resolve but also fuels a lot of hatred for the black hearted harpie. 
      Yeah keep running her mouth, the black hearted harpie. She has the kind of fortitude to go around screwing with someone’s accounts and trying to mass mail different people saying, “hack publishers must die and you’re a f*****g hack publisher.”
      That " one would call a challenge to one’s integrity. That, is just as bad as openly plagiarizing someone. As what Sammi E. Cox is planning to do with one of my short stories, a short story that really broke me open in 2004. She then states, “shut up and let a real writer do their work.” 
      Yeah a real writer in her, more like a sick joke that’s not been constant for 10 years. Her writing period started when I was just starting to see a following and was running an e-mail service that saw 200 end users. If anything, she deserves to be blacklisted for messing with someone who has a history of mental illness, calling someone retarded " oh watch the disabled watchdog groups breathe down her a*s. I guess she really likes to screw with people who are disabled in different ways. When they accuse me of being a homophobe, well no, I just don’t agree with any form of homosexuality.
      When this one threatens to hack my storefront, that’s a fight waiting to happen " that’s up there with paying a writer and stabbing one in the back after they get paid. That’s what Eric Enck pulled when I was doing the fourth book of the anthology I edit. Then he puts together a publishing house that hasn’t released anything in two years up to writing this. I get bullied because I refuse to tow the partyline and that’s what it is these days; I never threatened to kill Sammi E. Cox. I just made a very dark and cryptic statement because she’s setting an example to her two kids that’s it is fine to bully people. Those of who are part of her anthology in 2009 reading this, I am giving the true skinny about this winner.
      Her ex-boyfriend e-mailed me rather recently too. I do give my apologies in this for cussing him out in an e-mail. What he revealed to me is that Cox still uses his e-mail address to harass people. When Melany and I were on the outs " I basically removed all her e-mail addresses from my address books, and recently deleted the photos in my file manager I had of her from when we first started dating. 
      Now with her bedding with the enemy, it makes me want to expose her too for the attempted plagiarism she wants to do with my novella " something that isn’t a joke or should be taken lightly. Bullies commonly commit plagiarism just to get a rise out of a person. Then they would go as far as watermark one’s artwork and photographs, then copy an entry forbade tem " word for word. Stealing articles and screen capping an article on another website so they can steal possible earnings from a person. Sammi E. Cox got me thrown off Associated Content.com because she didn’t like what I was going to say or said.
      What she’s doing repeatedly by threatening my social security and what Nickolaus Arnold Pacione are doing is a double assault of character assassination. The latter is something Brian Keene is quite infamous for doing. She’s taking pages out of The Brian Keene playbook when she’s chasing people forum to forum, I’ve seen her do this on vampire freaks and with her blog on blogger.com. So she wants me to tell the truth about her " I am not going to praise the hacks “work.” 
      So she wants to walk the razors edge? I guess it’s time to burst the bully’s bubble. She lives in a fantasy world that is about to crumble as a cigarette ash. I see the two of them as something that needs to be taught an expensive lesson, one where it’s time to cost them a few book sales. I just hope every publisher out there is in the earshot of reading this one, get a good look at her " see her, don’t publish her. If she’s going to pull the pages from either Keene’s or McKeeman’s book, I guess it’s time to pull out everything I got and expose her for the white trash scumbag she is. One I was chatting with stated of her, “What does S..E. Cox stand for? Sucks Easy Cox.” 
      She said the Sucks part " I just put the Easy in there when putting two and two together. I am just waiting for someone to actually use pictures of her staff to wipe themselves and load them up to YouTube.com I will say this much when she has a name S.E. Cox " she’s going to end up walking into that one. If I really wanted to be, I could be a really damn dirty magpie with his mind in the gutter. I’ve dealt with her kind when I was in charge of the Goth community on LiveJournal.com " famously banned 20 people in one day. All because they all called me a word I hate " and that’s the word slow.. 
      She really thinks she’s got me by my stones. Well I have one of those personas that I will say exactly what I think, and some things people don’t have the balls to say. I am about to throw her entire world into the fire here, and when I see her kind doing things like this " there would be an anger there about her opening old wounds by calling me “retard.” 
      I am thinking she might sit down and have a coffee with the a*****e using my name to cause trouble, dealing with a damned Wal-Mart greeter who’s got no friends. And what the hell does Sammi E. Cox have me figured out as? I am not a joke or a punch line. When I got banned from Writingforums.com I actually exposed her as the bully she is -- I likened the plagiarists to the 9/11/2001 terrorists; and that was something that pissed the forum off saying something that radical. This time it was worth it. I am really questioning if she had the formal education to handle being a publisher or a writer for that matter. Because one thing, her people skills need to be flushed because it’s a steamer " her attitude smells like a decaying piece of s**t.
