Boycotting Truth

Boycotting Truth

A Story by UncleFossil

What do you do when truth is getting boycotted? This was pulled from Wattpad because one of the characters didn't like the truth told about them -- does have one name change. Expose of Burke.




It is clear to me when I confronted Gwen Rose who interviewed Kealan Patrick Burke, known now for The Turtle Boy as in 2004.  I became known for Lake Fossil and House of Spiders, then 2006 for Spectral Exile.  The cabal often picked on Insect and the slash fanfiction fandom had invoked a witch-hunt over the horror story that had their number.

      In 2011 I introduced a dark self-reflective horror short story in my second namesake that made my better known cult pieces a little more frightening. I had called her out in a facebook chat. She was trying to boycott someone who is born a day before him.  I am born August 3, 1976, and he was born August 4, 1976. That is something that I noticed with Kealan Patrick Burke as I became even more pissed with him when I found his story on The House of Pain E-Zine by help of  What he failed to realize I introduced dark literature to creative nonfiction in 2002 then got noticed for it a bit further in 2006 when I wrote The Pattern of Diagnosis. Then by some chance ending up finding some of the Stephen Glass fabrications (as one can see my piece about this on my facebook page -- as an exclusive to the page.)

It was up there with Mike E. Purefield in 2004 as that was my first feud with a House of Pain alumni. Everyone’s had been more than cool to me.  Brian Keene had gone after my SSN and John Mayberry refused to listen to me on what I was trying to tell him.  This expose one may see as a study of eerie observations as what you see with either me or Kealan is well more or less one in a million. I have pointed out he was known for quiet horror where I was doing hard horror since I was a freshmen in high school.

This as I will reveal is Kealan Patrick Burke’s first major controversy and believe me the measure of a man is who stands in challenge and controversy as Martin Luther King, Jr. had once related. The Cabbie Homicide emerged on ThoughtCafe (now defunct as J. M. Heluk who eventually appeared on The Chimeraworld anthologies and in Tabloid Purposes 3’s second spot. Helluk compared The Cabbie Homicide to The Tell-Tale Heart as she during this era been writing for a newspaper in her area.)  This piece; well tells the full story of Kealan Patrick Burke’s first controversy and it materialized just in 2014. I revealed he was on The House of Pain in 2002 and I appeared less than two years later; as I am sure those who read creepypasta might find some interesting fodder with this piece.  He was pissed because I revealed his high fantasy trope as he tries to see this as his past shame; as I got noticed for a frightening taxi cab confessionArt Barnum was one of the Chicago Tribune reporters who reported on my classmate who murdered the cab driver in 1993 (as in November of 1994 he was sent off by the Department of Corrections.) I remembered how brutal the murder was in detail.  Like what I wrote at the end of The Cabbie Homicide -- I venomously chronicled how he cried like a little b***h (inmate Porras wasn't pleased of this true crime narrative's existence as I played him up like a drug addicted monster.  His fear was of being caught like the nameless narrator in The Tell-Tale Heart while Eric Wright had no remorse when caught -- as his emotion was blank akin to Michael Myers of Halloween.) 

As I am in facebook jail at the time of writing this because of a post I did; where I had stated what Brian Keene did going after my SSN.  I know how wattpad had been a vehicle for fan fiction writers and original fiction writers alike, but what about putting out an article or two.   I am sure Jet Berelson had TOSsed me from over exposing his staff for not speaking up for my work to get stolen; when they refused to honor my DCMA report. They kept Brian Keene as the handle TheLegendKeeper because he was as Shattered Glass relates of Stephen Glass when they canned him -- what's the f*****g word oh yeah, “entertaining.” 

Don’t trust anyone who goes around writing 100 fan fics;  because it is her circle that had pulled what they did in 2011 with the piece I wrote called A Personal Stalker and the liar who is going around saying she’s my “biographer.”  I have no “biographer” if I did I would had enlisted a longtime friend from college or high school I am still cool with.  It was a known fan of Kealan Patrick Burke and Mary Sangiovanni who had stolen one of my stories as the “she-goon” praised the potato breath.

