The Truth Of A Lie

The Truth Of A Lie

A Story by UncleFossil

a bully harasses author for years then makes the lie up about the ownership of the company the author created. The nightmare that the lie created was one that was spread by another publisher.

There is a path of libel presented and it was started by a troll called AngryInIllinois,  the libel being that a publishing company’s owner had put up for a loan and the company’s catalog was used as a collateral.  The truth is there was no loan applied for and the publisher who owns the publishing company never put it up for a loan.  The troll has a following from other trolls and would pirate works saying they were review copies.  He also libeled the owner of the company by saying the owner is the plagiarist known as David Boyer, when on a blog the owner had repeatedly told the truth saying that he’s not Boyer.  
       I believe the truth on this and the troll is not telling the truth on this sort of thing.  I’ve seen all this go on for three years, and in the past year it came ahead when he created the domain and He’s shown support to bullies that were also publishers one of them from Great Britain who stole a title of an anthology for her anthology that was planned by the publisher.  The liar came to different publisher boards repeatedly saying he was “In charge” when the lie had became so poisoning that some people have a hard time believing the argument unless the owner came in and set the record straight.
     “Boyer doesn’t do blogs,” the writer had said.  
     “You’re a f*****g cyberbully,”  he continued.
     “I know you’re Boyer because he stole from Richard Matheson, and you read a lot of Richard Matheson,” angryinillinois types in an e-mail.
   “I also will tell the world that you got fired from Burger King for blowing a guy, try to convince the world that you’re gay,” the troll also typed. 
    The writer knew that was a lie too.   
   AngryInIllinois made up a lie and would keep lying to cover that lie.  
   There are lies over lies, and those lies are told to keep the myth going. Calling the owner’s magazine The Ethereal Gayzette when it is The Ethereal Gazette.  The troll had gone board to board, website to website, social media location to social media location. The things that come from the madness of a liar, and it falls in the same path as those who rely on places like fandomwank or Encyclopedia Dramatica for source material about a person.  That is the source of libel, and angryinillinois is born out of libel. He’s a child of libel.  
   “You get sexually aroused by watching your kid sister bathe,” Brian Keene had said on the phone.  
   He got involved with the libel in some ways because he would post links to and would contribute to the lie that AngryinIllinois created because he doesn’t want the writer he stifled to succeed at what he does.   
   The lies that are created become a nightmare scenario and the things that are told by the person who is telling the truth is reversed by the troll saying it is a lie.  When the lie is told as the truth and been forcefed into the eyes of many who read it.
  “I will tell the world that you’re a f*g and David Boyer,” the troll states. 
  The writer threatened to take everything to a talk show and willing to reveal the lies on national television.   The writer proved the troll a liar when he produced the real issues of the magazine and the covers to match them. Though he made one error learning how to work with certain fonts but they were fixed right away.  Then the liar would go around vandalizing the owner’s magazine listing to make it into some kind of GLBTQ magazine and it made the owner paranoid because he thought it was a Gay Mafia hit. 
  The blogs that the owner keeps are telltale that he’s not David Boyer, and that is something some people don’t understand when he was plagiarized by Boyer as well.   The owner of the magazine was mislead like everyone else when it came to David Boyer.   There is a truth behind the lie, and this would be the truth behind it.  The owner of the publication that is hijacked like terrorists isn’t a homosexual and doesn’t apply for loans.   There are so many lies told and something is going to come a head. 
  As far as I am concerned AngryInIllinois can molest a sheep or someone’s neighberhood pet. The owner of the publishing company proved that AngryInIllinois doesn’t live in Illinois by exposing a New York City cell phone number when he did *69 on his phone, then with the help of one of his contributors he found out that the number is based out of downtown New York City. 
  The fake addresses showed up for a physical address too, but the owner produced a post office box in Joliet, Illinois, and said for all purposes the company is based out of Joliet.  The troll had been terrorizing the owner for the past year and another troll who’s publishing company could be the door opening to an array of toilet humor would call the imprint a fake company when it’s been there for seven years.  The question is, how would a publisher who never applied for loans would use his publishing company as a coladeral, and the troll saying he was there as a witness to this when he doesn’t live in Illinois.  Does this make sense to anyone who reads this?  
  There is a conspiracy theory going there and some people can draw their own conclusions. 
  The troll got his start on actually setting fire to publications of the publisher,  like a Nazi to Jewish publications of the times of World War II.  They’re print on demand titles and the recent one is he’s being disrespectful to classic literature.    
   A good chance being that AngryinIllinois is author Brian Keene or someone from his circle.  
   The author and publisher looks at the profile of the loser doing it putting everyone else’s byline on his work, “That’s a f*****g lie!  And everyone should know the truth as it is told.”  
   The truth of a lie is something that wanders within every rumor on the blogosphere, and the lies that are told are sometimes harder to realize than the truth when the truth is presented to them.   The information presented is too much for some to take, and even where they would wrap their lips around a barrel then pull the trigger.  
   “The author had been caught sucking a guy’s dick in Burger King,” angryinllinois states along with one of the trolls who put their name on the author’s work. 
  “I have a new story called 15 Minutes Before The 11th Hour,” angryinillinois states, and he claims he wrote the story when the author revealed that the true owner is the author with the manuscript on file.  The author posted a screen cap of this on his blog on to show that he was the one telling the truth about everything.  
   Then there are other lies going around of him,  spread by people who created fandom wank and Encyclopedia Dramatica, lies that are so libelous that it is hard to recover from them.   One of the liars even libeled author Richard Matheson by saying Matheson wrote with gay characters where he writes with heterosexual couples exclusively.   Where they would say that of Mr. Matheson is blatantly disrespectful of the war hero.      