      I really hate when cyber bullies hide behind their business or publication to be a c**t. I see her in the same f*****g light as Timothy Lieder, then with Lieder until he woke up. She’s the d********g for her religion, and I just got done rubbing my nuts on her so called “career.” Since she likes to talk a lot of trash about me and her new found friend likes to do the same f*****g thing " I think they should get together and take turns eating their a*s nuggets. I don’t want to be smelling either of their breath after that one. 
      I am going to say that she’s dealing with someone who has being offensive down to an art form. If I am going to piss someone off, I would not do it by sneaking around creating fake pages of the enemy in question. I find that practice quite lowbrow, but I will not be shy to send their profile to MyspaceScum.com Some a*****e did that to my profile. I still want the loser’s blood for it " so that should show what kind of bullies I deal with, and all of them do the gang up thing as in they take someone and corner them on a message board much like a few people pulled on writer face.com.
      I personally don’t play the numbers game, much like the f***s on TwilightSucks.com. This is something I see Sammi E. Cox and Nickolaus Arnold Pacione pulling all the time if they have the backing to get more people bullying a press that’s outlasted many out there. I’ve been around for a good long time, and I am not planning to retire or go black anytime soon. As much as these bullies threaten me or try to say they own me, no one owns me. I own me solely. One of the ones from that site said and I quote, "If I could really wanted to I could plagiarize you and get away with it." Don't even joke about plagiarism with me as a form of bullying; I had read about Stephen Glass and had spent time in Highland Park -- as this was originally written in 2010; there are some aspects that are updated with this and some will show in my soon to be published Christian testimony. 
       There are things that I find unforgivable at times " trying to get my anthologies pulled is one of those things, and threatening to hack my storefront is another. Breaking my heart, I can recover from " f**k with my integrity, that’s something I seek blood. My anger gives me the drive to get out there,
      Melissa Ann Brite made a huge mistake in underestimating me " doubting I was a writer to begin with. So I made my career out of answering her one question with authority. What’s frightening about me is this, my anger scares me because it drives me to say things that I have a hard time believing that I say " then I will say it with authority to people who practice the act of bullying people for one reason or another. I get bullied by an a*****e who went to school with one of my step-cousins. 
      He went to school with Brian W. (I am refraining from using my step-cousin’s last name but the a*****e who’ve been harassing me via his blog entries calls himself Ben E. Carlos. Hey a*****e " grow some balls and come up with some content other than picking apart my integrity calling me a f*****g wanna-be. He thinks he can attain instant fame from harassing me and making dehumanizing comments " the a*****e even thought of driving to my family‘s residence to send a note saying I need to be locked away. Even his mother gets into the act of bullying people, it‘s almost if she has a thing for harassing the disabled.
      People like Sammi E. Cox are going to wish I was aborted by the time I am done with all of them who go around making me some target. They act like I did something as bad as shooting their dog. I wouldn’t harm an animal though I am not an animal rights activist, but I will say when people do what they do in some places " as in creating a fake account of someone as what Sammi E. Cox pulled on face book. She created an account of me with one of the fake covers that Encyclopedia Dramatica published on their site trying to assume that was the cover for my magazine. I know she uses that site to try to make me look like I am less than human, almost if I need to be eradicated like I am not worthy of living on this world.
      Well I hate to break it to her loyal readerships, but she openly crossed the line one too many times with me " bragging about how she will harass the line up to get my publications pulled from lulu.com. 
      Then she goes saying, she will go around saying not to submit to my pub and made the promise that I will not have a line up. These sort of things she pulled are shocking, and it takes someone who is playing it cool to fire back in a way that is more calculating than she ever thinks one is " and when I take someone apart I actually use psychological warfare.
      She never seen a man on the edge, or seen one willing to fight to keep what’s theirs. Hearing from her ex-boyfriend on the matter " what he said of her using his e-mail address to harass people, they really need to take their head out of their a*s when it comes to Nickolaus Arnold Pacione and Sammi E. Cox, but I really think they take turns eating dog s**t for dinner.
      Now I can see her saying, “I am going to make N Paci 1 wish he never said what he said of my parenting. The f*****g retard is mine.” 