I will go on record and even a “she-goon” by the name of E. Monroe had got pissed because I said,  “Being a c**t has no color.”  When J.T. Larsen had harassed me for years along with Christine Morgan who is known on as the same name as her professional name. For many years she was going out of her way to sabotage my submission calls.  How they always picked on Insect when, I have wrote more than that. The fact she really got the name for ‘Fossil Lake’ press from a mess up had done because Kevin Lucia queried to me using ‘Fossil Lake’ when it is Lake Fossil Press.  That being after he was first introduced in an anthology I discovered as I was finishing up Tabloid Purposes IV.  The f****t, Michael Brendan, aka Michael Mullig would edit my comments on his about section to make me look like I was "jealous" and a kiss-a*s to Kealan, Mary Sangiovanni and Cherie M. Priest.  The truth is I invited Kealan for a publication as an act of goodwill but the Bog Irish Pig snubbed me like I was scum.  Popular fiction -- I prefer being the delegate of the underground as I introduced an untapped form to independent literature as I did the your example of darker and edgier in creative nonfiction.  I brought a take on horror that was an unexamined territory in horror as I brought the real life horrors from where I grew up and combined the Gothic atmosphere of Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft; then use real places, real cities and neighborhoods like Matheson did.

There is a huge scandal that I exposed last year with Joe Ripple and Mary Sangiovanni in the wake of what happened to Robin Williams killing himself. Joe Ripple threatened to make sure I would never sell a book again.  That sounds like a threat on my career to me as he became friends with the plagiarist who stole Stygian  Dealer, along with two my former classmates who had did so too.  Sheri Hibbett and Robert Champion turned around and became friends with the plagiarist who stole from me then denied it up and done. 

The fact being all of us are now on the same platform to put our work out there. I was there long before Brian Keene was;  meaning I was there since the Booksurge years and didn’t use for years but had an account on there then forgetting my password.   I had written an article that is going to go around by means of EPUB as this nails Kevin of over banning me on a lie just like did. 

“You replied to me in an e-mail with Obama burning the Constitution!”

That was just after I took on 

Joseph Rubas pointed out with me,  “What did when tossing Pacione,  that was awakened the sleeping giant as Pacione was willing to take on with own page.”   

Horns pointed out, “They’re quite afraid.” 

They want to treat me as a joke, the joke is on them because I am someone who really should be feared but the one I am only scared shitless of is God.   Rose was really offended by what I said I would rather keep walking if she was  begging for food knowing what she pulled on " as some were trying to get me silenced on there;  I am sure Twitter Support has a lot to answer to because they kept a plagiarist on there. the owner of the site saw me going at it with him as he accused me of being a fraud publisher when I had been up front with everyone. 

One aspect I added to my policy how many you want and how many you need? 

Where that will come into play when the smaller page count anthologies are published and I pay about $2-$3 a copy as I saw Issue Five as the version printed out and handed to me.   I told John Mayberry time to speak up against what Brian Keene had done infamous b***h who said I needed, “Decades of therapy.”   Impersonating my personal friends and correspondents on’s community board " in an e-mail to the Executive Customer Relations guys;  I saw what some of these jokers did and CreateSpace knew I did a 180.  I still consider writers as friends but my war is with the Powers That Be to make sure what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else.  That had me disclose all the names of the a******s who bullied authors and BookSurge era authors by using still reels from what I pulled on them -- the guys of another imprint got a hold of me as I spoke with them as I told my story with and The place I found before Kevin started singing about how there are other places.  Well it will piss him off I am about to get writers who got noticed electronically first " never had a print publication get to see their first print anthology.  The fact of the matter is it almost turned me unpublished.

I got mad enough at Gwen Rose and told her, “Get a f*****g job you fannish hack.  You want to treat those who have a learning disability or mental health problem like they are a loony. I am sorry but if you’re just getting noticed for putting your hand down your pants to Mothman aren’t you just a thinly veiled slash writer?” 

The first time I ever told someone to give up too so harshly.  Her response was she put me on her guest list of her facebook block party (as in I got blocked on her profile.)

That didn’t fly too well with her as I am sure there are book burnings waiting to happen like in 2007.  Seeing that some of my most colorful research was from hanging out on roundtable. Having someone doing a piece called “Boycotting Truth “ well when you think about Kealan Patrick Burke and his circle.  Do they boycott truth? 

No lie is of this " truth, when my testimony was written and published I told it. 

Charles O’Connor likened me to Ambrose Bierce in this way  quite cynical and told the truth no matter who got burned by it.  Gwen Rose (her name is shortened in this piece as I reblogged the interview with Kealan Patrick Burke.  I had found his House of Pain story and really nailed him as he blocked me on twitter.  This well I hope it raises questions why Kealan would snub writers his age and especially someone born a day before him revealing one of his House of Pain era works that was published in 2002 that proves I held my own with him.  If the industry paid attention they would have journalist fodder waiting to happen.) 

