The Vital IX

The Vital IX

A Story by UncleFossil

Everything with this story is mine and Brian Keene committed perjury again as he went for something that's rightfully mine. Everything with the photos is under Creative Commons 3.0 to put this out.


There are some things that a few shouldn’t even think about attempting, and I had written that taking one’s own life is never the answer.  But there is another one and this is a nightmare if one had seen that Sandra Bullock film. I am not trying to write the sequel to film but seen my books yanked from circulation in less than a few days after the confrontation.

Some would call me an a*****e for putting their favorite so called ‘best-seller’ on the spot but what you had caught them going after your vital nine?  A scenario as some don’t like to play this game of what would you do… 

Well the horror remains as a knowing thing a nagging thought.

The whole thing bothers them when I remind them of what their mother told them as kids, “Please do the right thing?”

“Do I even want to think about that?”

When you’re out of my generation -- this is a very adult horror drawn from real life. Do you honestly want to be the s**t and say nothing when this happens as I caught two doing this as I will quote what one of them said when I had called him out .

I can even relate a sentence and I quote.  Yes these are the words of Joseph Ripple of Scares That Care when I called him out, “Do not contact me again. If you do attempt to contact me further, or in any way engage in activity I believe to be harassing to me or my family, I will use every means at my disposal to shut you down. As an officer of the court in your home state of Illinois, the means at my disposal are considerable.

The last name is like Corn on the … yeah you get it as I am giving him credit for this threat as he was easy the one who had been taking bribes. I had called out Drunken Tentacle Productions when they had said this automated response, “Please enter your social security number to verify your identity if you wish to continue to post.

The author of that letter later be revealed of a one Brian Keene as I am citing my sources with this report.  K. H. Koehler thinks going after my SSN is a huge f*****g joke when I have to ask how much bath salt had she been snorting.

“F**k you!  That’s not yours to toy with as you want that here’s my response.  You-Go-Burn because going after someone’s XXX-XX-XXXX to create social security cards for so called ‘actors’ you’re committing a crime right there.”

I am sure someone doesn’t like the idea that I suggested they’d have prison numbers. The one whose last name is Corn on the … yeah I am sure you can figure out the rest if you live in the Corn Belt.  F*****g rent-a-badge. Noted more so as in the Mall Pig failed to understand how going after someone’s vital nine is illegal in Pennsylvania, as I will not publish those numbers here as they are forbidden. But for the sake of the narrative I found a place that created fake versions to use in a story.

In case the publisher yells at me about this. I am going to reveal the website that creates these:  764-23-8594 (please note this is not a real SSN.)  The website that produces this is; as the information on that site will give one something to work with for an example though I had found websites that are more troubling. 

Mr. Cooper as in the author, please take this warning to heart when I say this, do not allow id theft to even happen.  

What others said of this happening it is clear a criminal act. They had admitted to doing as I had reported them to the proper law enforcement.

“Man what happened to you as I do have your back what this one did is wrong,” a few commented on my facebook with this one.  As I caught the one who hides behind a fake name claiming this, “I also got your bank information.”

“Not cool even to joke about that!”

That’s up there with my ex-contributor who tried to disassociate a title with my work in recent years as he tried to put my e-mail address with a f****t hookup site.  I think he knows way too much about that s**t and covers up for what truth I had gone out of my way to reveal.

“I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re about to be facing Nick when you’re having trouble covering your bills and all that then someone trying to turn you unpublished.  F**k some people. I really think people are scumbags.”  The deal with White Collar Crime it’s hard to put someone away for it -- sometimes when a blue collar is a rough you almost have to choke the truth out of them physically. 

The film company is easy guilty of Wire Fraud and harassment by wire.

“Does it register with you that you had committed various counts of wire fraud as that crime is as old as the invention of the telephone?” 

“You’re not even a real person.  I am going to prove you’re a work of fiction!”

They’d even go as far as make my late grandfather’s address to his residence public as one doing this was my ex-contributor who I had implied he was a bugchaser.  Do they honestly think that they would end up forcing me out of the publishing industry knowing that I caught one with my XXX-XX-XXXX as this I pointed out?  I refuse to be a statistic.

“I don’t understand this a*****e’s logic”

The world they realize and do; how they claim to help by ruining someone’s life with a lie.   When they had claimed everything I said was a fabrication as I can easy point out the criminals and the players in the identity theft and consumer fraud ring.  The lying to the masses; going and enabling my work be plagiarized when they know the original creator of a novel was me.  A lie is still a lie as how one would go walking Chicago thinking about someone showing up at a book signing knowing that the person who wrote it was you but the person signing the book wasn’t you though.

