A Funny Fan Song

A Funny Fan Song

A Poem by UnderCompulsion

For the ones who don't know what JBros means that is Jonas Brothers and 1D means one direction. :)

Firstly I was in love with JBros
Nick was the youngest and the boss
Kevin was rocking with his guitar
And Joe was leaving me in WOW!!

Then I fell for a Twilight guy
He wears sparkles and jump to the sky
But Taylor was more of a man
For me that worked better then for them

Then Damon came and compelled me
But Stefan was the only one I could see
Still Jeremy got a piece of my heart
And Elena didn't like any of that

So I moved on and settled down
In a little,peacefull place,Nickelodeon
There I met amazing Drake Bell
His songs,his voice,I couldn't get away

But soon I traveled and found that band
One Direction is their name
Harry,Liam,Niall,Zayn and Louis took my heart
I asked them,but they didn't want to give it back

So now I guess I am stuck with them

For now Zayn is my men
Harry is a cutie with curls
Who likes to chase after girls

Still there is Liam-my little pie
And Niall who would never tell a lie
Louis may  be the last
But that's because he's the craziest

So now you met all of my boys
I know they're cute,just like little toys
If 1D will ever give my heart back
I promise I'll be back in black!!

© 2012 UnderCompulsion

Author's Note

Okay I don't really know is this good,beacuse I never really tryed to write something like this before.I may have a few grammar mistakes so if you see any of them please tell me so I could fix it! :)

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I like this! Kinda childish, but it's funny and cute. You know? This reminds me of the things we used to talk about last year :P It's like the old us-the one that didn't get thrown under pressure form school...

Posted 7 Years Ago

haha I LOVED THIS!!!!!!! i sware i have liked Every.Single.Guy. That you wrote about :) I think any teenage girl could relate to this poem :) this is sooooo going to my favorits :) Great write.

Posted 7 Years Ago

nice work i liked it great job keep up the good work

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on April 28, 2012
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