  I watched this go on for a good part of a year and seeing it happen was something that some people wish they would step in and help tell the truth about the author and his company.   The work he put into the company just to have people like him libel it and places like Predators and Editors slander the company all the more when they had an anthology that was poorly formatted and a table of contents less than desired.     The kind of thing that would complete the lie as truth is that the liar and the troll had got the true owner locked away and disgraced like Blago the Governor who will be locked away for ten counts of corruption. 
  There is a lot of controversy to be told when it comes to the malicious trolls that would come around to harass this author and publisher.  Predators and Editors had a lot to contribute to that happening too.  So when they were confronted about this they would shrug it off, but when they tried to promote the anthology they did for their legal case that fell through. It is a game to see how many people are willing to give them head for high ratings and recommendations.       What occurs is one damn thing after another when it comes to them discrediting the author when he sold stories to legit markets, and they wouldn’t acknowledge his stories on calling them self-published works of s**t.
  The kind of thing that angryinillinois contributed to is the same thing that Encyclopedia Dramatica created of him in 2006 when he sold his novel to a publisher where the publisher got threatened.   The kind of thing that will open up from this is the truth of the lie, and when it is read people will start asking questions about what kind of a*****e would do this to ruin a person.  The domains that popped up because someone got upset at what the author said to someone who called the magazine the wrong thing, and suggested he was going to send erotica for the magazine.  The author said the person had better luck knocking up his own mother, then the author did a source on the site in the meta tags. They were created so they appeared in a google search along with the real publishing company.  
  The kind of thing that if another writer read and caught on, it would make fodder for a horror story about bullies who go around making the malicious lies going around someone.  The kind of lies that angryinillinois made up about the author, were the kind of lies that Timothy Leider made up about him years ago on " the very thing that became very well known for.  The lies are overwhelming at times when the vandalism carries over on a listing that is found here, relatively undisturbed.  As of 2010 AngryInIllinois had came in and vandalized the listing saying, “under new management and it’s open to gay submissions.” When that was an open lie being the owner of the company, the true owner, is a Christian and would not allow things like that corrupting the youth. 
  “I am not Boyer,” the author would respond repeatedly in his e-mails. 
  “Would Boyer keep a blog if he was a serial plagiarist?   Especially actually talking about the stories he’s written,” he continues.  
  The answer to the question would be sitting in front of their face.     The truth is looking at them as a snake wanting to eat the rat.   So when one sees it like that,  they are making the victim out of the wrong people. Going around making up a malicious lie about someone sucking a man’s dick in a stall when the man is heterosexual.  The question would be where did they get their source material or where they get the stories from,  there is the truth of a lie and some people are scared when the truth is told.   When AngryInIllinois goes around creating bogus covers, and putting the author’s noted pen names on them then saying the pen names got married when they are both male it is proof that the lie is being told and then there would be people eventually finding the lie out.   Smoke and mirrors man, that is what it became and when the troll is trying to make the publishing company look like something that the owner of the publishing company did for a reason of keeping stories to the classic style.  Wanting to do everything the author is against or doesn’t agree with.  Trying to force him out of the business with the lies but perseverance is something that the author and done for years.   
  I will make him a really hated man, the troll would think as he would post on his keyboard not thinking before he types. 
  There is a truth in the lie, and hopefully the one being the reader reads this and comes across questions of their own to ask the author about the truth.  The author exposed a lie about one saying they got one of his e-books for Christmas when the e-book wasn’t available of his first book until quite recently.  The truth was told about how some of the domains popped up and who created them, a bully from Vaasa, Finland, who stalked the author for a good part of three years via message boards and his blog.   The lies had popped up by the one failed publisher if shortened their initials it would open the doors to lewd toilet humor bragged about they were going to make the author’s just finished novel available without his permission.  They were going to use it as an example of what they were not going to publish.   
  They contributed to a year long public relations nightmare, and it is something that will go on for years.  The author had gone around using his blogs to tell the truth but not enough traffic for the truth to be said or told.    
  “The truth will be told,” the author blogged.  
  The reality of this is being a total public relations nightmare being that the liars AngryInIllinois, AutoAim_CFG, and a few others contributed to the lie by using sites that AutoAim_CFG took credit for creating and one who goes on as [email protected] saying the only way he’d stop is the author gave up doing his company.  Another act of a bully right there,  and some people contributed to this for years.  The author is dealing with a series of liars that some can’t begin to put their finger on or have the source information on the person.  
The only sources they have on a person is the bully sites Encyclopedia Dramatica and Fandom Wank.  The author and the owner of the imprint he created isn’t David Boyer and that is the truth that some don’t want to hear.   
  Sometimes the truth is a bitter pill to take and it is something that shows in the crowd psychology of online trolls.  
  “Someone is not telling the truth,” he blogged again, looking at the profiles on the one site he turned them over to the admins of the website.  Blatant copyright infringement and going to put their name on works that don’t belong to them.  Stealing titles from other publishers for their anthology titles,  saying, “thank you for giving me the next title for our anthology.”  When the author didn’t mention the anthology in public unless he announced the guidelines then AngryInIllinois stole the guidelines then used the owner’s publishing company e-mail address and the magazine e-mail address saying, “send all GLBT stories to this e-mail address.” 
  If that isn’t that an act of bullying, then what is.   

© 2018 UncleFossil

Author's Note

The author Nickolaus Pacione been the subject of anonymous bullies vandalizing the listing this is sourced from his blogs and e-mails he kept on public record. The vandalism of his magazine is proof of this as well. This is written for those who are in charge wanting the truth, and a mandate to reinstate Pacione's account on

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