      I think she would find it better that she was living in Nazi Germany or North Korea, well she is what they call an ex-patriot. Because she threatens to sick Johnny Law on me for using her as a horror plaything,. Well she just unleashed my inner sociopath when she pulled the word out that one should never call someone with a learning disability. Now what I said of her parenting is up there with Darren McKeeman’s as what Seth lindburg said of me in AIM, “this is frightening, both of you are very much alike " except that he’s more vindictive.”
      I was very close to shutting McKeeman’s LiveJournal down but he pulls out the lie from his a*s, “I am a huge fan of Nickolaus Albert Pacione.” Bullshit, fans don’t create fake twitter accounts using one’s key photo from a year and the name that they go by on there. What he did was impersonate me. Sammi E. Cox made herself easy prey, and when she threatened to hack my storefront " that is jumping in shark infested waters with a huge cut in her arm. She’s basically ringing the dinner bell for those who are wanting payback. She’s going to be in for a well publicized war that will go on for years, when she picks a fight with an established editor and publisher " that is something one doesn’t do.
      My roster author who sold a story to the magazine she runs told me, “Try to be nice to her.” 
      Then when I told him what she called me, he said, “Okay now you can give her s**t. Calling you a disease is just not cool.”
      That’s all I wanted to hear, and now the administer of agitation is on a roll. When I do the study on bullies or people who do bully, when they go around on places like Stupid Free, fuckyoulist, or FandomWank, the one thing they have in common is they are amoral pricks.. just so they can make one’s life a living hell. I have this to say to Cox, if she even thinks of hacking my storefront or threaten my disability benefits " I will go after her with all guns blazing.
      If she wants to call me retarded, I hope she isn’t messing with a bull because she’s getting the horns. I am going after her like I am going after Nickolaus Arnold Pacione, he better hope I don’t figure out which Wal-Mart he works at. I already looked up his name in Morris Community High School " there is no Nickolaus Arnold Pacione there. As some a*****e appeared as my pen name using a photograph of mine from 2005, I am on the verge of getting him pulled from the whole website all together.
      I am going after them the way my mother went after Sire of Darksites.com for listing our family’s address on his site. Saying he updated my website for me and all of that crap, holding my files hostage like some faceless f****t. I didn’t threaten his life when he held them hostage, but I will say this " that is something one just doesn’t do. I admit to playing an elaborate joke on someone in a chatroom by having someone turn their website into a preachy Christian website. That was after I remembered the person gave me their password so I can modify their website for them and link it to their screen name in a chatroom. I am going to use this article to make the statement towards one author who just cleared their name, I do apologize for wiping myself on with the first page of the book. She forced my hand in joining CreateSpace.com in 2008 but now I think I have the tools and technology to do what I did when I was then with lulu.com -- as that infernal forum she was a regular on too; well the site that beats on me also beat on them too.
      But if Cox puts a freebie story up there " I am not going to read it, I am going to print it off to wipe myself with it. She is the classic definition of editors behaving badly, but she’s messing with a man who is even more a bad boy than Brian Keene claims to be. The rattle of the snake’s tail is going now, so don’t thread on me. I chew bullies out and spit them out because it’s something I had dealt with all my life; even adults get bullied and this is a prime example of it. When I first started as a publisher, I didn’t go out seeking fights.
      They actually picked them with me on JournalScape.com. I got baited into Message Board Of The Damned, and one of them almost cost me my anthology slot in the anthology that launched my print career. A school teacher from Michigan, but now out of Tampa was the one who drawn first blood on AuthorsDen.com for posting every link to every story in the anthology. I actually wanted to kick his a*s for this one. Then the other who kept calling my anthologies, pseudo-anthologies. I wanted to flat out kill that a*****e for saying it " I think it was the f**k named Peter Barnes who steals my message board postings on an other site. This one is another that harassed me during the era of the first and second outings as an editor; this one is mad because I murdered the blog that invaded my family's privacy. (I explain I am not from Morris, I didn't grow up there or born there -- if one was to thumb around the tumblr.com they would know I am from DuPage County. She reminded me too much of this plagiarizing b***h.)
      He has no respect for people’s creative properties and another classic cyber-bully. I actually wrote about this one in my book. Describing the faceless a*****e and his crimes against the disabled really put things to light, because he’s got the stones to harass publishers out dropping my stories. But when it comes to Cox, I will say this much " she’s buddy-buddy with the e-zine that used me as a f*****g pawn to get back at SNM Horror E-Zine. (The layout of that one looks generic and Cox’s e-zine is an eyesore when it was active. Since this was originally written; SNM Horror and I made our peace and these two alleged magazines are now out of business.)