When I saw Ms. E. Monroe citing Encyclopedia Dramatica as one of her sources on me. I said, “Being a c**t has no color.  So don’t even think of pulling the ‘race’ card on that one.” 

 I will point out female African-American Marine is getting the shaft for refusing to remove a Bible Verse;  as I am going to say as a Christian I am going to stand with her on this one.   No weapon against me shall prosper is what she used as this is from the Old Testament " that rings true with what I am going to say with this piece as well.  Boycotting truth or lying for Jesus putting this in a polite way it’s kind of the thing that don’t sit with me quite well;  when I explained to Victoria Jackson when she had this graphic on her page -- the Evolution vs. Creation thing.  I said, “Wait a minute " there is something between that a bigger picture.”  

The Marine was a Lance Corporal then reduced to private. I don’t understand that because I was the Religious Petty Officer in my company where I sometimes played role of social worker having to stop my ship mates from killing themselves.   Fox News -- the opinion piece they had pointed out was published May 26, 2015, as you wonder if the industry is also gunning for Christians as Brett pointed out how one is gunning for Conservatives.

The Marine was working an office position who got in trouble for this but I am going to say of NoBama;  I am going to say he needs to wake up and stop giving the Gay Agenda more momentum. I know that’s going to be very controversial but the aspects about me where I am a Conservative do speak very loud here though I am not rich. The aspects I do want to accomplish is obtain funding to do my family’s residence upkeep because the bills do pile up and I have a limited income to do so.   

Ms. E. Monroe pulled,  “Give up writing and get a job at Goodwill.  They hire retards all the time.”

She said the wrong thing.  Obama fired war tested soldiers and lifted “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” as I had enlisted one year after this was in play.  What I was concerned at the time the thing as I had a girlfriend who was then 15 years old as I was 18. As the plagiarist I caught with "The Pattern Of Diagnosis" has Kealan Patrick Burke as a follower.  He originated in the same place at the time of the one who developed the journalistic hoax of The Slender Man originated as they were both on the same message board. This which unfolded was five years after the one from Finland impersonated my mother and now deceased grandmother on as the admin known as VampireQueen24.  I am going on limb to say she does have a lacking knowledge of United States Copyright Law and how freedom of speech only applied to the liberal.

Brian Keene in an e-mail as I wrote my blog entry, “Faustian Bargain” admitted to enabling Robert L. Baupader to plagiarize my work as I have Robert L. Baupader blocked on all my channels.  The fact being he had lied about how he got my stories and saying they were on a memory card at a truck stop in Morris, Illinois.  That’s a bold face lie on a VampireFreaks profile comment, and everyone needs to realize that is  -- I had showed the real manuscript from my computer as John Mayberry on refused to listen to me about this. 

Those who are on wattpad and write creepypastas;  I am giving you guys something to work with and ideas up the a*s to toy around with.   I am willing to put the photo where they made an attempt to steal an anthology from a museum as Brian Keene photographed himself with my anthology that was there " I didn’t have one, but four there.   How could he fit three Royal trade paperbacks into a black handbag?  Ask if Mary Sangiovanni has a black purse like in the photograph and that’s how you got her. 

You small town shitheads need to stop using law enforcement to do your dirty work.

When you have a large city controversy on your hands  Skokie, Illinois, level controversy no less?   What follows controversy is has a close friend known as a backlash. hasn’t seen backlash yet.  I am sorry but 140 characters or less doesn’t cut it when you’re telling the truth and blogs are rigged so I can rebut tweets in great depth as one goon who works at Child Care Center in Upstate small town New York has a real ignorance to controversy that’s on a large city level.   This a*****e goes around reporting me for the reason I told the truth as he cries for me to be tossed off tumblr because of my barrage of truth telling.  I guess he will be trying to flag this too because I have all my sources; the tweets, e-mails, blogs and everything and I am willing to make the screen caps public if I have to.  I had seen those invoke the act of silencing me on twitter when I caught one of the guilty parties lifting my published material as one of them tried to sneak on this site with it.

Tell me " what’s the reason you fuckers hate me, and the tweets are an excuse. 

I want the truth as you can’t tell it; when the truth is told one had boycotted the truth.  The fact is when I called Archive of our Own out for encouraging character theft. I can see where the writer of Game of Thrones gets pissed.   I don’t blame him either because I had to deal with the very same people who were of Fandom Wank as she steals from Harry Potter.  She accused the one who crossed over into going professional of plagiarism; when I had been plagiarized and harassed by Fandom Wank.  I had to put up with Mindset aka Bruncha Myers who is of Skokie, Illinois.