Try to fabricate my life why don’t you as you gone after those numbers that are off limits.   The world that the idea of cyberbullying can eventually lead to something escalated such as wire fraud.... as identity theft is the nightmare all of us think about more after seeing that Bullock movie from 1995.  As this did happen to me; where the old bosses wanted to limit one to either asking -- do you want fries with that or may I take your f*****g order?  Haven’t they seen the movie Home Fries?   I guess when you’re dealing with the abortions in the world that their mother botched on -- it’s the question of its too late to go back in time and hand their father a condom.

The vital nine is not someone’s plaything.

The ramifications of going after someone’s SSN.

That’s a new change of clothing for them but they will get more than one change, but they are not able to choose their clothing there because it will be their number.  The questions I plan to truly plan to raise when I caught the one going after my vital nine using a petition to defame me and vow I never become published again.

“Are you making this up?”

To tell you the truth I really wish I was.

The Vital IX is something you really don’t use as a plaything as one really can ruin someone’s life with this.  As I had caught an alleged ‘biographer’ claiming how I am unpublished. Then clear to me when I became published within a week of being canned.  A world one realizes that going after this --the victims of that crime are the ones who don’t have a lot of cash and the nightmare that becomes is when someone creates a high priced credit card and making purchases that you normally can’t afford yourself. 

“How many times must I tell you; going after someone’s SSN is not a plaything!”

“We’re only helping you with a career change.”

That’s the excuse I had seen them do as they think pushing a broom and cleaning a toilet is more suitable for my intellect as they claim.   That’s their world turning to s**t as the truth I had pointed out leaves them unsettled as the mass market fool from Dorchester Publishing has a prison number waiting for him.  Don’t one realize you don’t go after someone’s Vital IX, unless you’re going to fill out an employment application you don’t go after something like this. 

“You’re not even real!”

“So you’re vital nine and intellectual properties are ours to play with.”

The whole thing known as ‘All your bass belong to us” as my family warned me with some bloggers they were trying to put me on a cyber-trial.  Historically Leisure Press had produced a lot of bully authors who had gone too far in terms of the criminal element though had stayed in touch with one who is very cool.  But the track record of those involved.

Let the screaming match begin when the truth is being told as they denied the fact one had gone after someone’s vital nine. 

The fact is they could had gone for a site like this one or example, That is the only place they could had looked to get it.

A 328-78 (that’s someone from Illinois,) as I am not going to post the rest but I am just going to share that information for the masses --- the information I am giving is fact based.  Just so they know that’s someone born in the 1960s-1970s.  I was uncomfortable with my roommates giving me their vital nines so they can get connected up with a place I worked with for ten years before being fired.  When the one who got you fired went after your private family’s residence and phone number that’s not in your name; the next thing he’d try for is your vital nine. 

The b*****d who got me fired pulled what they called a bait and switch as the publisher published a writer who bastardized my intellectual properties.   When I saw protesters going after my created characters to harass me as that’s a common trait some of them would do? That’s a nightmare in itself when your creative property tries to start the crusade or a revolt against the author.   How can I think about when I go to town and try to get lunch then check my balances to realize the son of b*****s drained my bank accounts?  I am sorry but going after someone’s vital nine because they made a politically incorrect crack about an anally inflicted death sentence.  Am I going to get in hot water for writing that joke; watch it the Liberals will be pissed with the buzzwords that are thrown at me? 

“You can’t say that…”

“What can’t make cracks about someone’s social security number when they had gone after mine?  It’s not like I made their last four public like the author of The Rising did.” 

Claiming I had fabricated everything I related well no;  I am putting it out there what many had done and going after someone’s vital nine is not acceptable and it’s a nightmare.   I am sharing an article for the masses to read to show I am not full of s**t as this journal one will be reading on all your e-readers and speak to your friends about what happened.  When it’s time to trade a “best-selling” author’s book signing outfit for one that it’s the same thing for years to come and he will be addressed by this.

“Where you don’t have your name anymore but known as an inmate number as in Inmate Number KT8568 as in the one who went after my vital nine that’s what’s waiting on.  Time will give him those numbers eventually as Illinois’ inmate number starts with a B.”   