      If the harpie wants to b***h and whine about what I said here, the only place that will listen to her is the community called Stupid Free. They hate me anyway when I did nothing to them originally. Yeah the harpie has a f*****g double chin, and with the thing about her two kids. I doubt they came from the same father if some of the readers here are hinting at what I say of lady scumbag. And who’d want to f**k that skank? This is one of those types when I ask myself, “Where is the site myspacescum.com when you really need them?”
      She goes around endorsing writers that clearly go against what I believe too. I am very driven by my beliefs at times then the other is by anger and injustice. She is a female version of the villain in the novel, The Chocolate War. I’ve seen myself standing up against shitstains like this most of my life " then with Nickolaus Arnold Pacione (I really think that is an invented persona for a troll.) For me, Horror is real life and that is a statement I made in an interview three years ago with skullring.org upon finishing the fourth sequel to an anthology series and writing the memoir.
      (That site is now defunct. The masses from a message board were mad as hell because of what I said about refusing to tow the party line.
      I see what Sammi E. Cox is attempting to do is a failed effort at intimidation, and what I accomplished by making the dark and strong statement is I got in her head. I am not scared of any of the trolls. I really think the ones who hide behind fake names or invented personas are scared of showing their true face. So with this being said and written, I made what I was going to say perfectly clear, and now this will be in the hands of Maury and Wilkos, so it would give me a chance to stand my ground in person.
      Say what I said here face to face with the tormentors. One thing I will say in this closing statement to all the people going so far to bully someone who was in special education, welcome to the subhuman race because that is what they are proving themselves to be. Subhuman. As one of my friends would call them, mental midgets or mutants. Well I like the coinage of mutant because it’s even more insulting. 
      When one of the trolls said the mongrel remark to another who gave me a hard time, he thought I was the one who said it but I was giving him all the e-mails that mutant wrote to me. He used a trick that I also know with rocketmail.com and yahoo.com e-mail addresses, one can put other e-mails one has in the from box. I was thinking, why the hell didn’t I catch this before " I know the trick myself, but I don’t do it for criminal acts like what the troll did. I have seen people call me a botched abortion which is something that pisses me off because I am a teen pregnancy. The one known as Flemco doesn’t have the balls or guts to say the things he says about me or about my contributors to my face.
      And when I see his book " I am not going to buy it, and when I see him in Chicago with his books as a paperback, I am going to present this ultimatum. Either take the page down about me, or I will tell the damn world what he said to one of the contributors on a blog comment as I dangle his book over a Zippo. Especially since he said that to a woman, he told her to that he hopes she gets run over by a garbage truck. Grant is white trash to the core for that remark, I actually want to kick the s**t out of him for doing it (for those of you looking to go at it with him, he calls himself flemco.) He may as well have punched a woman between the eyes like a coward. What Sammi E. Cox did is just as bad as what James Grant had done. She’s another Darren McKeeman, and like McKeeman her house of cards will fall too.

* end *

© 2019 UncleFossil

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Author's Note


This is an older 2010 article that is updated to relate to the recent events you see on my tumblr.com blog as I was suspended for 30 days when I was trying to do the right thing on vampirefreaks.com. The anonymous support staff are really not prepared for a Stephen Glass to emerge. That's what happened when they had Robert L. Baupader aka baupdeth. Some of my modern era blogs speak of what happened in detail with Keene enabling plagiarism too as I caught four plagiarism attempts of my work alone this year so this article still remains because of archive.org i was reunited with this. You are not seeing any of my fiction on this site but this is my journalism on display. The admin of the H. P. Lovecraft group was manipulated by the plagiarists.
     What's something that angers me is those who are their advocates like Robin Eduardo who goes on as Zombie Diva who hijacked my pen name and tried to make my son his faggot lover that's not even funny -- anyone connected to the Draverana Crime Family needs to get out of the industry. The sick thing now is they got people convinced to hate me locally and that's fucking wrong in my eyes when I work with teenage writers to get them in their work in the hands of magazines and publications -- I publish a teenager every now and then but keep the publishing teens a rare thing. I don't even date women under 29 years old; I will publish you if you are over 16 but models the required age to model for my publications is 26. You must be 18 to be paid because you have to have a paypal account. The reason that Caustic has me on his shitlist is because I said, "retire you fucking drunk." That stemmed from a 2007 thing he attempted to pull and I banned him over this. If you all think I am an asshole for putting this out there there is something called doing the right thing.

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