Backlash is defined as “a strong and adverse reaction by a large number of people especially to a social and political development.”  The truth being that Fandom Wank is extremely pissed I wrote An Eye In Shadows and my testimony chronicled their harassment over the years how I had been TOSsed from because I stood up to the admins of the site.  The blogger who I had called out is known as Cat After Dark when I asked her to give me a chance;  I  used that moment to bust Kealan Patrick Burke and found his House of Pain story.    

Connect With Liberty’s owner broke the source of the Marine getting court marshaled over her removing the Old Testament scripture verse and the article I think using that works quite well " fits like a glove.   There is a horror within a looming controversy where Gwen Rose is the center of this controversy; I mean taking a s**t on someone’s mental health status or learning disability status is not cool. At least I am the one who has the clear conscious when the clock strikes twelve standing before God. 

That’s the one who judges us at the end of the day but the industry is very judgmental as John Mayberry who owns Writers Hangout turned a blind eye to it especially when Karen H. Koehler was on a decade long crusade for exposing her as a fan fiction writer. Gwen Rose is a public figure knowing she interviewed Kealan Patrick Burke. I had noted where she calls some of my alumni her friends;  I think with my heart of hearts, she should support their work instead. 

I am exposing the serious dishonesty that goes around the industry and that’s a huge reason the HWA wants me gone from the business knowing what I said to Lisa [Morton] when Keene went after my SSN. As I said on my video SSN is not a plaything -- there are serious questions to be asked; and who is going to ask them?   Who is going to answer them when they are asked? I had no knowledge of the HWA directory they claimed I had gained access to confront those who were posting links to every story in a project to gain favor with a rival.  When I learned this was a teacher doing it, I didn't only want his career as a writer but also as  a teacher in a sling.

The cover photo is of her with this article as I am going to put the face with the words;  as some don’t like me for calling her out on her s**t " her s**t as in boycotting truth.  Her photo with the article is under fair use as I am reporting a breaking story and Wattpad if you’re reading this I can screen cap everything she said to me if you need it.

I said and I quote,  “I gave you the truth " it’s up to you what you did with it.   So the thing is this, do you express an abject hatred for Conservatives?”

Truth should be embraced not boycotted;  the Liberals version of the truth when speaking of HiLAIRy;  read between the lines because the darkest subject matter comes when one does. When you see the photo in the article it is Gwen Rose’s own twitter profile photo that’s the source of this article as she and Kealan Patrick Burke are the center of the controversy. Kealan Patrick Burke’s first controversy as he was considered an expatriate to Ireland.   

I have thrown Taig at him as an insult a few times knowing that as I had blurbed him in Italian with something very derogatory.  Well horror reflects more truth than any other genre but when someone tells the truth; they really don’t want to hear it. Amos 5:10 states Raw Truth,  no one wants to talk about it because it’s never popular. So knowing what I have presented with the aspects how Keene did fabricate the letter to as confirmed the authorship when he did the fake DMCA. I used that letter to counterclaim what he did on Vimeo.   

Kealan Patrick Burke’s first controversy  -- and if someone who is editing his page knowing what I revealed with my blog. They can either choose between  “You In” or “The Ward” the 2013 work of nonfiction I wrote.   I had to explain I didn’t see John Carpenter’s film and wasn’t aware of it;   I didn’t see White Noise until after I wrote Apt. #2w when I researched the events what happened at my apartment.

I had a cool comment from my blog back in 2013 asking, “What is EVP?” 

I answered in great detail about this it is similar as there were many who zeroed in on because of my epic feud with Poppy Z. Brite before I became published into writing my five year memoir. Gwen Rose was thinking about something and what I said really touched a nerve with her -- a serious nerve and she was pissed when I say it; respect your elders. 

She came off as a spoiled brat.

What I said on video that sent Mike Brendan over the edge with me, “Denying that a plagiarism happened is kind of kind of like denying the holocaust happened.”

In my eyes are equally vile to me. I see plagiarists in the same light as a pedophile; someone who practices pederasty.  When I took on a protégé as a writer; I would hope he would get married to his lady and pass on what I showed him how to when he has a son or daughter of his own.  When it was a 50 foot ant who accused me of beating my son and ex-fiancée. I would never lay a hand on a child to hit and I was spanked as a kid you can’t even spank your kid anymore because they would nail you for child abuse.  

I am known for my high profile friendships " when you’re a straight man and hang out with the guys.  I will joke, “share your food, your coffee, beer and soda, share your cash (when paying for the diner tab or ordering the pizza) but when it comes to your wife man be selfish because she’s the love of your life.  Put the rock on her hand and ask her to marry you.”   