I’ve read of a classmate trying to sue the Department of Corrections on a Civil Rights issue and wondering how he can win when it he’s from out of state.  I had the odds stacked against me in Iowa and the temptation is there to sue the DHS of Mason City, Iowa, where they had caused me emotional distress.   The out of state nightmares those who are from Illinois face when either trying to file a complaint against an employer when you work from home or when you have something like what happened in Wyoming.  Going after someone who is out of state and want to have the book thrown at them is another.  The crime I held against the masses as reveal; the only thing I’ve done is committed a gross display of heresy.

The world one I reveal in your hand is that number --"you know 666. 

The number adds up as it has the same number as man -- " the number of threescore.   I am the man in the suitcase as you look the glow of your reader as my thoughts haunt your mind at night; these truths of the vital nine as that could easy be yours that one had gone after.  As one can realize someone with 328-78 (I am only giving the first five but the last four is confidential; that will show one is from Illinois. Or they have origins in Illinois. Eric Hovind might have that first five as well.)

“Pacione you’re revealing frightening information.”

“Information you need to protect yourself against what one had pulled on me my friend.”  

The realization is there as I am pointing out this is not your plaything. Will you please pull your head out of the shitter and smell the coffee if you didn’t smell the s**t covering your head?  The vital nine something is one thing no one should even consider a plaything because it’s their one way ticket to media hell within the court of public opinion. 

“This is the York County Sheriff’s department you are under arrest for identity theft!”

“Wait what I went to the bar with you the other day!”

“Didn’t you say Pacione was a retard with me?”

“That was before we seen this.”

“Going after someone’s vital nine is a crime here.”

“We’re throwing the book at you, trying to bribe a peace officer eight counts; then two counts of Identity Theft!”

“He’s not real!”

“His research and homework is though.”

Does he yet to realize even having that kind of information is truly bad juju? 

Lovely he might have a Voodoo doll of me or something knowing this as he said, “I will get you over what you trumped.”

“You’re career is mine the only reason you have a career as a writer is I allow it.”

The only reason he has freedom is I allow it.   The whole thing with him trying to impersonate a classmate who isn’t getting out until 2070 really doesn’t give any honor points either against his eventual sentence whichever case this may be.  Now tell me what if that was the money someone needed for their electric bill that they made off with when they had committed many acts of identity theft as signing up with a credit card in their name?  Going after someone’s vital nine. doesn’t make them a man it makes them something worst than a d****e ripple.  When you hear someone with a fast accent coming up with dark real s**t; researched at that -- don’t you realize this madness is going to be up in your motherfucking face…  

“Treat me like a cop killer!”

“Treat me like a demon!”

“Because why; I told the motherfucking truth.”

“You manipulative sack of fail; worst than rotting s**t from a dead man who released his bowels.”

I am sure the one who had gone after someone’s vital nine; where the f**k would he even come up with an idea like that. I am guessing from The Net.  Enabling plagiarism committing identity theft; it would be quite clear just one f*****g lie after another, the fact as unnerving as it is this.  The horror waits for him when the Judge burns his book on him in the process of throwing the book at him.

Doesn’t he realize what he did as there is two counts of this? 

That’s my police report as everyone can see this…  

This figment of your imagination is putting you away from years pal.  Haven’t you read that short story about a computer that made like the man in chat called the police and had him arrested for a crime he admitted to?  The Vital XI is not a plaything for one to do what they please with as I didn’t make a social security number public (at least a real one anyway, but those first five are part of an Illinois social.)  But this horror story one realizes it’s a very real thing and those think they’ve gotten away with this. Take to time and think about what happened when someone hacked my e-mail inbox when I was 21.  Way to open old wounds.  The idea that someone thinks it’s cute to go urinating on someone’s ideas and steal from a museum; the next thing becomes when they go after someone’s SSN.

Stealing from a museum then going after someone’s vital nine --  you might as well eat your own feces in a prison cell when one thinks about what one’s done.  If you want to find out who this joker is. I will gladly point one to his account; but he might b***h about rights to publicity.  Publicity rights or one’s Vital nine. I will clearly relate of ell his freedom is about to close down upon him. Stealing one’s work from a museum is one thing then it goes from his sticky fingers going for something lucrative.

When one is reading this; the promises of him getting you discovered as the cartoons that seldom spoke when did, “Don’t you believe it!”


© 2018 UncleFossil

Author's Note


Brian Keene attempted to lie to about this story being stolen from his *essays* as I proved this was entirely written by me. The image is under Creative Commons 3.0 as I needed it to tell this story. The photo was found at Wikicommons and his buddy who is now dead would be shitting in his grave knowing what he did, "Face it you hate the dude. With good reason" is what he said of me. Hate is one thing stealing someone's Social Security Number and hiring actors makes you a flat out criminal.

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