Penny Dreadful's Bio...

Penny Dreadful's Bio...

A Story by Uncle Spook

Yes. This is the bio.

The once beloved sister of famed German inventor and clock-smith, Hansi Schumacher -- Penny Dreadful (then Schumacher), at the mere age of 17, was befallen with a mysterious illness that claimed her life; Took her far too early, for she was much too good, much too perfect for this wicked world.

Schumacher, devastated and grief stricken due to the death of his beloved sister, tumbled headlong into insanity. Inspired by his sister’s vast collection of porcelain dolls, he would begin work on his most grandiose invention yet. He would attempt to resurrect his sister, through the teachings of Frederick Mansfield, a professor of science and colleague of his -- Whom was initially inspired, himself, by the work of Rene Descartes, a French Mathematician, philosopher and writer, whom was successful in inventing a life-sized, wind-up human girl.

Beginning with the merger of porcelain and flesh and concluding with an internal mechanism, inspired by the inner workings of clocks (clockwork/clockwork motor) Schumacher’s sister did indeed live again, but not as she once had. The thing seemed soulless, equipped with it’s key and ratchet device, sashaying about the caliginous, serpentine halls of Schumacher’s workshop.

It had a penchant for the suffering of others, and for herself, and in the end it was indeed suicide that claimed the life of the revenant Penny (whom Schumacher had been referring to for sometime as Penny Dreadful.) Believing it better this time that she remain dead, or “dormant” -- He did not attempt to recover her from whatever after-place she’d occupied, instead, he joined her in death, via suicide by hanging.

Soon thereafter, the late Hansi Schumacher’s inventions were sold off to a wealthy collector of such items of dubious origins -- Penny, herself, being one of these items. It was not until sometime later that the doll would again clink and clack with life, tick once again with the monotonous sound of her clockwork heart.

© 2012 Uncle Spook

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Added on October 23, 2012
Last Updated on October 23, 2012
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