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Standing on a line

Standing on a line

A Poem by UnderCompulsion

You think that you can walk over here with that little smile of yours

And everything will be fine again, like in some movie

But you're not a prince from a fairytale nor I'm a naive princess

This is a real life where you fight with words and pain


When I was younger I thought that  I love you means everything

Now I've learned that it doesn't take much to say it

I was caught up in my own little world until I stepped outside

And started watching world with widely opened eyes


As I watched it every little color started to fade

Like every little promise is broken and everything I knew was lost

The world is so much clearer now, all colored in grey

It' s true color of human nature, despite on what they say


Love is fading away in reality, he is drowning it with my tears

If I'll go on like this I might lost it, I may break in silence

But the only thing that could be worst would be to embrace the violence

Of a broken hearted girl with careful eyes, hiding her fears



© 2013 UnderCompulsion

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True! Amazing! Right on target.. You got it just right.. Precise, to the point, perfect.. I can totally feel the emotion, the frustration as well as the hurt and pain.. I relate to this so much so that you took the words straight out of my mouth. This is exactly what the reality is like..
And you are right, the words "I love you" are so easily used, after a while the specialty of them wears off, it no longer holds the deep meaning when its first said or heard.
"If I'll go on like this I might lost it" --> I think the word 'lost' should actually read 'lose'.

This is a fantastic penned piece. I enjoyed reading it.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Words are only words, mere scribbles of the mind unless you back them up with actions. I love you, 3 words, 8 letters, mean nothing if they are said without feeling or meaning. Your poem, though somewhat sad, is beautifully done. Very nice.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank you so much on your review :)
Life and love can give us unpleasant knocks along the way. This poem seems to say that you have seen through some of life's glitter, and it is not all it pretends to be. True for all of us, I think, but we learn to seek out the good in life and find that love does really exist in the world, amongst all the negative things. An interesting write. ~ Robert.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank you on your review :)
Wow,This is a really strong poem,very good wrighting aswell, The passion and feelings you have put in here is remarkable I could feel every word as you wrote,wanted to say I'm sorry for the pain you feel/felt
ans hope you meet the right person one day that cares for you and treats you well with love and respect.
For you deserve it my friend (Hug)

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Aww thank you for your kind words :)
Carl Drake Barnard

6 Years Ago

always a pleasure :)

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4 Reviews
Added on June 16, 2013
Last Updated on June 16, 2013




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