When I am willing to invite my extended family into the fold as writers and editors " I am on record to say I am celebrating a long time I’ve been around. That means my company does have traits of a family business in some ways but my first cousin who is trying to say my imprint is going to publish senior citizen magazines.  Sorry that can’t be further from the truth but if some who want to submit of the older generation for an anthology stick around I will give submission guidelines here and there.  Just don’t boycott the truth around me. 

*expose done*

© 2018 UncleFossil

Author's Note


Expose Speaking Of Known Author

Someone didn't like the truth being told about them; everything in this is true and I had fact checked everything. The e-mail address in the piece is an old one of mine. This place is designed for articles as this one I will state my sources -- as Gwen Rose who goes by (GwendolynRose69 on insulted my mental illness and another called me a retard; Robert L. Baupader plagiarized a story in part that's yet to be published. Brian Keene had gone after my SSN as I am born a day before Kealan Patrick Burke.) She harassed me via mail with an Edgar Allan Poe Museum post card and pranked my voice mail when I had just got the voice mail account. The expose that was pulled from Wattpad over it being too truthful -- I guess they don't like when Amos 5:10 is put into practice how no one likes to talk about raw truth. Everything here is under Fair Use as I am reporting a breaking story -- the person reported this story to because I had published her full name now it's changed to Ms. E. Monroe.
      Learn more about fair use when reporting go here and see Electronic Frontier Foundation. Bloggers can be journalists and end up becoming them in some cases. This article is applying those arguments for fair use by a Conservative. Here's his if you want to ask him questions.
     I speak of the story that took me to a different level in 2002 and again in 2006 as with my two blogs I took the reader further into the villages with articles found about Oak Lawn and Addison respectively. My publishers had to study urban fiction elements because I have terminology that's all my own as some of got added to Urban Dictionary -- the term "piss-blogger" attributes to my Vlog where I called a few this. 2011 I wrote the dark self-reflective Gothic Horror piece (metafictional) which drew comparisons to Wes Craven's New Nightmare after I watched the film in its entirely after the story was published.
      This article had been revised since it was introduced first on, as one can read another deconstruct in horror on the site called R.W.S. and a creative nonfiction yarn on called Holden's Counterpart. (This I speak of Stephen Glass and David Boyer.) The latter pissed off a fan fiction writer who wrote novel length work of copyrighted video game characters. The deconstructed those who get celebrated for filing off the serial numbers as well as took a hard swipe at the novelist behind Another Hope who emerged when I wrote Ghosts in the Tornado that got me published in print overseas. I added links into the piece as one can see a real psychological study of John Carpenter's contribution to horror and a fan fiction that's a deconstruct where the character is afraid of the character from seeing him on the screen. My wattpad piece deconstructs both teen dramas and horror films where they have older actors playing teenagers. Laura Hale noted my contributions to horror fandom as an original horror author and a creative nonfiction writer as I crossed over twice: first in true crime then in Science Fiction. She noticed The Statue and invading Clive Barker's website. chronicled my early career and 2002 era controversies as well as outing Christine Morgan as a fanfiction writer. As chronicles a real person fiction writer turned professional novelist (this one had me doing a double take as Kealan Burke and I were the same age as she was when we wrote our particular 2002 pieces.) The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five saw two terms in research -- The Wright Treatment; named for Issue Five contributor David Wright, then The Pacione Blast. Mary Jo of Creation Today saw a visual version of the latter when I saw her parroting scripture when doing a backhanded comment at Stephen Hawking. The only one qualified as a layman to speak of him is my buddy Acid of Fashion Bomb. She famously blocked me when I pulled out the artist/writer behind No True Christian did the artwork for his project as he saw as many nasty remarks as I got for when I introduced The Fandom Writer in 2004 then when YECS learned of Lake Fossil. They didn't appreciate a little lesson from Philosophy 101 -- the origins of the finger. Now mind you a Japanese Snow Monkey is not going to understand the whole dog and pony show when Evangelicals look for an excuse to borrow the profanity better known with Mormons. If I did that with my respective published outings; it wouldn't have the strength it demands even pull it off. If she's trying to call me a keyboard warrior; I suggest she checks out my video blog Mom chime in where I take direct aim at Something Awful, Encyclopedia Dramatica and Fandom Wank. Fanlore saw this and called this hostile editing because I was telling the truth at the expense of Mindset as An Eye In Shadows saw the barb played up as a cosmic middle finger.

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